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I found many of you people crying about updates and new content, but never stumbled upon this question "Why am i still playing?"

If you are playing a game and give them feedback they will ignore it because it either its not possible or they have no resources to fix the issue.
It is most likely that whatever you type they will tell you to fuck off because they are well aware and there is no fix for this.

If you want to get new Content you need to tell the Devs "Hey im quiting, pls do something about this problem im having or im never coming back."
The more people quit like i did the more they notice "Hey, we dont have any money anymore to spend on dumb ideas that are not working, we need to do something about it"
This is also explained by Garbaj: 


So stop playing and do everyone a favor.
we can come back once this shit is fixed.


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The big problem, as Garbaj mentioned in his next vide on the topic, is that we've got a bit of a Titanfall 2 situation. This game, quite clearly, is not a top priority by the devs. Meaning if they stop receiving income, instead of spending numerous resources to fix it, it would just be more cost effective to shut down the servers. Now, i'm not saying that that will be either a good or a bad thing, but although i haven't played APB recently, APB is still a very unique game with _a lot_ of untapped potential, which is what attracts the devs initially. My vote, i'd say we'd best wait for yet another game studio to buy and fail at fixing APB (No offence, devs).  


tl;dr, it will cause change definitely, but for the better or worse is up to the devs and your own interpretation of what they do.   

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