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Report Latency Spikes

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If you are noticing Server Latency numbers in the tripple digits, then please perform the following steps. This guide will help you gather all the information we need to help us resolve this issue much more efficiently.

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When you receive a Latency spike, immediately perform a trace route (instructions on how to do this are below) to one of the following ips:


Colby / Han:

Patriot / Obeya:

Instructions on how to run a traceroute:

1) Open the Start menu
2) Click on Run
3) Type CMD and press the OK button
4) In the command prompt, type tracert XXX.XXX.XX.XXX and press the Enter key
5) Wait for 15 minutes after the initial spike and perform a second trace route.

Make sure to replace the XXX.XXX.XX.XXX with the correct server IP.

To copy the output, right-click anywhere in the window and select Mark. You can press Enter to copy all of the output, or select the text you want to copy and then right-click with your mouse. Paste the copied text by hitting Ctrl + V.

Then create a support ticket by going to http://help.gamersfirst.com and paste the copied traceroutes within the body of the ticket. Also make sure to include the following information from within the ticket:

1) What time (local) and date did this happen?
2) Which server and district?
3) Play session details (i.e. killed by group of enemies / winning an objective)
4) How long did the spike last for?
5) The IP you use to connect to APB Reloaded.

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