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Halloween Mayhem: Looks That Kill (Style/Fashion) Submissions

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Welcome to Halloween Mayhem!


This thread is strictly for Looks That Kill category submissions.


For information on the contest such as prizes, click here.


This category is all about style and fashion.

You will be submitting a Halloween themed outfit, but whether you design something classy, casual, or varsity, it’s all game!


There’s a style for everyone.


As body modifications can't be included in the clothing presets that make it to the JT Store, we ask that you make clothing your main focus.


Please place design emphasis on clothing.


Please submit one post per outfit.



Reply to this thread with pictures of your character. (front and back)

Include your in-game character name and server for each submission.



The outfit must be made by you.

Winning entries must have everything equipped on their characters to export properly. Please make sure you keep your designs, and leave them on if possible after submission.

Please do not use any copyrighted material except from APB or it’s lore. Outfits containing copyrighted material cannot be added to the JT store.

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I'm Anaiis and I'm here to submit my Halloween Mayhem outfit!

I've been playing for a long time and the thing I love to do most in APB is designing clothes in Social.


This is on my secondary character, Siiana on Citadel!


Happy Halloween!


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Second hand "Tiger's Training" Outfit. Worn once.



Character: UndeadGuy

Server: Citadel

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Previously owned "Born Dead" outfit. Recommend clean before use.



Character: UndeadGuy

Server: Citadel

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