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8/1 Beta Feedback

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the lack of a borderless window mode like we have on live is frustrating and i would like to see something like that available on 2.1, alt tabbing to use other monitors sucks

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RTX 2070 Super.

32gb ram.


Social: Locked hitting max cap 138fps.

Asylum: Stable 100fps.


Overview: In my personal opinion live somehow handles better than the beta in terms of raw fps however beta has almost no stutters.


The graphics in beta are definitely an upgrade however they look like someone set the contrast slider to "+99999". If we could head into the direction of just upgrading the resolution/material/quality of the textures instead having a massive contrast that would be nice.


Font needs to go but that was addressed. Apart from that, in a nut shell, can't play more than 30min without my eyes wanting to pop themselves which results in me having to bleach my eyes.


P.S nice to see that when customising outfits the equip time is instant now. Nice one


TLDR: too much shit on screen, please make it soft for eyes.


Edit: bring back black bars on low res!


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bring back black bars!

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i will just leave that here


Minimal settings then i change to high (while still staying ingame) after that i reset game and go to social

i just repost other things to make sure it will get fixed 🙂



this time game somehow not spawns UI and HUD i go into anither window while game was loading into district


how game performed on my pc on high preset standing still on social

logs from today also with crash visible on video

password to archive: apb


hope it will help


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It was alright!

Did not lag too much but in pvp fps dropped from 100(lock) to 70-80fps 

The black colours got some problem with no out line soo its looks like a black void* 


But it could be background light what was not really setupped idk.

unknown.png  Some why here its different 



Over all

Other than that issue it was good, i did not really experienced major crashes or fps lags

but i did suffer from 120*ms ping Na and Eu its a bit far isn't it?!

Weapon blancing and other stuff later i guess....


Pc spec:


Vid: GTX 1080 ti poseidon 

Proc: Intel(R) Core(TM) I9-9900K CPU 3.60GHz

Ram : 32,0GB



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CPU: Ryzen 1600
GPU: RX 580
Before reading be aware of the fact that I haven't played the game for 2-3 years, only followed progress online, although last time I played for a few weeks was with the current CPU and GPU.
I unfortunately had the wrong resolution and noticed the issue in the last 20-30 minutes of gameplay, by wrong resolution I mean it was set to 1080p native resolution but 50Hz refresh rate (monitor has freesync at 72Hz max). I don't know why the default option was at 50Hz but I wonder if anyone else had the same setting by default. After correcting this option the game ran much better with less stuttering and more fluid gameplay than previous version of the game. However in full abbington districts there were frequent and significant fps dips from averaging 60-72fps (V-Sync enabled) down to 30-40fps breaking the fluid gameplay. I would like to say that before playing with higher fps the game was still not appearing smooth due to stuttering, in this test stuttering happened only when fps dips occured.
On the aspect of graphical improvements I am glad that lighting sources actually iluminate the surfaces they are directed unto, it gives the game a sense of space where objects are connected within it. It may be stupid but the way I largely played in the past was to use minimal graphics with no bloom and high contrast in order to reduce stuttering. This was not the only improvement, my character's outfit and vehicle decals seemed to be more clear.
During this beta test my game did not crash and there were no log in issues for me, on the last beta I was unable to log in.
All in all I am happy to be able to experience first hand the progress of the engine update and I belive if the fps dips issues are resolved the gameplay experience will be much improved.
Thank you Litlle Orbit for bringing this engine update closer to reality.

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Today was the first time I had the pleasure of playing on the new BETA, and as a player that has been playing APB for more than 6 years now, I LOVED IT!

We all know it is a little far from perfect, but it brights my eyes to see where this is going, I'm so bored of current APB and this new engine turns it more interesting and fun to play.

For me I wouldn't care if this BETA was released already as a replacement for the current version. I'm so bored on the old version that even with the many problems the BETA has, I still love it much much much more than the current APB(i know most people don't feel like that). 


