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Join <gg n00bs>, make money.

I'm recruiting criminals for end-game progression and raiding who meet any of the following requirements:


  • 15,000+ Kills
  • R195+
  • 10:00:00+ District Time
  • Thinks percs and kevlar are garbage and that they should be unusable after R195
  • Thinks remote detonator is garbage and that it should simply be removed from the game
  • Knows that Beacon is the best Fight Club map and that we all need it back very badly
  • Is a Pure Pwnage fan and/or hates cheating n00bs.


Whisper Janah in-game if you're interested.


I will teach you about the game if you want to learn. I have a main on both factions with only a few alts.

My main enforcer has Cop 15 and is around R220+. (Know your enemy!)

I have never cheated in an online multiplayer game against other players, ever.

I have never been banned in my entire lifetime on Steam since 2004, ever.

I have played APB Reloaded since Open Beta in Q1-2011 and have never been banned for anything, ever.

I have called out many closet cheaters and predicted their bans before they happened. Trust me when I say that I know my shit.

I have also purchased 90% of the ARMAS Marketplace account-wide in support of this game for a very special time exactly like this one. Trust me when I say that I got your back.


Thanks for reading, comments will be ignored if I can't lock this thread because I work a lot and generally dislike forums.

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