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Hell Kitty UI, Not for the Humor Impaired (you know who you are)

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Kitty got cloned,
Kitty got shot,
Kitty got a gun...
Hell~Oh Kitty!

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Download the baaaad kitty at HellKitty

Use at your own risk, artist not responsible for any emotional distress caused by the use of this UI. Side effects may include
uncontrollable giggling, snorting of drink through nose, and facial muscle soreness due to sudden grinning attacks.
In those suffering from humor impairedness use of this UI can cause testicular atrophy resulting in sudden intense urges to type ONLY IN CAPS, start forum flame wars and beat mindlessly on your keyboard. Oh wait, never mind, humor impaired people do that anyway. Carry on.

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for thou art crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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