About the problems I had:

- I really expected more of performance, I had huge FPS drops(from 100 to 40~50) and the max FPS didn't get to the max FPS I get nowadays in the current APB(even on minimal settings);

- PLEASE REMOVE the blur scenario we see when we get damage, I really lost many gun fights because I couldn't aim anymore, the screen gets so distorted. Please remove this, this is the worst thing I have ever seen on a fast paced game like APB, we need clear and smooth view of the screen to have a good aim and precision;

- Please add something where we can see the ping since this information was removed from the /fps command, it is crucial for us that play in South America to watch our ping and see if we are having some connection/route problem;


My message for you LO:

Thanks so much for the work you are doing with APB, Little Orbit!

I love this game so much since the first time I played it(2013), I cannot wait to see this new engine as the official one.

There is a lot of negativity on the APB community, there have always been. Try not to focus on the many complaints you see, but in the complements many people are giving, the ones who truly love and care about this game and understand that this is a huge advance. We care about it.



My setup:

i7 9700f 3.00GHz

RX 5500 XT 8GB

16GB RAM HyperX 2333mhz

SSD M2 Corsair 480GB

Windows 10 Pro 1909

Played on 1920x1080 144hz and 1280x720p 144hz

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gtx 1080

i7 6700

16gb ram


Had good max 144fps but many many insane stutters, freezes and framedrops, also lags/desync sometimes
GM said stutters and freezes came from baking players who joined the district

But when I had no lags the game felt actually smoother than live while spinning my camera



  • hitreg not properly working
  • missing hitmarkers

tested above with an oscar, so it was easy to track

e.g. i shot 4 times, got only 3 hitmarkers but the enemy died
or I shot my whole mag and i get like a measly 24 assist, really bad hitreg sometimes

  • need an option to disable tracers, i personally find them confusing
  • would be nice to be able to choose between alternative building/wall textures that look more like live version (maybe too much effort tho)

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win 10 pro 1903
i7 3770k
Gtx 680 SOC / driver version: 432.00
DDR3 16Gb 1866MHz
SSD Samsung 860 EVO

I would like to start with appearance of updated districts. First of all, I noticed changes in textures, especially their complete replacement. Finally, spec and normal map is working as it should and it look cool, but the problem is that textures in social district are oversaturated and wear out my eyes (i accept, that i can change saturation easily in nvidia panel, but anyway). Also were added new models and welded lonely vertexes! 😃.s APB has really changed for the better. Цhat surprised and fascinated me the most was char's reflections and new shaders.
The worst thing was also with textures and shaders,but in another way. I tried playing with ulta / very-high / high / medium and custom settings with disabled shaders and what i got:
- average idle: 85-100
- average in a fight: 50-70
- average: 80
very-high and high:
- average idle: 85-100
- average in a fight: 60-75
- average: 80
medium and custom:
- average idle: 60
- average in a fight: ???
- average: 35 (because almost every 5 seconds fps dropped from 100 to 15-20)
Anyway, playing with 70 on average aren't good at all, so as soon as it releases i ll drop setting to medium. I almost forgot, bloom seemed very strange to me, too. I think, that you should add changing the amount of particles like in advanced launcher.

If you look at the overall picture, the game improvements are noticeable immediately. This is no longer a 2010 game with rough graphics. The picture is very attractive and juicy, but for some reason it still seems raw and simple. I would like to give a separate word to vegetation - it is not beautiful at all. Different strokes for different folks, but the reflection on the character is exaggerated, so this is a problem of spec map's setting i guess. Tracers are good thing, but they are too thick i guess and, by the way, why you have made them? It's not world of tanks or smth else, they should be white i guess. If  you added them for large-caliber rifles, I would understand.


