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APB Next Steps

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Better performance and anticheat could bring new players to APB, I like that.


What about increasing fps max to fit the monitor hz?


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3 hours ago, Farbon Ciber said:

I kind of agree with him, but I would have worded it slightly differently. 

Rather than come back every few months and apologize, which frankly has gotten old, Matt should have someone communicate with us on a regular basis.


A lot of people have spent a great deal of money on this game and have been promised big plans multiple times, so they buy things to help support the game they love. It simply isn't right to not communicate like that


It is hard to hear honest feedback sometimes, but many of the people giving the feedback have been around since day 1 and actually care

Matt doesn't owe us anything. All of you are just overreacting whilst the "smart"  people just move on to different better games.
I've spent a load of money on APB myself but with "investing" in to a game you should realize that you're always going to lose that money.

1. You'll never get it back anyways.
2. Not a single game will survive your entire lifetime. 
3. You're spending money on an account that isn't even yours.

I genuinely do not understand why people care so much for APB or anything Matt does, they clearly do not have the resources to accomplish the goals that they had set when they took over nor the goals that they have set in the previous months. It's mind boggling that there are still people that genuinely think sh*t is going to get done and APB:R is going to be a big hit.

Just wait and see, they don't owe you guys anything no matter how much time and money you have invested in their game.


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