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8/1 Beta Feedback

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after 50 minutes of gameplay;


+looks much better.

+detailed options menu in-game.

+hit registration is on point.

+time cycles are a sweet touch.

+movements are much more responsive.




-low performance at this point. the live game runs much better for me. needs tons more optimization obviously.

-lots of bugs in the game menus. can barely change any options and some options don't affect the game after changing.

-low component utilization at around 50% cpu and 30% gpu.

-runs very glitchy and stuttery.

-for some reason I couldn't disable vsync in fullscreen mode but it got disabled when I switched to windowed mode.

-no borderless windowed option.


my specs:

i7 9700k

rtx 2070 super gaming 8gb

16gb ddr4 ram

game installed on hdd, os running on ssd. didn't bother to try it out on my sdd as i previously tried to run live game on the ssd which showed no difference.

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42 minutes ago, Cats0n said:

wont let me log into the game and i check it at the web site with the same login user and password and it on the web but in game cant go in can we guys have a look ?


Limited test window is over for now. So that makes perfect sense

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I was getting lower performance then i get in today's version of APB


CPU: i9-9900k

GPU: nvidia 1080 gtx


the textures looked alot better on the characters but I was crashing and getting lower fps than i get on the normal version. On the normal APB im getting 145 locked in every district but in social i was dropping to 100 fps and the fps was not stable. 


I liked the menu changes and also the gui changes. not a fan of the new font but im biased towards the old/current APB font style. I liked that you can see all the roles from past events (v-day, snowball event, easter events) on the roles and achievements tab.


Don't like the new full screen since you cant minimize the game and being able to minimize apb is important for me.


I'm curious as to what the audio option for higher quality sound is and how it works. I'm also curious about the 120hz and 144hz settings in video options, does this cap your fps to match your refresh rate or what?

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Okay, so I got about 90 minutes of test time on the BETA, here my thoughts:

First my specs:
GTX 1060 6GB
AMD FX-8370E 8core
16 GB ram
64bit win 10
(Installed on HDD, OS on SSD)

-For some reason, after installing, the "Multi-GPU support" option was enabled, which caused my FPS to drop well below 40 FPS during gameplay, and would drop my FPS down to 0 when in editors, like clothing, body, or car editor (Side note, I only have one GPU, so I can see, why multi-GPU support would cause issues)
-Smooth FPS was also by default enabled, disabling, would let the game run at 100-120 FPS with occasional dips to about 50, especially in fighting districts.
-After disabling Multi GPU, the performance in the editors was still not great (30-40 fps max, occasional dips to 15 FPS)
-I had one crash during the entire time, which was caused by a sudden inexplicable spike in GPU usage, that caused an immediate CTD (although multi GPU was still enabled at that point)
-Compared to live the game ran extremely well. The micro stuttering and freezes, I have constantly in live, were completely gone, and I was usually well above 60 fps, which the live version rarely manages to achieve. (ngl, this is what makes me most hyped about this, finally being able to play the game without constantly dying to tech issues)

-There were a lot of freezes and FPS drops in interfaces and menus
-Please reintroduce the windowed fullscreen option

-The gameplay felt like it was greatly improved. Obviously due to the performance improvements. But also the weapon handling, was far more responsive, than that of the live game.
-Tracers are just so great to have, and improve the gameplay massively
-Car handling still felt extremely wonky, but that may be due to me being an EU player, and the tests running on NA servers (I couldnt check ping anywhere though but aside the cars, the gameplay felt extremely responsive and lag free, despite it being NA servers)

-The game obviously looks quite a lot better, however, the gloss on a lot of materials needs to be dialed back a bit, or the dynamic lights, need to be softer.
As it stands, skin looks too glossy, especially in the dynamically lit rooms in social, same goes with several pieces of clothing, that seem excessively glossy in that light.
In the normal skybox, especially in Asylum, the materials looked fine however.
-I could not make out a real difference in applied Symbols resolutions, although I didnt have the time to try and redo a symbol and apply it again, so the lack of resolution may be caused by the porting over.
-Aside that dont have much to say, it looks quite a lot better, not UE4 level, but definitely a huge step up.

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