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Should they include these cars & features?  

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  1. 1. Should they include these cars & features?

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Hello, my in-game username is NixonDT, and i've seen that over the past years of playing APB; no new noticeable police features has been added. I feel like it would be better if they include some real police cars and features used in real life. So if APB could insert some popular police cars with a little tweak to it; that'll be amazing. After all, this is a Police vs Criminals type of game. Here's a few short-term and long-term goals that I suggest you guys should add:



Short-Term Police Vehicle Goals


2017 Dodge Charger:




Ford Interceptor SUV:





Chevrolet Tahoe: 








Long-Term Police Vehicle Goals


Ford Taurus SHO:



BearCat (Different from the Pioneer):



Ford "Bomb Squad" Truck:



Short-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals:

  • More police lights on vehicle body
  • New spotlight that actually work
  • New siren sounds
  • Detailed interior design 
  • Actual police horn sound


Long-term Enforcer Car Feature Goals:

  • Ability to deploy spike strips
  • Speed radar in police vehicle
  • In mission districts, AI vehicles move out the way when siren noise get near
  • Option to switch between emergency lights with no sound and emergency light with sounds (maybe by adding a hotkey 1-5 when in vehicle)
  • Headlights that can be activated/deactivated and have a noticeable reflection on the ground at night (For all vehicles)



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"needed" Is a bit of an over-kill. I'd like to see these, but, one step at a time, i'd recommend giving their roadmap a read over if you haven't already.

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this isnt a needed update


several of your suggestions would require entire systems in apb to be rewritten from the ground up

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