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Wasteland Engineers and Hazmat Volunteer programs are currently accepting applications!

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Wasteland Engineers and Hazmats are currently accepting applications!

Announcing the official launch of the Wasteland Engineers and Hazmat Program. Currently we are accepting applications Decon and Hazmat Teams, Decon provides critical feedback to the Fallen Earth team regarding new content on the Public Test Server (PTS) and Hazmat are our in-game volunteers that assist in the help channel.

We’d like to introduce Crood (forum name Crood) who is heading up the Decon Team and has been successfully running the Hazmat volunteer program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact them (they can usually be found in-game) or you can email them at DeconLead@Fallenearth.com

Who are the Wasteland Hazmats?

The Wasteland Hazmats is a volunteer program with the sole purpose of providing "player-to-player" support. As a Hazmat volunteer your role will be to actively help in the in-game help chat and answer any questions that players may have, be they new or old. Despite only being a volunteer you must remember that you will be representing the community and the volunteer team as a whole. As such it is a vital requirement that anyone wishing to apply is able to handle pressure and have a genuinely positive and friendly attitude.

Any questions regarding the Hazmat volunteer program can be sent to Crood via private message in-game or on the forums or to the email address (DeconLead@Fallenearth.com).

About Wasteland Engineers:

Wasteland Engineers is a volunteer-run program that works to create a more enjoyable and long-term relationship between the player, Fallen Earth, and, by extension, GamersFirst through various programs.

The main Wasteland Engineers program works to provide an outside perspective on patches prior to their release on live servers along with investigating bug reports and crashes in an effort to provide a more enjoyable playing experience.

The Wasteland Engineers Program has three levels of testers, all of which fall under “Decon Team” (Hazmat is the other primary team). When you enter the program you will be a New Tester. This will be the case until you have completed the various training that is required for all testers and have verified that Test Server and Ventrilo access has been configured properly.

The next level is Regular Tester, who perform all ranges of tests including looking for and reassessing bugs. Above them, Senior Testers have a little more responsibility and will lead test teams along with performing other admin roles assigned to them by one of the Leads. Above Senior Testers is the Recon Team; they manage teams and Senior Testers, making sure that all bugs get passed on to those responsible for fixing them, and perform many more administrative roles. All testers have the opportunity to progress through the levels and will get out of the program what they put in.

We are looking for enthusiastic and active players who will be able to commit to regular testing. We also need people that show good leadership skills, are organized and a willingness to really work with us to make Fallen Earth better. Each tester is required to fill out a weekly report form and be active in Ventrilo to work with others in different types of testing environments. You will be required to keep up with documentation, forums and emails.

Testers (Decon) will be given rewards according to their activity in Ventrilo and testing completed. The more work you put into the program, the more you will get out of it.

If you feel that the Decon Team is right for you and would like to participate, please review the requirements below, and send a completed copy of the Application Form found below to DeconLead@Fallenearth.com.


  • Good knowledge of English, both written and spoken
  • Use Ventrilo and have a microphone
  • Able to take notes and perform general administrative functions
  • Have genuine willingness to help the game
  • Have a good understanding of Fallen Earth
  • Regularly check forums and email
  • Experience in Testing is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary.

Hazmat / Decon Application Form

Which team are you applying to Hazmat or Decon ?

Name :

Date of Birth :

In-game character name(s) :

G1 Account E-mail (this will be used for further communications unless asked to do otherwise) :

Forum Name :

Are you active on the Fallen Earth forums ?

Time Zone (IE. EST - GMT(-5) ) :

What times do you normally play Fallen Earth ?

Is this likely to change in the future (school,work,etc.) ?

How long have you played Fallen Earth ?

Please rate your experience with Fallen Earth on a scale of 1-10 ( 1 being a new player and 10 being very experienced ):

How many estimated hours do you play Fallen Earth per week ?

List 5 games you have played recently or are currently playing :

Have you ever volunteered, been a contractor for, or been employed by an online game ?
If yes, which one(s)?

Why do you want to participate in the Fallen Earth volunteer program ?

## What languages do you speak and write fluently ?

## What involvement, if any, do you have with Clans and other organizations in Fallen Earth ?

**How many estimated hours per week can you dedicate to testing ?

** What prior testing experience do you have ?

** List one (only one) uncommon bug currently in Fallen Earth (be as descriptive as possible as if you were turning it in as a report) :

You must have access to and be able to use Ventrilo including voice (must have a microphone). ______ (type your initials here to verify you have read and understand this statement)

Is there anything else you would like us to consider when reviewing your application ?

Experience is nice but not required. Times are mainly for our benefit and have little or no impact on application decision.

Please answer questions as completely and accurately as possible. Failure to do so could result in your application being denied.

** Only Decon applicants need answer this question

## Only Hazmat applicants need answer this question

Applications will be accepted for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions contact the Program Lead via the DeconLead@Fallenearth.com email address or in-game.

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