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yea i know you don't care but lets go. so reloading in this game is awful iv'e seen things here that just confuse me. like 1 why on some guns do i hold the bolt and rock it back and forth thats not charging the gun thats doing nothing. can we please change this. and why do we reload so slow even without extend mag? i understand combat and all but it feels like it takes me fuck all forever to get one mag out one mag in rock the handle and get the gun ready again. im not in a firing range im in a battle i don't need to be fucking about. one thing that bothers me too is the VBR why does it get a chambered round? most semi-auto guns can do that infact why not give us two reloads because if i reload when my mag is 2/30 then i put a new mag in use the charging hanlde all i'm doing is spitting out a live round. so why not let all guns that can have a chambered round in them for a faster reload + 1 extra bullet that would help keep pace in battle  and it gives you a chance to redo the vbrs mod into something more useful rather then a sr15 but it has a bit more ammo and is slightly less mobile.

ALSO why dont we use speed loaders? only reason no one wants to use show revolvers is the fact you load them one at a time. 

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forgot something

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6 hours ago, ReaperTheButcher said:

VBR is NOT sr15.

it functions like one but it's worse.

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