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Don't like faction arrow colours?

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Tai Owens

Tai Owens


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The arrows are in grfx_game.tga-1.0, just above the 'follow' and 'stay' icons for the pets, near the bottom centre. Changing those will give you brighter (or darker, or just different) faction arrows for your radar.

For the record, what I did with mine was select just the arrows, then used the Gimp tool Colors->Hue-Saturation and moved the Saturation slider (and just that slider) to the right to saturate the arrows more strongly. Then I switched to Colors->Brightness-Contrast, and added a fair bit of contrast and just a touch of brightness.

If that isn't enough to suit my vision, I'll select individual faction arrows and tweak the hue of those arrows; but for now I'm sticking with the default hues, just stronger saturation and contrast.

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Thank you Tai Owens! This advice gives to my clan mates much better experience with radar now. ENFORCERS green and everything else red (except party, they are yellow). Again, thank you, was very simple solution to our problem.



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you can also tweak size and all that with the txt file. Can't remember what the format is though loc,loc,size,size or vice versa.
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