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Hello there.
I had the opportunity to run the beta at max settings sitting around 100 FPS.
Overall the game is not smooth at all, sometimes it freezes, also looks like you are playing at 30 FPS.
The aim looks heavy and it is for sure not the best aiming experience, I tried to use the same configurations I use on live version and it is almost impossible to have a good experience in terms of combat.
There's a huge improvement in terms of lighting, textures looks kinda smiliar to the current one, but nothing to worry about.
I'm glad to have some stuffs back, such like bullet tracing.
There's still a lot to be improved special in terms of performance a high end computer should run it perfectly, the current graphics are not an execuse for something like this.
I hope to see a huge improvement in the next open beta.

The new game version should not be only focus about support and graphics, nowadays this type of combat experience with huge jumps and others ridiculous things are not flashy.

Keep it up Matt and team you are doing well.



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First of all, I enjoyed the beta and very happy to finally test it, but my impressions were a little overshadowed by the performance, I have an i5 7600k, 16gb DDR4, 1060(6gb) on live I maybe 80-120fps with the obvious stutters. On the beta I got about 70-75fps, with dips down to maybe 40, pretty much any engagement felt bad with the fps I was getting. The graphics settings ingame hardly affected anything but possibly severity of the fps dips. Not that live feels great or anything. I'm only worried about performance I saw today because it causes me to be concerned that it can be improved enough to feel nice and smooth.

Other things; Zero crashes, so that's good. Server spikes, that were drastic enough to cause several second desyncs. Car designer oddly seemed to be acting like it was capped to 30fps at times.


I wish I had more to say that was helpful, I'll update if I think of anything ;( 

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since ppl are posting specs I guess I'll do the same.

CPU: ryzen 9 3900x 4.5ghz

GPU: geforce gtx 1070

RAM: 16 gb 3200mhz

SSD: 256 gb m.2 nvme

RES: native is 1920x1080(144hz) ran it at 1280x1024(144hz)


Ran it at minimal preset also it seems I can't run a custom res with a .ini file edit, health hud is busted when running non-native res apparently which is a huge issue since most apb players currently aren't running there native res. I got drops below 100 fps in asylum and stuttering every minute or so didn't get massive slow downs like last beta but it is stuttering worse than live and I'm having worse drops than live. That being said I don't run minimal preset live but something close also run live at 1024x1024 but again I shouldn't even see a drop below 144fps on minimal if the upgrade is to be successful other wise those 8 years were worthless. 

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-I only crashed Twice.  Once when going to Asylum from Social, and the other when I was kicked from Social when the server were going down.  Seems to be a problem with leaving Social.





-Over all lower average framerate, but no stutters at all.  Sat at around ~50-60


-Pressing the Pause/Break key (bound to screenshot) caused massive frame drops for the next ~30 seconds


  --Car Horns--  


-Most of the car horns have incorrect looping points or the loop doesn't blend properly


-Moirai horn doesn't have reverb so it's just an instant cutoff


-Horns just cut off instead of having very short fadeout like on Live.  I believe this happens with every car that doesn't share the Vegas' horn.




-The landing animation for light-medium height falls seems to pause when you hit the ground, putting you in a weird Arms-out squat pose for a second


  --Physical Materials--  


-The basketball in Asylum is now metal (shoot it and sparks fly off)


-On the top floor in the front courtyard walkway on the west side, if you shoot the brick wall of the building  it makes a wood sound and wood chip particles fly off, but not on lower floors.


-Cars seem like they have more friction against walls than on live.  I bumped walls with my Vegas 4x4 a few times at angles that should have allowed me to grind against it, but it brought me to a dead stop




-The damage morphs appear to reset sometimes if you've been away from the car for a while (I didn't go near my fairly damaged car for a few rounds but came back and it looked new. Blowtorch took a very long time to repair it)


-Vegas can't do wheelies





-Cars float above vehicle display points


-For statue display points, the feet are in the pedestal


-Symbol projection on character heads is messed up, but Skitty confirmed that so I'm assuming LO is aware.




-Bullet impacts are way too loud, especially with shotguns


-Joker Ammo Machines need the time between phrases adjusted.  They speak way too frequently.  It's really bad when there's two side by side.


