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[Game] Customization Suggestion

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As I've been getting back into this game, I've started to pick up on things that maybe could have been executed better in terms of visual and gameplay customization. I've done my best to try and organize my thoughts.


Outfit Customization

  • Organize the Outfit Designer screen by Clothing type. I don't know why this wasn't done from the beginning but it was a pain to find the items I wanted. Its more of a user interface change and categorizing items based on what slot they fill. I believe it shows up this way when you try to buy items but not with items you own.
  • Replace items that are pre-designed with a skin selection option for the item it actually is. Having 3 or 4 different variants of the same item show up when trying to select an item is kind of annoying. These can still be unlocked the same way.


Vehicle Customization

  • Add more body kits for the Ravan, Cosenza, Broadwing,Sentinel, Han Veo, Calabria, and other vehicles with minimal customization options.
  • Remove pre-modded cars. This is one part of the same suggestion I'll make later on in this post. I don't think they're necessary, and having all of the pre modded copies of vehicles that can be built by players with open slots seems to me to be a waste of menu space. Just have the skins available as liveries.
  • Add Universal Wheel Sets. I'm not sure how hard this actually is currently, but It would be nice to have some better options for wheels across the board, especially on the vehicles I mentioned earlier.


  • Again, remove the premodded weapons, but replace them with the current ARMAS weapons in the contacts. I understand that you can get them with Joker tickets, but thats like a grind on top of a grind, especially for someone who is midway through the contact ladder. And choosing between two weapon types gets boring. I honestly wouldn't even care if it was a "DLC package" to compensate for the lost money. I do, however, think that ARMAS should be the only place you can buy the Permanent, Fully unlocked weapons. These could have the Gold Icon like Armas weapons do now
  • Create A New customization category :"Setups". Basically, a visual variant of a weapon that has the same performance, but looks slightly different. Think the stock and Stockless version of the NTEC. Realistically, would change the performance of the weapon, but doesn't. So basically you could have a STAR C (G36-C) that doesn't change performance, but looks bad patootie and is more stuff to put on the Armas market to make the game money. (I tried to think of these things). It would still look like the weapon.



Let me know what Y'all think!

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