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what sniper is it plz?

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i played as enforcer  against a guy who had a kind of sniper .  His first shot did big stamina damage, like this: medium_00334178.jpg

  So what kind of sniper is it, plz? i want to buy it.

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DMR is notorious for stuns, u can rent it. Semi auto but slow, silenced. 

course it could be any snipe depends on your health.

Don't make the Elementary mistake of buying a weapon cuz someone did u with one.

sniping requires a certain set of root skills, and is best used in a group.

The sniper requires support, that being someone to watch his six, and the rest of the team equipped for rushing.

The sniper is also one who is proficient with a side arm.

The DMR is lightweight so you run a little faster, but if I was sniping I want  the 4ucker Dead Yesterday.

I'd want .762. You see those little pop guns health damage drops off quick, thats why he only stunned u

a 762 woulda killed ya. specially if you jumped or fell or took a round just before he came.

You want the PSR or one of its brethren

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On 6/2/2022 at 1:58 AM, xHenryman90x said:

Troll thread obviously.

useless answer really

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