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Lifenet Quest completion

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I would like to thank every clone who faced up to the challenge of gathering resources to repair the Fast Travel (F.T.) cloners all around the world. Together we -the community- succeeded in completing a blindman's quest (no clear quantity target) ! One by one, we will open the broken F.T. by squaring our shoulders under the task ahead and enduring till the end. To better the community.

Those who like to contribute can do in many ways :
- Report repaired FT systems if you happen to have either repaired it or stumbled upon. Either send me (Rowdy Ronny) a tell or if I'm offline an email

- Gather the following materials and send them to either me or anyone who's voulonteering to repair the pods:
60 scrap copper OR 30 salvaged copper OR 15 Common Copper
60 dilute acid OR 30 impure acid OR 15 Standard acid
60 scrap gears OR 30 salvaged gears OR 15 average gears
100 tainted meat OR 50 Questionable meat OR 25 Edible meat

- Coordinate with me to be assigned as part of a Repair Team of a specific repair effort. Or go at it alone or with others of the community. Either send me (Rowdy Ronny) a tell or if I'm offline ask in global who's working on a terminal. And be sure to report completed cloners if I don't have them correctly on this list.

SteamShadow for the list of FT pods
Tatianna Minor (Team Seaslug) for contributing a vast amount of resources
Sasha Delmorna for contributing a vast amount of resources

Qui duco, disputatio dimittet populum. - Those who construct, let the people talk.

World Transportation Status

Sector 1 (Southern part)

{3962603,3087398} Odenville (Team Seaslug)
{4238719,3220332} Embry Crossroads (community)
{4294556,3476944} Oilville (1st Canyon Army + others)
{4195434,3584695} Kingman ( The Older Gamers and many others)

Sector 1 (Northern part)

Pass Chris (Others, Team Seaslug and 1st Canyon Army)
Watchtower (Standard FT point)
Coppermine (Team Seaslug, 1st Canyon Army and others)
Spiderhill (Team Seaslug, 1st Canyon Army and others)
Trailer Park (Team Seaslug)

Sector 2
Haven (Community including efforts of and Team Seaslug and Sasha Delmorna)
Picus Ridge (Suzie Homemaker, Ravenwood and friends)
Post 23 (Vyhulenka/CSF and others of the community)
Barret Manor (RP community and many others)

Thorne's Bluff
Blaine (community)
{4581670,4989130} Sunshine Corners (community including special efforts ofMiski and Caileen)
New Flagstaff (Standard FT point)

Credit Bend (Community)
Devon Township / Redfield (The old gamers and many others)
Last Stop (1st Canyon Army, The Old Gamers and others)


Sector 3
Brigg's Point
Dieseltown (Team Seaslug, Nev Shea, Ivan Gray,Sasha Delmorna and others of the community)
Chemtown (community)

Banker's Hole (community)
Docuer's Court (community)
Papermill (Team Seaslug and Sasha Delmorna)

Black Hill (Vyhulenka/CSF and others of the community)
The Repostitory
Trader's Flat (Standard FT point)

Los Alamos (Standard FT point)
Wasted Wood (Tatianna Minor and others from the community)
Citadel (1st Canyon army and many others)
Pitchblende (Equalizers)

Terminal Woods
Rock Bottom (community)
The Wall [also referred to as Nothing Left -error in description-] (Team Seaslug and others)

Alpha County
Shackleton (community)
End Run
Desolation (Saints, KAOS)
Camp Sagan (Kiako Lalene,Team Seaslug )

Scorcher Base
Post 88 (1st Canyon Army and others)

Color codes : [added Symbols for colorblind/visual impaired]
white = unknown/not done [no symbol]
orange = known in progress [* behind the name]
Green = COMPLETED [player and clan name between brackets]

Sounds sweet ronny! seen you for the first time ingame yesterday hehe
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Stronghold now open.




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Gaia now open, thank you CSF!




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The Repository pod now open

Great news! I did about 15 missions there in the last few days.




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Final Contribution Records for Team Seaslug and Sasha Delmorna

Odenville ________23 mission turned in random materials
Coppermine ______96 Scrap Copper missions turned in (5760 scrap copper)
Pass Chris _______1 Scrap Copper mission turned in (60 scrap copper)
Spider Hill _______102 Scrap Copper missions turned in (6120 scrap copper)
Trailer Park ______72 Scrap Copper missions turned in (4320 scrap copper)
Blaine __________ Untracked quantity of random mission turned in
Haven __________ 76 Scrap Copper missions turned in (4560 scrap copper)
Fracture ________ 43 Scrap Copper missions turned in (2580 scrap copper)
Diesel Town _____ 91 Scrap Copper missions turned in (5460 scrap copper)
Papermill _______ 59 Scrap Copper missions turned in (3540 scrap copper)
Warhall _________ 41 Scrap Copper missions turned in (2460 scrap copper)
Wasted Woods ___ 88 Scrap Copper missions turned in (5280 scrap copper)
The Wall ________ 83 Scrap Copper missions turned in (4980 scrap copper)
Camp Sagan _____ 61 Scrap Copper missions turned in (3660 scrap copper)
Redemption ______ 9 Scrap Copper missions turned in (540 scrap copper)
Scorcher ________ 25 Scrap Copper missions turned in (1500 scrap copper)

__________________________________Total Scrap Copper Used = 50820
__________________________________Total Chip value = 20 red 32 blue 28 white

Contributions taken from Davidx, Nev Shea, Ivan Gray, Sasha Delmorna, Kiako Lalene,
___ Team Seaslug Members and personal wallet. If you sent money to efforts and name
___ was missed I apologize my initial log of materials and donations was not well kept >_o
___ Also does not include untracked fiscal expenses such as Tow Cost and G.E.T.S. use.
___ It has been a pleasure helping the community and thank you for your assistance with
___ with Lifenet's Repairs. Go Team Seaslug!!!!




