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To the ones who helped

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Dr Mac : told me I should run the gun I never stopped using.  Loaded me up with original themes.  Gave away almost everything for free. 

Nzt : solid leader and friend.  Ended up leaving the game but he will always be remembered.  Got banned over something he wasn't

Nature : told me plenty of kind words. Was airways fun to be around.  Actually nice deep down. 

Prop : funniest person in apb that I know.  Loved his antics and he made some of the best songs in apb

Clutch : truly a kind and amazing person to be around.  Always had a good heart.  Was happy to play with him later in apb. He showed me what a real friend was. 

Presso : he said glitches in apb found him.  Found out how to beat cheaters by using a funny trick. Ended up working for weeks.  Caught many red handed. Showed me a few good ones before I quit. 

DH : was a mom.  She had a kind heart.  Wishing her the best. Always looking out for her husband and kids. 

CJ : made me a theme that you've never heard before.  It had actual blast beats. Told him to crank the drums up and he made an absolute banger theme.  Really easy to work with.  

Saul T : showed me how to use the designer effectively.  Thanks for being kind.  Amazing fc player and kind person overall.  Hope you're feeling better. 

Rob : fbw gold blitzkrieg fc Master.  He airways went afk for hours when he said he'd be back real quick.  Showed us how to save money in apb.  The starter car is called the rob mobile for a good reason.  May you rest easy you amazing player. 

Bochie : made his character in memory of someone special to him.  Wished he was doing well.  Funny guy.

Rxu : first person I ever played against in apb. Got a 1v1 and I ended up playing with her on her side.  My 2nd character was to play with her while I learned apb. She made me a Vegas. 

Pogo : original theme and song maker. Incredibly funny guy to be around.  One of the most amazing people to ever grace this game.  Guy was a diamond in the rough.  Thanks for making me laugh. 

Bungo : guy fed me dinner.  Super friendly and actually wanted to see you be kind.  Many thanks for the good times. 

Cedra : out of all the sov members he was one of two that would actually talk to newer people.  Loved the guy. 

StudN : really highenergy funny guy who seemed like a good person to be around

Fapalina : had one of the best streams on twitch and ended up getting banned off twitch for no reason.  Super chill and funny. 

Gio : dark ages apb brethren before we left the dark.  Really chill guy and was a fun person to be around.  Made me the van I drove the most.  Love you bro

LoveBomb : helped me understand what a good person was.  He had a good heart and was fun to be around. Always enjoyed my time playing with you.  Hope to see you again.



Love yall.


Thanks for helping me in my journey.  These players felt like real friends who had your interests at heart.


May you walk in happiness for helping someone who just wanted to play in peace.  Thanks for the ride. 


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19 hours ago, Loveatthecore said:


Cedra : out of all the sov members he was one of two that would actually talk to newer people.  Loved the guy. 



Did you just dead gamer tag Aeronaut???????????????????????

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