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Attempted assassination on prosecutor - Anarchy News

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(Click image to watch the YouTube video)


Citizens of San Paro are advised to subscribe so as not to miss any further news.

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 We enter the 134th Day of the San Paro Hostage Crisis.

Mayor Derren listed as Missing, along with members of the City Counsil. 

 Rumors that a small band of Bronze G-Kings teamed with a few X-Military Types

are behind the recent raids of Gold Gang assets.

 A former Gold dethreater who defected has confirmed that a faction of golds had kidnapped the Mayor,

and 51 members of the City Counsil, preventing the Council from Rejecting the Desegregation Proclamation, 

allowing the proclamation to become Law. 


 You should do a Follow up story on this AP-BSN story

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Pants with holes, larger than pants, swing those pants, while you dance

What a wonderful idea

I could shake my leg, to empty my pants, I always drop my guts, when I dance.

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