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LO a company promoting cheaters.

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10 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

Jericho won;t be the same

hasn't been the same since deseg. Its real bad now cookie. Great for golds. Toxicity is up to a point worse than I've seen or can remember, n U know I seen allot of 'Stuff' over my time. It's gotten way too personal toxicity wise. We used to have to deal with a couple toxics and or a couple golds a day, now everybody is either gold and or toxic, or they toxic back from being triggered by some toxic, ya got hax hacusating each other, ya got golds suffering from Napoleonism flexing throwing shade 'claiming u as their servant n demanding sexual acts, then u got the 12 year old Married types that squabble for hours. There is no more Tom Foolery or Happy Trolls if you will, Its just sheer Hatred. I Dare any Moderator or Staff to to come in with an unknown name n try a few missions or just sit n listen. I Double Dare Ya, not so much that it would or You could change anything, I just want U to see the despicable monster you created by desegregating and not having an anti cheat. Go See

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On 12/16/2021 at 10:36 AM, MACKxBOLAN said:

 I'm not running some other program n taping my game just incase I see backwards runner,


Just an fyi if you don't know. Usually the backwards running is caused by two bugs.


One bug happens when the player exits a moving vehicle and gets stuck to the door. Their character's position will move with the vehicle, and they will moon walk. If the vehicle flips, the player will look like they're flying. The player themselves won't know they are bugged.


Another bug is when the player runs out of ammo and keeps shooting. Their character will face the direction they're aiming and moon walk. You need 0 ammo in the weapon you're holding.


It can also be triggered by packet loss if the player has a really bad connection. I think those players should be kicked from the server. It's one thing to have high ping, it's another when the server can't track your position.

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14 hours ago, BlatMan said:

Another bug is when the player runs out of ammo

sounds like what they are doing. exploiting a glitch as opposed to a traditional written hack, but this is really just a drop in the bucket as far as cheating goes. These guys were doing it to me on purpose just to make me mad, come n do it while im chillin in my truck, not in a mission. However i did see one of em use it to keep from getting killed while i was watching another mission from a rooftop. Guy get hit 2-3 times then he did that backwards run which saved him from the first shooter. he went from a crouch to backward run bout 20 ft then back to a crouch n some other guy come with a car n ran him n blew up.

 So long story short. its maybe 3-4 people that did it to me including this one. outside of mission. 

What they achieved was me believing and labeling them as Blatants and 'Knowns'. When in reality they would be at the bottom of list for suspected cheaters, hell I was even starting to like one of em, now I can't trust him.


Oh no, We got other problems now. We'll call em Super Toxics. Now I'm not gonna elaborate on this, (mack curls his lip n smiles)

 But I do have a plan, n they gonna pay for what the one said via Yell' in WF, and what was said yesterday about my one char's clan name. Which was Equal Justice with a information theme regarding All Lives Matter and Equal Justice for crooked cops and or use of force ect.  Apparently someone thinks this is why 'People' don't like me (as if the Golds r real people) 😭


 No that's not why, its because I'm an honest and honorable player.

I did remove the clan for the mutual interest of tos, my self, and 1 moderator, the only mod i am not mad at. 

 Pretty much I was Out the door, quitting. It made me sick, was very depressed about having to quit till this

'Gentleman made his comment. 

    "When Tommy turned around They said Hey Look Ol' Yellers Leaving-

     But You could of heard a Pin Drop when Tommy stopped, n Locked The Door"

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On 12/24/2021 at 4:45 PM, Vnight said:

i just been cheatted beyond reaon... have fun u ignorants.

Quoting to highlight this epic post 😎 

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I'm noticing a trend with people who accuse others of hacking. They really don't come off as very intelligent people.

How are we supposed to be vigilant and find/report actual hackers when just the thought of accusing somebody makes you feel like a troglodyte?

Besides all that, leaving my post for the wayback machine when OP inevitably spouts racist or political nonsense to break a rule and claim the squelching of free speech!

Oh also, promoting cheaters is a pretty bad business move (unless this is runescape lol) because cheaters don't need to buy cash shop items to feel like they are better at the game. Either their cheat shoots first or the other person's cheat shoots first.

Edited by Phrozen

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I never subscribed to "baw! everyone is hacking", because I just simply don't have that ego about my own ability, and saying LO actively want and support cheaters is beyond stupid. 

But people who say there's barely anyone hacking or 'lol you can totally outsmart hackers' are also living in a perpetual fantasy world. 


Yeah, not everyone cheating is EpicGoat who streamed himself playing without his cheats on and was awful. If you're decent at the game and have a decent grasp of core gameplay elements and cheat on top of it, you'll be unstoppable to the average player.


If you couldn't tell the difference between the EAC era of APB (even with it not fully implemented), and the FF/PB and BattlEye eras of APB, then I don't know what to say to you. Playing under EAC, not once did I find myself thinking "that's not right" or felt myself dying to absolute hogcrap.


Speaking of FF, I still find it funny that a few people who came back after the mass unbanning were suddenly not as good with EAC running. Almost like they had been cheating in the first place and stopped when they came back cos they knew no one would believe their protestations of innocence if another anti-cheat got them. Willing to bet that 90% of FF bans were legit in spite of how badly the system was mis-used by Tiggs & Co.


Anyway, mindless and probably slightly contradictory ramble over. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and Santa brought you all a Firebomb.

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On 12/21/2021 at 3:00 AM, owzzy said:

This man is high on the drug called 'APB'.

highly contagious 😷

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