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Social District down for 2+ days

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So I've been trying to get into social for 2 days. Yesterday around 9 pm central time it wasn't working and still down when I was done with Financial a few hours later around 11:30 pm - midnight. Today at 8:15 PM central time it's down again. US Server. Also it was a few weeks ago I signed in at night and it wasn't working. This was Past midnight when I got off work.


I bought some G1C and then the body mods for my Nulander Kurai but I haven't been able to put them on because of that main district being down. In game asking current players they last saw the district up 4 days ago.


Do we need to open a support ticket every-time it goes down or is there a more direct way of just sending a ping about "hay, server's down."

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