-The sensitivity from left to right ear is a bit too high.  It acts as if the sound is going directly to the ear that is facing the audio source instead of bouncing around the room the way sound actually does.


-Car engine audio does not work in certain parts of the hallways in Asylum, vehicle just goes silent but resumes when leaving that part of the hall.  Mostly seems to happen on stairs.




-Font makes it hard to read, but that's already been addressed


-If you are typing in chat, and a song in the music player ending and moving to the next track causes the game to lose focus on the chat box and you have to click on the line to resume typing.


-Same thing above happens if you try typing when you are dead in the spawn select map.  Pressing enter won't open the chat and you have to manually click on the line to continue typing.


-Opening a menu causes the spawn select map to close and display a grey screen and you are then unable to pick a spawn and have to wait for it to timeout.




-The servers seemed to be the worst part of this test.  It was very hard to play with people teleporting all the time.  I've had plenty of instances where I would walk into a room and everyone would stop shooting, start walking forward, then would all teleport behind me.  It seems as though that happened on their end too.




-Looks way better than Live in general


-Ambient Occlusion caused my framerate to dive when multiple characters were on screen, and it just looked weird.  It looked like floating shadows around the character.


-The contrast seems a bit too high.  If you're facing the opposite direction of the sun then you almost appear to be a silhouette at times.  Light should bounce off surfaces in the environment, or at least find a way to simulate it so the shadows aren't as harsh.  The contrast is way too high in Social especially.


-Thank you for getting rid of the Halloween 2014 leftover white upward ground light in Social, that shit was ugly.


-The new Social and Asylum materials look great.  The old RTW low res placeholder textures that are on live's Asylum just make the map look so unfinished.


-The new foliage looks nice


-The new skies are very pretty


-Reflections and specularity looked great compared to live


-Very happy to see tracers returned!



Thanks for the beta guys.  Despite all the little problems it was fun!

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37 minutes ago, BrandonBranderson said:

-Very happy to see tracers returned!


Thanks for the beta guys.  Despite all the little problems it was fun!

Great post, B.


Small addition to that, @LO can you guys make tracers for your own shots as well? I think it was a design choice for them to not appear from your own weapon, but they look awesome and would appreciate them being visible. Maybe an options menu on/off switch?

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i7-8700k, gtx 1070, 32gb ram


fps nice and smooth, servers twitch unstable


tracers back boiiiis


havent played in like 4 years now lol

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Ok I know I'm a little late, but here are some of the issues I noticed when playing today's beta. But first here are my specs 


i7-7700k @4.9ghz

SODIMM DDR4 ram(yes it's a desktop)

Z270 carbon pro MSI

4K 60FPS HDR Screen


So upon entering the district I noticed that my Pikachu coursor that is usually yellow seemed to be black and white. Upon inspection it looked as though it was a grey replacing the yellow instead of white. This issue never went away wether I tried windowed or full screen.


My second issue I noticed which I feel is a real annoyance that should be fixed before live is the chat. When you type in any chat via / enter or even backspace(reply) it will only let you type if your not at the spawn screen. Once you die you usually can continue typing but on the beta this doesn't seem to be the case. I noticed this when I was asking a gm something and I died before sending the message. Nothing I did(even clicking home) would let me continue typing my message. Upon spawning back into a spot I discovered I could continue typing the message as I was before I got killed.


The third thing I noticed that needs to either be fully finished or fixed is the passenger view on cars. When riding passenger in a Vegas 4x4 my view would stay the same when looking at the sides or twords the back of the vehicle, but it seemed to switch inbetween first person and third person while looking forwards.


The fourth thing I'm sure everyone has mentioned is the gates and doors, sometimes the doors appear open or gone but are still right Infront of you and you don't seek them but you need to interact to get them open.


