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Clarity Redux (Clarity rebuilt for the current game version)

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Hello everyone,

---Let me start off by first thanking Nads for all of his hard work on the original Clarity UI and Fallen Earth UI modding in general. This UI is mostly just Nads original UI rebuilt from the ground up and updated for the current version of the game. I have however changed some of the elements to my personal liking. I did make the colorblind version as well but like Nads I know next to nothing about colorblindness and mostly just used the colors he used for his colorblind version. Also I would like to mention that I don't normally have much to do with forums, (you'll notice that this is my first post on here) but I will do my best to make sure all of my links work.

---You can find Nads original Clarity UI in this thread: http://forums.fallen...ead.php?t=25894

---Version 1.6.3 has been added for colorblind only, 9/8/10
  • I added a new version of the Clarity CB in order to take advantage of the ability to change the crosshair color. I'm perfectly happy with the crosshair color for the normal version of Clarity so I did not make a new version of that one. Just continue using 1.6.1 if you have the regular Clarity.
  • Ok for you guys who use the CB version of Clarity I changed the "out of range" crosshair color to blue. I left the "in range" color alone so it is still green (which will appear yellow for most of you who use this.) Also I didn't mess with the no target color so the crosshair will still be white when you arent targeting something.
  • As always the only colorblind info I have is from some websites that let me apply colorblind filters to my files. So any feedback from you guys that use this would really help me out to be able to fine tune the color selections I use. I hope this helps you guys out.
---Version 1.6.1 has been added, 8/9/10
  • Added the icon for linking a recipe in chat to the recipe list window.
  • Changed the mount icon that had a skull on it to an icon that has a checkmark on it. The original mount icon that the skull icon replaced was the red mount icon. This led me to think that this was supposed to indicate that your mount had died. Hence the reason I had an icon with a skull on it. I recently discovered this icon is actually supposed to represent which mount you have selected in either your mount list window, or the garage or stable manager windows. Sorry for the confusion but honestly it was not something that I ever needed so I never paid attention to it.

---Version 1.6 has been added, 7/30/10
  • Added the icon for the vehicle painting.
  • That's it for this versions as thats the functionality that has changed since I released the first version. Sorry for not having it ready right away.

---Things that I have changed from the original UI:
  • Changed the health, stamina, and gamma back to the games original colors.
  • Changed the experience counter to somthing a bit more visible than the little dots. (I did not add back in the sub-level experience counter as I agree that it is kind of pointless.)
  • Added the unused AP number back in as that is something that I actually like to keep track of. (you can click the unused AP number to pull up your attributes window if you want.)
  • Added a lubber line to the radar display. (50 points to the first person who knows what that is. :))
  • Also I am using the Ice skin colors that Fallen Earth provides as I happen to like that color scheme.
---Things that were updated for the current version of the game:
  • Added missing Bloodsport and Achievement icons to the start menu.
  • Added missing Achievement popup screen.
  • Changed it so the horse mounts have a feed and heal icon instead of the fuel and repair icons. (vehicles of course still have fuel and repair icons.)
  • Added the pet icons.
  • Added various other icons. (mostly having to do with pvp and clans.)
  • Enlarged the radar to the now default size of 180. (it was set to 160 previously.)
---Known bugs and issues:
  • No bugs that I am aware of. However I am the only one who has tested this UI. In particular I have not really done any pvp in this game so I am not 100% sure of all of the icons relating to that.
---Fixed bugs and issues:
  • Fixed the annoying chat flashing bug. (only one user mentioned this in Nads original thread but it was actually a bug I was experiencing as well. In fact it is one of the main reasons I rebuilt this UI from the ground up.)
  • The red biohazard quest icon. First let me explain which icon this was; the icon in question was the quest icon that appears on the map and the radar for an NPC who has a quest that you are currently working on but have not yet completed. This is not the waypoint marking the location of where to go to do the quest. Ok now on to why I am using past tense when talking about this icon. I think this icon was actually removed from the game. I tried using the default skin to try and track down why this wasn't working in the Clarity UI. I discovered that the red biohazard symbol doesn't appear even when using the defualt UI. So this is no longer considered an issue as it was removed by the devs. (sorry for the long explanation but there was a lot of confusion about this issue in the original thread.) (also if anyone else is still seeing the red biohazard symbols then please let me know so I can do some more research into this.
---Please read before downloading!!!!
  • As mentioned earlier I am the only one who has tested this UI so as with any modded files use at your own risk.
  • I am always looking for feedback on the UI. (especially the colorblind version)
  • If you find a bug or missing item please post it or send me a PM with the details. I would prefer a screenshot if you can as it helps tremendously.
  • Other modders feel free to use this UI however you like just please give credit to both me and Nads if you do.
Posted Image

---Current version:
(the way I do my versions for my files is that I add a number at the end which will increase with each realease for that versions of the game. (ie = Clarity R1 1.5.1a) once the game version changes I will start over again with the number 1.)

---Download instructions:
  • Click the link which will take you to a download page.
  • Click the download link and save the zip file wherever you like.
  • Unzip the folder either directly to your Fallen Earth/Skins directory or unzip the folder wherever you like and then move it to your Fallen Earth/Skins directory.
  • Start the game and go to the options screen.
  • Select Clarity R or Clarity R CB from the drop down list under the UI slections tab.
  • Relog and enjoy.
I hope everyone enjoys the UI, I will do my best to keep it current. Also even though I not usally much of a forum person I will try to visit at least once a day to check for any issues that need to be addresed.

Stryder295 (btw. my char name in game is actually Nabiki, I haven't gotten around to creating Stryder yet as I am having too much fun with my crafter. :w00t:

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