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Music Studio Update

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Music Studio

I am hoping that there are plans to allow more in the music studio. It feels extremely limited to be only able to make short 1-2 minute songs which sometimes it just isn't enough.
- More length to songs

If the length of the song were able to be extended we would also need to be able to make more than 6x9 patterns to fit a larger song. I find a lot of the time I am running out of space when I try to use 3-4 different sounds in a song even if the length of the song is so short, especially if the patterns don't repeat themselves often enough.
- More rows and columns for different sounds


Sometimes instruments which you'd think could have a higher frequencies or octaves (not great at musician lingo) get capped out and it can mess up a song. A quick example being (not limited to)
8-Bit 25 Pulse only going so high but in reality could go much higher.

Basically what I'm asking for is more customization opportunities for the Music Studio. I know a lot of people would be happy with an update!

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No offence but a turn on/off tickbox in menu would be nice to go along with it. Not everybody is keen on listening to other peoples tunes or tunes in general.

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