The last thing I noticed was the colours, I believe Little Orbit should move on carefully with the colours. My reason for saying this is not because I hate the new colours, infact I love them. However this does not mean everyone will. As most of the apb community knows, you cannot edit the colours of clothing, symbols, and cars if you do not own them. As a result of the colour changes, my car that used to have a very light blue symbol on the side that matched the symbol on its good, now it looks like a dark blue with a light blue colour on the hood. I guess what you could do if possible is allow users to change between two colour grids(the old and new one) for cars and symbols not owned by them. As for my clothing I feel like the colours are a very good change!  I'd just hate to be the person who buys a car for alot of money just for the colours and the update messes up the whole look of that car.




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I'm guessing I'm too late to join? or are there still problems with logging in?


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I went in to the designer and I see that my precious, 8th-slot outfit I got from Han's death... is not there..

A prime-pillar of my existence is not in..

How could you remove that from me? Pure monstrosity




Kindly don't forget about this, thx ❤️❤️



I would call this test a success! I only crashed once and that happened because I alt-tabbed as soon as the loading-screen came up. This can happen in a lot of games, not just APB, so I can argue that I objectively didn't crash at all.


My fps averaged at the 101 fps-cap (since I am on a 60hz monitor) at max graphics 1080p. Loading times were great even though I didn't install the ß-client on my SSD. That's really assuring for me


There were massive server-hiccups across the board for everyone, but those will get fixed eventually for sure


I'm quite pleased, looking forward to the next test!



- Overclocked 8700k (4.7 Ghz)


- 16 GB DDR4 @ 3000mhz

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Specs (hope I got these right, I'm just copying what my PC says):

CPU: i5-6500 @ 3.20 GHz

GPU: Radeon RX 480 Graphics


Mostly played on Medium or Low quality settings. Kudos for making them actually look pretty alright. (Aside from that one time when I switched to Minimal and had literally no shadows anywhere as if the game was a Source engine map put into mat_fullbright 1. Is that intended?)


My experience with the beta was... interesting. I've spent first 15 minutes of it trying to get around a pesky bug that I don't know where it came from. In old APB I occasionally have that thing where I get massive drops in FPS for 1 second every ~8 seconds if in that session I've switched characters or resolutions too often - but in the beta that kept happening from the get go, even without changing the resolution. I don't know what I did to fix it, but after switching quality settings it eventually worked and I could play without FPS drops.


Once I got into actual gameplay, I got struck by the usual downfalls of APB's UI - 120 FPS when standing at the edge of the map looking at the ocean, ~55 FPS when looking back at the Asylum itself and all the nicknames moving around. In combat my FPS would dip below 60, but never below 30. I could barely kill people in a populated instance for some reason, so I switched to a less-populated one just to mess around and look at the map - and my framerate improved.

Social was miserable though - if I recall correctly, I was at 45 FPS with dips to 30 due to all the players moving around and generally messing around with their characters and such.


No real complaints from me though. I understand that this is a beta, so the original product will hopefully iron these kinks out.


Speaking of kinks in the design, here's a few problems I've noticed:

- Switching quality settings too many times within one session yielded rainbow grass.



- Also this weird lighting on the building for some reason?



- I don't have a picture of this, but ceramic tiles in the big room with a staircase, east of the Chapel, were reflecting an odd shade of blue.

- Similarly, no picture, but the east side container in front of the Asylum had its walls be transparent when I changed quality settings too many times. At this point I'm not even sure if this is an error of the game or of my PC's components dying (since I've heard that a dying GPU can produce wonky results).


- I think I've seen this stuff on pictures of Hiroshima after the nuclear bombs dropped, where people's shadows got burned into surrounding buildings. Seriously, how is Pagan even casting this "shadow"?



- Sloped surfaces, like the dirt hills on the east edge of Asylum, weren't slopes. My camera and my movement were jittery when moving up these slopes.


So yeah, that's what I've been able to find. Sorry I couldn't find more stuff.

Looking forward to future developments though!

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My character loaded in with some serious weight problems, looked like it starved for months. 

A quick fix to that was just hopping into the character editor booth and squiggling around the pointer, then leaving the booth.

