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Credit Counter Rewards This Weekend Only!

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Starting Friday 7/12 at 10 AM PDT, the Survivalist Carton, Wastelander Box and Commander Titanium Crate are now available as Credit Counter rewards in the Fallen Earth Marketplace!

These random boxes contain the BEST marketplace gear as well as exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else, like the Striped Speedster, the Armored Australian Jacket, and even 30 day Premiums (including Commander)! Head to the Marketplace to earn yours today, and check out the full list of items each box may contain here:

Spend 350 G1C (not repeatable):
Survivalist Carton
Harvest Speed Booster
Salvage Speed Booster
Faction Booster
Blue Steel Key
Red Titanium Lockbox Key
Valkyrie Waster Suit
Mad Fanged Helm
Worn Belted Leather Pants
Wardrobe Slot Unlock: Head
Wardrobe Slot Unlock: Extras
Two Chupacabras Perfume
Commander's Best Crafting Kit
Survivalist 30 Day Premium

Spend 700 G1C (REPEATABLE):
Wastelander Box
Lambda Clone Psychoactive Shot
Crafting Speed Booster
Death Toll Booster
Antique Nightvision Goggles
Turban Gasmask Deluxe
Yellow Key
Armored Australian Jacket
Clint's Upgraded Hat
Ruffled Timeless Hat
Blondie's Upgraded Poncho
Trashy the Hermit Crab
Giant Prairie Chicken Mount
Wastelander 30 Day Premium
Wardrobe Slot Unlock: All

Spend 1500 G1C (REPEATABLE):
Commander Titanium Crate
Valkyrie Waster Suit
Improved Doc's Hat
Improved Huckleberry Outfit
Scavenger's Dune Buggy
Filigree Riding Outfit
Intimidating Cigar
Servo-Boosted Spaulders
16 Exclusive Sector Vault Slots
16 Exclusive Barter Vault Slots
Extra Character Slot
Flame Rider
Badland Rider
Striped Speedster
Respec Injector
Commander 90 Day Premium

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