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Metropolitan Police Service

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About the Metropolitan Police Service


The Metropolitan Police Service is a British Police themed enforcer clan which is filled with players from all over the globe who have a common interest in creating law enforcement style clothing. We were founded back in December 2016 by OfficerHot and now have almost 40 active members. We aren't a competitive clan which means there isn't a minimum rank/threat level you need to join, this means we're happy to take on new players and teach them the ins and outs of APB.



Uniforms and Vehicles


All of our clothes and vehicles are based on the real counterparts used by the London Metropolitan Police. Although it is mandatory to use the uniforms and vehicles during events and whilst you're playing with other clan members, you can wear whatever you please whilst not on duty. We sell the vehicles to clan members for the standard price + market tax.





Units and Ranks


Our rank tree follows the actual Metropolitan police, as do our units. Once you've been accepted into the clan you'll be given the rank Police Cadet, whilst you're a police cadet all of the senior members will be keeping an eye on you to see how well you fit in with the clan, once the senior members think you're ready you'll be accepted into the rest of the ranks and you'll be able to choose a unit.






·         Cadet                                                                                                  

·         Probationary Constable

·         Constable

·         Senior Constable

·         Leading Senior Constable

·         Sergeant

·         Senior Sergeant

·         Inspector

·         Chief Inspector

·         Superintendent

·         Chief Superintendent

·         Commander

·         Deputy Assistant Commissioner 

·         Assistant Commissioner

·         Commissioner           





How do I join?


You can join us by commenting on this post or by messaging one of our officers. Our only requirements are that you're 13+, willing to follow the rules, and that you'll be fun and friendly to our community.


List of officers:

  • OfficerHot
  • DeputySteph
  • Pritchart
  • Viixxen
  • LinkJoker
  • JanaMueller
  • Ryanc229UK
  • Kyume 


·         Discrimination on any ground will not be tolerated.

·         All members should be treated equally.

·         No Excessive bad language.

·         No selling clan vehicles/uniforms to non clan members.

·         Wearing your clan uniform and using your service car is mandatory when playing with members or taking part in an event.

·         No hacking



If you have any questions feel free to message any of the officers or leave a comment on this post.



Youtube: https://www.youtube....zox2kw/featured


Discord: https://discord.gg/KAj23Eb


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Join us. We have stuff. And things. Also people.



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On 6/1/2018 at 12:11 PM, Fenton said:

Join us. We have stuff. And things. Also people.



nice cars hope u rise in apb 

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On 6/20/2018 at 6:37 PM, MadGirl said:

nice cars hope u rise in apb 

Thank you for the positive feedback. We're still working out some kinks in our internal guidance.


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Update: A number of our members are currently taking a break from APB, but that's normal for this time of year.

Non-the-less, I've updated our designer guidance sheets and our discord is still active.

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