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11/21 Beta Feedback

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10 hours ago, Krapler said:

the current state of the new engine is equal to zero.

Unfortunately this is about the same as I feel after playing the beta.


Forget consoles... Get the RTW build, start where G1 did and make it better.

The kick patootie PC only game with mega-bloom, tracers and high responsiveness on a 3GHz CPU with a GTX 460 that it was destined to be.

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First off performance wise this felt like a minor improvement over test #3, that of course is anecdotal I may have simply found a 'sweet spot' with my graphics... but, high with a few unimportant LOD tweaked down gave me, not great, but acceptable performance in Financial, and a bit of an increase in Waterfront, at least over Open Test #3. Unfortunately the server performance issues were really frustrating during the Saturday test, but hopefully those issues can be worked out soon

(side note, audio is still completely off for vehicles, sounding like it's lagging meters behind the car as you drive; was hoping that would have been one of the "assorted audio problems" that were addressed, but maybe next time)


I'll forgo repeating all the feedback given last time and just zone in on one aspect; the world lighting is too contrasted, it's too harsh in many many places, such as the designer. It muddles colours, especially dark ones

I'm not sure if this is an artistic or a technical area, because it simply seems like the lighting intensity is cranked to 200% of what it should be, and this isn't intentional artistically. The edge of direct world lighting in districts looks great, but directly under looks way overexposed, could just be me, idk.

I appreciate LO's work so far, and hope for quick easy work to get 2.1 finished ❤️

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