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I would like to make a crafting calculator

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Hi! im wanting to make a crafting calculator, to let me know what i need in my inventory to craft my queue. 
im wondering if anyone is aware of a spreadsheet or database that contains all the recipes or am i going to have to go through the wiki one at a time to find them. 
its a large amount of data, and whether i even proceed with this app idea will likely depend on the availability of that data in a usable format. 
thanks in advance for any info!

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i do the math ingame. if i need x number of what ever i  just set what ever im buying at a number equal to it


like i need 45 steel so i set the shop to 15 units buy three times get the steel i need


i however understand what your trying to do as making mounts can infact get confusing becuase they need ungodly amounts of mats at a time

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