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Fallen Earth GMs

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Hello everyone!


As you may have noticed, we recently brought some nice people into the game that will help you out along the way and make sure things are going smoothly on Fallen Earth. We are doing our best to prepare them for as many situations they may encounter as possible, but there's always a room for improvement!


GMs are primarily here for you, so it is only fair for your voices to be heard regarding their performance. Because of that, I am opening my PMs to all of you that have a praise or a complaint regarding our GM volunteers. If you have something to say about their activity in the game, please follow points listed below on how to bring this to my attention:


1. This thread is locked for a reason. Any report/comment you leave for me regarding any of GMs is completely private and anonymous. I will not be addressing public call-outs. They are inappropriate and unnecessary. Use ONLY my PMs to bring things to my attention regarding this topic. This way we are making sure that both sides are comfortable speaking their mind.

2. Stay objective. Only report issues that you have witnessed/experienced. Do not pass on someone else's experiences.
3. Make your report count. Attach screenshots/clips regarding specified issues. Clear evidence is the key to resolving any misunderstandings and issues effectively.

4. Make sure you title your messages appropriately. Any form that will immediately let me know what the topic of your message is will do just fine (e.g: "GM inquiry").

5. I will not respond to any unrelated questions masked under GM inquiries. Nice try 😛

6. I will not respond to and/or share any GM details with you including (but not limited to) their private information, details of selection process, their status and whether an action (and which one) was taken regarding the complaint. Just as much as you have a right to your anonymity in reporting, they have a right not to be discussed further in their absence.

4. Keep it civil and to the point. We're here to resolve issues, not antagonize either side.


If you are not sure which situations merits a report of this sort, here are a few directions (but not limited to):

1. If a GM deliberately refuses assisting you as long as assisting you is within their jurisdiction (e.g: Asking a GM to teleport you around is not allowed and they have every right to refuse you. But if you complain about things such as feeling unsafe or disturbed by another player, they are obliged to look into it for you).

2. If a GM discriminates against you (or you witness this happening to another player) on any basis.

3. If a GM favors another player on an unfounded basis (Obviously, if a player is wronged, GMs are there to prioritize assisting them, for example. This isn't a behavior that requires a report).

4. If a GM is making you (or you witness this happening to another player) feel uncomfortable in any way whether with their way of conversing or their actions.

5. If a GM disrupts or involves themselves in any way during the gameplay. They are there to observe and ensure a fair game. Any involvement and assistance is against the rules.

6. If a GM is sharing your (or anyone else's) information and status publicly. They are allowed to publicly warn you (and others) if your behavior merits it, and are allowed to communicate with you any evident in-game issues you may have (unless this issue is strictly taken to private chats). They are not allowed to share the information on your status otherwise not visible to other players, including your in-game status or your account status.


Naturally, all other complaints you feel the need to bring up to me are welcome as long as they are done in a respectful and objective manner. I hope no issues occur inn the future, but we're all humans and mistakes happen. All we can do is make sure we prevent as many of them as we can and learn from the rest.


That's all from me for now 🙂


Have a wonderful time playing Fallen Earth!



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