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Kevlar 3 is useless

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On 8/29/2022 at 12:01 PM, Todesklinge said:

Thats not a solution to say "dont use Kevlar".

Its unbalanced and need a HP increase.


Thats why 99% of Players use Clotting Agent, because its overpowered and have no downsides.


Clotting Agent isn't overpowered, Kevlar and the other green mods are just underpowered.

We've been telling you for years, all the problems you have are caused by you and you alone.


"It's not me who's wrong, it's everyone else!"

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On 9/4/2022 at 12:31 AM, Gateron said:

Clothing agent overpowered and broken? How so because you start regenerating earlier but at a slower rate? It doesn't affect gameplay that much and doesn't give you more health so, all weapons are still the same time to kill. Your logic makes no sense why it should be buffed. Your reasoning is I can't make kills with this mod on please buff meanwhile top tier players  use kevlar with fartspray to be able to cheese. Its so broken that we use kevlar + pmg and fart spray and with that we can even win against blatant cheaters.


What can you classify as true reliable information. Your information seems to come from your patootie. I have been playing since OBT learning the game inside out meanwhile going against the best players. Most good players know how much G1, LO has fucked up because they listen to the average players like you. It makes no sense to listen to a average player that has no idea how the game mechanics work in depth. The issue in this case sits between the chair and the monitor. 


Don't take this personally but, i am done with you silvers and yellows trying to destroy the game balance then it already is.

I am the best apb player of all time, if anybody is casual here its you. Health regen has always been stupidly broken in combination with dumb guns like HVR that put you out of combat for 20+ seconds and grenade spam that only has to tickle you to cancel your health regen entirely.

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On 8/20/2022 at 10:12 AM, mtz said:

So far, Todesklinge's track record with threads regarding Kevlar and game balance (ignoring this very thread) includes, as listed on his forum profile:

  • a demand for Clotting Agent and a few other things to be removed because he can't combat them, in September 2021.
  • a miscategorized thread which calls Kevlar's underperformance a "bug", in January 2021.
  • a complaint about Clotting Agent beating him, a Kevlar user, which somehow proves that Clotting Agent needs to be nerfed, in October 2020.
  • a claim that using meta weapons is actually cheating, in August 2020.
  • a whole slew of weird demands for gameplay changes that essentially boil down to "Kevlar should make me a bullet sponge", in July 2020.
  • an empty complaint with no proposed fixes regarding the shape of the meta, in December 2019.
  • a proposal that Kevlar go as far as increasing player health by 45%, along with a whole bunch of other wild math misadventures, in October 2019.
  • a suggestion of making Kevlar the only way to survive an N-HVR shot, in October 2019.
  • a "bug report" of Kevlar 3 making players slower at retreating into cover in fights against snipers, in August 2019.
  • a call for Kevlar to become singular instead of existing in 3 variants, and to have it increase player health by 60%, in September 2019.
  • a generic complaint about being too slow because of Kevlar, in August 2018.

If you feel like you've seen this thread before, it's because this is almost the only thing this user posts about.

Credit where it's due, Todesklinge is the most persistent member of the community, even if for the worst possible reasons. Continuing to use a character mod that has – over the course of over 5 years – proved itself to drag you down in most fights is a feat that I quite literally don't know how to describe.

lmao this

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7 hours ago, Todesklinge said:

Over 5 years and nothing have changed... thats the real lmao.

Kevlar 3 will never get changed.  Clotting Agent won't get removed.  Even if they did do these things there would be an assigned meta that you would either have to adhere too or suffer not being the best.  Welcome to video games.  Learn to adapt or take this as moving onto better things that you find constructive for your time.

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You have to remember that this game is over 10 years old and most of the current players have been playing for many years and are extremely good.


 I would not recommend using kevlar at all.



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