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        Hello everyone and welcome!


Retired is a enforcer clan, multi-national community created in 2016. The clan started of players who decided to Retire from APB and now decided to return on streets of San Paro.


So, what does being a member mean in Retired?

Here in Retired we pride ourselves on being able to have fun yet take a serious approach to missions. We tend to talk and have a laugh during less challenging missions, but when it comes to clan versus clan fights we take a much more serious approach. Those who apply and get accepted into Retired will be brought in on a probationary basis in order to give us time to evaluate the new recruit. Whilst being a good player is an important factor we also need to know that we can get along with them and that they actually fit in with the rest of the clan. If the recruit is happy within the clan and we are happy with them, they will be promoted to a full member after we have got the necessary information about the probationers.


We expect you to:
- Be active.
- Be polite with everyone
- Give it your best at every attempt.
- Be able to handle criticism.
- Prioritize Objectives > Kills
- Being able to sit down and have fun.
- Play fair.

We can offer you:
- A Social and mature environment while playing.
- A chance to improve yourself as a player.
- A clan with experienced and dedicated members in it.
- A nice and detailed clan cloth.
- A place to hang out and play with people that you enjoy playing with.

We are always seeking exceptional applicants, even if our recruitment is closed, don't hesistate to apply. If your application is good enough, we may still want you!



Important Information
Minimum requirements for applicants:
- Minimum 18 years old.
- The ability to communicate in English.
- Threat level needs to be gold.
- Having read our Rules.




If you feel you can offer us what we need, and that we can offer you what you seek please apply to us on our website at:


Best Regards

The Retired.


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