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Tricks of the trade (Making sharper symbols and more)

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I'm posting stuff I've learned from making symbols here I'll update this every now and then for now here's this.



1 -  To make your symbols a bit "sharper/cleaner" you can put "background sqaures" on the edge of your symbol to make the edges sharper instead of having "rounded corners" and weird stretchyness here's how and what it looks like,


Notice how the bottom and top of the "pale pink square" has rounded corners and a soft edge instead of a sharp square




Now we add these "orange squares" to the top and bottom covering over the soft edges and rounded corners to make the rectangle alot sharper



Now we changed the orange squares to match the background color you'll notice the pale pink rectangle is Now Sharper This is how you can make all your symbols (doesn't have to be a rectangle of course you can use the "mask" filter to outline symbols soft edges to make them sharper) alot sharper if your making something like a badge or a company/brand logo.




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