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For those of you who want to fiddle with your .ini file
The complete list with waypoints to all Fast Travel Terminals:

WAYPOINT_0=S1 Odenville,3962603,3087398,0
WAYPOINT_1=S1 Embry Crossroads,4238719,3220332,0
WAYPOINT_2=S1 Oilville,4294556,3476944,0
WAYPOINT_3=S1 Kingman,4195434,3584695,0
WAYPOINT_4=S1 Pass Chris,4518798,3769317,0
WAYPOINT_5=S1 Watchtower,4550458,3972534,0
WAYPOINT_6=S1 Coppermine,4296790,3887478,0
WAYPOINT_7=S1 Spiderhill,4694176,4113460,0
WAYPOINT_8=S1 Trailer Park,5007737,4160889,0
WAYPOINT_9=S2 Sunshine Corners,4581670,4989130,0
WAYPOINT_10=S2 Haven,4482212,5164591,0
WAYPOINT_11=S2 Picus Ridge,4511624,5381804,0
WAYPOINT_12=S2 Post 23,4538274,5270725,0
WAYPOINT_13=S2 Barret Manor,4316314,5329283,0
WAYPOINT_14=S2 Thorne's Bluff,4954149,5168286,0
WAYPOINT_15=S2 Blaine,4976162,5753568,0
WAYPOINT_16=S2 New Flagstaff,4480650,5507290,0
WAYPOINT_17=S2 Credit Bend,4705957,5477129,0
WAYPOINT_18=S2 Devon Township/Redfield,3980498,4988797,0
WAYPOINT_19=S2 Last Stop,4066732,5638074,0
WAYPOINT_20=S2 Fracture,4836565,5326748,0
WAYPOINT_21=S3 Brigg's Point,7062374,4738885,0
WAYPOINT_22=S3 Stronghold,6496437,5011128,0
WAYPOINT_23=S3 Dieseltown,6184231,5705212,0
WAYPOINT_24=S3 Chemtown,6597138,5803281,0
WAYPOINT_25=S3 Banker's Hole,6487283,5655105,0
WAYPOINT_26=S3 Docuer's Court,6202895,5908903,0
WAYPOINT_27=S3 Papermill,6682530,5539980,0
WAYPOINT_28=S3 Warhall,6149022,5452933,0
WAYPOINT_29=S3 Black Hill,6805603,5447097,0
WAYPOINT_30=S3 The Repository,6752463,5136450,0
WAYPOINT_31=S3 Gaia,6376152,4970651,0
WAYPOINT_32=S3 Tannerfield,6626273,4842514,0
WAYPOINT_33=S3 St. Sebastian's,6871585,5157150,0
WAYPOINT_34=S3 Trader's Flat,6537506,5233510,0
WAYPOINT_35=DF Los Alamos,5529717,5121349,0
WAYPOINT_36=DF Wasted Wood,5880845,5126034,0
WAYPOINT_37=DF Citadel,5732040,4944468,0
WAYPOINT_38=DF Pitchblende,5728589,5384996,0
WAYPOINT_39=TW Rock Bottom,6444290,4584603,0
WAYPOINT_40=TW The Wall (Nothing Left),6407736,4250294,0
WAYPOINT_41=S4 Shackleton,6439212,4102070,0
WAYPOINT_42=S4 End Run,6316053,3869716,0
WAYPOINT_43=S4 Mercy,6664988,4085253,0
WAYPOINT_44=S4 Desolation,6435481,4019035,0
WAYPOINT_45=S4 Camp Sagan,6356880,4046864,0
WAYPOINT_46=S4 Scorcher Base,6593598,4159658,0
WAYPOINT_47=S4 Post 88,6544974,4002264,0
WAYPOINT_48=S4 Redemption,6339736,4179893,0

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Hey all! This is Reth, co-founder of Team Seaslug! We were proud to be a part of this undertaking (well, mostly the big guy, Tatianna, but still) and we kinda just wanted to say thanks to everyone that was supportive of the group.

Team Seaslug is the number one crafter's guild! :)




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Wow Well Done!!!

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Sorry I'm a noob... but what exactly is this a list of? I dont get it. Looks impressive tho :)




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Sorry I'm a noob... but what exactly is this a list of? I dont get it. Looks impressive tho :)

FallenEarth has a fast travel system whereby you visit a LifeNet pod that has a LifeNet Travel Terminal and pay chips to move from town to town. There are a LOT more LifeNet pods than the list shows, but only a limited number have the fast travel terminals.

Also, the pods are not always easy to find. The three methods available to find the LifeNet Travel Pods are...
1. Run around the map until you trip on one. (takes the longest).
2. When you get to a larger town or outpost attack a mob, and then stand there. You'll wake up in the nearest pod. (Fast, but lends itself to gear damage later).
3. Save this list. (Fastest)
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wrong place,redirected me to the wrong thread sorry

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This was unpinned because of the important pumpkin contest.

Move it to the correct section under "Help and resources".
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pin this plz




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