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Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta Client FAQ

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1. What is the Mac/Wine Beta client?

The Fallen Earth Beta Client for Mac is a chance for players to give us feedback on our OS X version of the Fallen Earth client. The client is powered by Wine and the wrapper is built using the Wineskin project.

2. Who may participate in the Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta?

The Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta is open to anyone interested in participating. If you do not have a current Fallen Earth account, you may sign up for a free trial on the homepage. Current players may also download the Mac/Wine Beta Client by visiting their user settings page and selecting Mac/Wine Beta client FAQ.

3. How can I participate in the Mac/Wine Beta client?

If you are a current player and have already created a Fallen Earth account, simply download the Mac/Wine Beta Client (visit your user settings page and select the Mac/Wine Beta client FAQ) to begin installation. If you are a new player, you may sign up for a free trial. When prompted to download the game, select the Mac/Wine Client option.

4. Will I play on the same server as PC users?

Yes. If you log in to Fallen Earth through the Mac/Wine Beta client, you will still be connected to the same server as all other Fallen Earth players.

5. What are the system requirements?

You will need an Apple computer running OS X 10.5 or 10.6 (Intel Macs only). 12 GB of hard drive space is required to install, and 6 GB after installation. For optimal play, you will want at least 2 GB of RAM and a dedicated video card with at least 256 MB of RAM. If you are running on a laptop, make sure your power settings are set to high performance for the best experience.

6. How do I install the Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta client?

Once you've downloaded the installer .dmg, simply double click on the .dmg file. The installer window will appear (if it doesn't, just browse to the .dmg using Finder) showing three icons. Drag the two Fallen Earth icons into your Applications folder (you may have to give the installer permission to complete this step) and that's it!

7. How do I uninstall the Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta client?

Simply drag the two Fallen Earth icons from your Applications folder to the trash bin and the app will be uninstalled.

8. How do I run the Fallen Earth Mac/Wine Beta client?

Browse to your Applications folder and double click the Fallen Earth application. The Fallen Earth updater window will appear, log in using your account username and password. Next, click the Update button and wait for the update process to complete. Then click Launch and the application will run, from here you can follow any PC-oriented tutorial as the gameplay is identical. Note that the first time you launch Fallen Earth on a Mac it may take 30 seconds to a minute for any screen to appear. The application is attempting to configure itself for your specific Mac so please be patient, subsequent launches will take only a few seconds.

9. Can I change the resolution?

The Fallen Earth Mac client will always launch into the current desktop resolution. So if you alter the resolution of the desktop it will alter the resolution of Fallen Earth when it launches. It is important to always run the game in a window (the default setting) or you will see the error "cannot create context". If you see that error then choose Options->Video Settings from the updater and check the "run in a window" checkbox.

10. I'm having trouble with advanced graphics settings.

Part of this Beta process is to work out the various graphical issues that may be associated with this client. Please report any issues you experience by typing /bug into the chat window. We expect that a minority of users will have issues with PostFX, Advanced PostFX or Shadows turned on. If that happens to you, please report what graphics card you have, what model of Macintosh you are using and which settings gave you problems with a description of the problem.

* We are aware of a possible performance issue when ATI users turn on PostFX in the Mac/Wine Beta client. For the time being, we recommend that ATI users do not turn on this option. We hope to have an update soon that fixes this and apologize for the inconvenience.

11. The crash reports will not submit.

At this time, the crash report utility is not supported on the Macintosh platform. We ask that users instead type /bug into the chat window to report any issues.

12. Where should I submit any bugs or errors?

Please report any bugs by typing /bug into the chat window. This will open a new window where you will be able to describe the issue. You need to have your Forum account linked to your game account in order to use this function.

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