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The fifth level of threat as a replacement for anti-cheat. And also as a tool for regulating the balance of teams.

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2 hours ago, safdfsgkjhdgsjkhs said:

doesnt have to be shown. can be a hidden flag. they do this in GTA online and it puts all the problematic players with other problematic players.


threat level already works kinda like this. if you are super super high gold with many missions under yourbelt and your threat stays super high and cannot fluctuate normally, you will usually have imbalanced matches or not get op at a normal pace. 

so now if the system could flag a possible cheater, maybe just make it so that they cannot get op or matches and have them just waiting there with no opposition.... till another guy with same flag can op vs them. normal players wont ever have to face them ever. 

for this to work well, would need proper logic to flag actual cheating players properly, else we will end up with fairfight 2.0


if it works properly cheaters will get the idea that they are flagged because of lack of opposition, then they will just leave since no games to play. Possibly they will come back and either cheat and get flagged again then be forced to reroll or they might actually stop cheating and play legit so that they cannot get flagged again.

Not really what the OP and others in the thread were suggesting. Though I'm not completely against this approach.


The issue is you're never going to not get false positives. And if you do get a system that detects cheaters, you might as well just ban them out rather than messing with putting them in 'cheater queue'. Which even then doesn't really do much, because anyone that would be deterred from being in cheater queue is already a multiple re roll cheater that does it off a ban anyway, so you're just delaying the reroll. It becomes more effort than it's worth.

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