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Cruel Account Ban

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Hello Dear APB Community.

I'm coming here led by frustatrion and desperation.


Maybe someone of You had the same Issue and has been banned aswell for the reason of a payment reversal?

In 2016 when the game was kinda alive I loved to play it.

When I went to the Army I got more and more Inactive so I stopped playing back in the days at some point.

A friend has told me somewhat in 2017 or 2018 that his Account has been suspended and that I should check mine aswell.


I didn't really care in first point, because I wasn't playing the game anymore.

Anyways I have checked if I could login, but I couldnt.


I have just created a new Account and had some fun playing again.

Kinda nostalgic 🙂


I still didn't want to level all contracts again so I have contacted the support about the Issue.


They have told me that there were payment reversals and that a payment has been retracted.


I answerd the support and told them that I wasn't even playing the game but they just told me that the ban will remain and that they are sorry.



I'm kinda sad about the actual happenings back then and just contacted the support again now, because my friend has been unbanned.


How can it be, that he got unbanned ( for the same issue he had been banned ) ??


The support denies to tell me what the amount of payment reversal was, because then I would simply buy out the Account.

I have spent ALOT time into the Account and have bought premium many times, also the Key to the city package with the lovely Paca Vaquero and other lovely stuff.


Maybe anyone had the same problem about a Account suspension I'm kinda curious about this.


Share your Feelings & knowledge with me.

This is the first time I'm posting here in this forum, i just found out it exists.


Please no hate, if I have done something wrong with this post just contact me about it.


Best regards, a unguilty player with hope for a unban.


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Perhaps this has something to do with the chargeback issue from a few years ago (2017?). People were getting their accounts permanently suspended due chargebacks. 

Here's the original message players who used the promo code received from G1 at time: 


"APB Reloaded Account Chargeback

Dear APB Player,

We are contacting you regarding your purchase of an APB code through Steam.

Our records indicate that Steam purchases for Key for the City Pack were made for this account. However, the account holder disputed these payments with Steam. This means they indicated to Steam that they did not make or authorize the purchases. Hence the GamersFirst account associated with these purchases has been suspended until the status of any disputed payments has been resolved.

As a one-time exception, we are allowing you to resolve the issue and pay back the funds that were charged back at a 50% discount. The original chargeback amount for the Key to the City Pack Steam code was for $79.99. We are allowing you to regain access to your account once you have resolved the payment issue.

In order to unblock your GamersFirst account, please follow the instructions below to pay back the funds to us:

1) Create a new G1 account
2) Purchase $40 USD worth of G1 credits using prepaid card, such as Paysafecard or Karma Koin
3) Submit a ticket through our Customer Support and include your new G1 account information as well as blocked account information

Once we confirm the G1 credits on the new account, we will remove the credits from the account as payment and unblock this account for resolving the matter.

Kindest Regards,
APB Team"


I do not know if this is the cause of your account suspension and whether you will be able to use this information in order to somehow retrieve your account, but I thought to post it anyway. I hope you will eventually manage to get your characters back and enjoy your San Paro adventures once more. Good luck~


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