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Make the unused areas of FE worth to visit!

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The game world of Fallen Earth is really HUGE.
Problem is, a lot of it isn't being useful at all.

The missions will leave out vast spaces of terrain, and only concentrate at certain areas. So people just following the missions will only see like half of the game world.

The curious go around the outskirts once and never again, cause there is nothing special to get, most of the times there aren't even any nodes or mobs out there...

So I say... there needs to be something to gain in those areas, for people to go back out into the vast territories... scavenging like you'd think you'd have to in a post-apoc world.

There was a bug in Citadel twice now, with unintended mass-node-spawns. See the picture:

Posted Image

Devs argue they screw up the economy. While this might be true a little bit (and I'm talking 0.5% influence tops, even tho they happened in very populated areas), it brought the idea to me, to make the open space valuable via random mass-node-spawns.

Especially since the plan is to (finally) remove the materials from the vendors, we will have to have some changes to resource nodes anyway (atm they wouldn't be able to sustain the economy AT ALL).

So I've tried to mark all the territories that I think would be eligible for such random mass-node-spawns on the s1-s3 maps. All those marked areas are pretty much areas that are not easy to access and/or no mission will ever take you there.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I'm imagining a time when it pays off the be "that lone guy who wanderes out there, where noone else has gone before"...

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this would be nice indeed. i love exploring, but at the moment, theres not much to discover really.
give us more (randomly changing?) hidden scavenging areas and 'dungeons' that are woth the effort of exploring them!
would be great!

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One of the goals of the forthcoming World Events system is to accomplish exactly this :)




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sounds great, a shame it took so long to pick up those suggestions - but better than never.




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Love the Idea, I love exploring as to see what Rare Items I can find.

So many places not being used, glad to see G1 is planning something. :)

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This is a good idea and World Events sounds pretty good. If they do the node spawns, I'd hope they put more stuff there than just crafting mats. Maybe a higher chance of weapons, armor, trinkets, etc. The could even through in some serendipity mobs and a chance for players to get some rare stuff.

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I have actually explored as much of empty areas as I could. It's desolate. Another great idea wasted.

Which bears one question

Has there been suggestions implemented from this forum since 2011? Even one?

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Has there been suggestions implemented from this forum since 2011? Even one?


Rounding it up:  Only one. More or less.



The closest thing would be the farms.  People have been asking for permanent housing (hah!) and for PVE harvesters so this is what they came up with. 

It's basically a reskin of the harvesters to look like 3 sized variations of barns and double the amount of time to generate items. (there is a 4th market-only biggest farm too.)


Whoever came up with the 6 hour duration is not a gamer. The average gamer does not have, let alone willing to spent, 6 continuous hours in the same location harvesting loot every ~10 minutes.  And they even have a marketplace booster to extend that time even longer.  What. Somebody get that man a dictionary and look up "fun". 


If you leave too soon and let the farm go to waste, you will have harvested less mats than it cost you to buy/craft the farm. And the farms only generate organic loot, not synthetic and metals, so the rare synths/metals in pvp zones remain annoying to get for PVE players. Ironically, 95% of all the organic farm loot is quite easy to get in the wasteland while the rare synths/metals never are.

What people actually wanted were that the PVE harvesters would generate the same mats as the pvp ones but in lesser amounts.




The other things that have appeared the most in the suggestion forum over the years and obviously never happened because it's not technically possible on this game engine or they simply don't care:


- a reason to explore this huge map as already mentioned (not a damn given)

- Passenger players in mounts  (not technically possible)

- Get rid of that stupid random node spawning and let it make sense (not a damn given)

- Fix bugs (HAHAHAHHAHAHAA! :Ha Ha Ha: )

- Balancing of weapon types.  Rifles and uzis are the weakest weapons in the game. Hell, this game has hundreds of weapons but only 10% are worth crafting. Same goes for armor. (not a damn given)

- enemy drops need to make sense. This counts double for bosses. An armored guy with a gun should not be able to make me loot only Tainted Meat & Ragged Leather from it. (a damn was given TWICE but it was just empty promises not kept)

- Increase and fix quest rewards (see above)

- A LFG / training system to promote the socializing aspects of MMOs, instead of pushing people into playing alone. (not a damn given)

- Be able to mail non-tradeable items to your own toons within the same account. (not a damn given)

- abilty to un-attune items. Just make it expensive to balance the economy, at least make it an existing choice. (not a damn given)

- be able to turn our mounts back into attuned keys, seriously is there a valid reason why we can't do this?  Destroying them to make space for more room is stupid. (not a damn given)

- fix blackjack & slots  (HAHAHAHHAHAHAA! Ha%20Ha%20Ha.gif )

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