Though the character really wanted to turn back to its true skeletal form, and on successive relogs it went back to 25kg of body mass, but it was to no avail, because i set it back to normal every time. 


The game looks... Okay again? The colors and textures make you feel like you're playing a 2010 xbox 360 shooter. 


Oh, right. 


It certainly runs fine. But I didn't see a big difference compared to Live. 


I've noticed the Master audio slider also works differently, not only the mouse sens. On Live i keep it around 0.15, while on Beta I had to set it to 0.5 to achieve the same volume.


There's still no "hold crouch" in-game setting, among other things. 


Overall a great job. Looks good, runs good (on my hardware: 5700xt, 16gb ram, r5 3600. Around 110 fps, high setting on asylum, didn't drop past 60 I'm pretty sure)


And now, I will, again, reiterate. 

The whole ui begs for a redesign. Why does it have to be blocky? It's not a techy universe set 200 years in the future from now. It's a chaotic street gang game. The elements on screen should help to convince the player that it's actually a thug war game. 


Again about design, bring some UI elements closer to the center or bottom of the screen, where less action takes place and it should not be too intrusive either. For example, ability timers, ammo counters.

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I think the details added to outfits and buildings and such have been great but I think you've all probably taken the one charm from the game. While fixing the lighting all you've done is diluted the colors to almost nothing. All it was is white lighting splotches and it lost the one character APB had to it which is color. Which had warm lighting, yellows, reds, blues instead of just white
Designs are surrounded by this game and to see how it could look in the future is kinda sad. Playing this game for 7-8 years and it doesn't look like a fix to me at all.

I understand trying to make the game more realistic and add texture but I feel like there is definitely different ways to go about it lighting wise and configuration wise.

Like many people have said I think the text should stay as it was as well, the new one just doesn't do it
As well as the original UI should stay.

Look foward to the next one


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CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x Eight-Core Processor

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

RAM: 16 GB


The game ran relatively smoothly at 60 fps, with the game sometimes dropping down to 30 fps (Never below). The server seemed to be a little bit unstable as the game lagged for not only for me, but seemingly for others as well. 

Upon entering the spawn screen, it seemed to block the ability to use the chat while also making the whole pulling up the scoreboard a bit delayed.

Audio was very low, making things very difficult to hear anything.


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CPU: R7 3800X

GPU: RTX 2080 TI

Res: 2560 x 1440

Ram: 16 GB @ DDR4 3466 CL14


I sat around 95 - 110 fps throughout a few matches. Sadly the servers where qutie laggy. You should think about adding back in the network latency in /fps. All in all, for asylum I would say this is quite an improvement to live in performance while looking much better... The freezes seem to be gone and the game feels much smoother. Also I would expect more FPS. My hardware is not fully untilized by the game either. So there's definitly more bottlenecks in the engine to address in the future.


Tracers might make a good appearence back into the game.

Edited by striker891

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GTX 970


Overall lighted the graphics bump, but the performance issues def need to be taken a look at. I was able to play the game well after messing with the graphical settings enough so I stopped getting constant frame stutters. After that noticed the game ran slightly worse than live (lower FPS, still has in fight stutters that happen as soon as you get shot). I think once you guys get the framerate fixed with a large amount of players you're golden.

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i5 7600K 4.5GHz
16GB DDR4-2666
GTX 1070


Fps were about 80-100


The servers couldn't handle the stress test when a lot of players were online. Also disconnected 3x at the begining (idk why)


Even when playing on minimal i noticed fps dropping and the game being choppy


When at night the light bulbs glow were too strong


One thing really disappointed me, noticed a lot of stutters when i tried to play from HDD. Then when i copied the game to an SSD it went away

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wont let me log into the game and i check it at the web site with the same login user and password and it on the web but in game cant go in can we guys have a look ?




My computer config:


i5 6600 3.30Ghz

Ram - 16G 

GTX 1060 6G

Windows 10 

Screen Asus 144hz 4k 



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