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8/1 Beta Feedback

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My character looks like this in the editor, as it's supposed to...

But then in the game world it looks like this...

Also, female characters still use male idle animations, giving that bulky shoulder look to all female characters.


Changing outfits fixes this.

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Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 cpu's)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti
32 768 MB ram
Windows 10
resolution 2560 - 1440

in game:
(was running the game maxed out, everything as high as possible and very far view if possible)
Vsync, bloom, anti alliasing and smooth frame rate were turned off, was running the game on full screen

I experencied a stabile FPS arround 100 , when doing alot of things it dropped to 90
i was experiencing lagg but this was because the server is located in NA and i live in Belgium.
performance wise i experienced no issues. 

My personal opinion:

just .. wauw: i really like what u have done with the graphics, ofcourse it requires some tweeking but i am very pleased.
My character looked good, the outfit looked ALOT better than in base game, 

The enviroment really good, in social i have a full feeling, due to the plants and trees the area feels more dense.
the gameplay (in fight club) felt smooth no issues there
i drove the car arround and felt really good, i am also very impressed with how the cars look now.

i had a few issues though.

The cars in the showroom seem to have the modern technology of hoovercrafts
when i entered character costumization to take a more detailed look i found that all in all the character looked good, only the facial hair was a bit dissapointing.
Added to that when i left character costumization my character turned into a person with the stature of mr bean. .. i fixed this by relogging

Social district looks awesome, but fight club looks a bit outdated now, i hope that u either rebuild this map or just remove it and replace it.
Same comment goes for start up screen, where u log in, it looks outdated, due to the fact that the rest of the game looks so good.


Succesfull beta test, i am impressed with what you have done and look forward to the next beta test, and release, i am actually bummed out i have to go back to regular APB haha.
Keep up the good work,  It might be slow progress that u are making, but in my opinion it is paying of its fruits 😛

I have put a few pictures in, so u can see how the game looked for me, + 2 of the issues i had (the floating cars, and the outdated view of abbington)

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my review about beta...


lighting is so bad and dark.

colors are so dark.

bad bloom.

bad texture quality and bad textures for asylum.

fps drops and low fps on gtx 1080 + 8700K ( 1080P)

u have to restart client for every single graphic change.

so many crashes.

no good antialiasing.atleast add TAA .

bad font.its so bold.

sometimes setting not saves.


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Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771K CPU @ 3.50GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

16 gig ddr3 2400


had between 30-60 FPS on verry high setting

wasn't a fan of the lighting in the game


for the rest i can give this version of the beta a go. but i feel like i need to get used to it first than



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runs worse than live. confirmed dead on arrival if you don't fix that.

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Intel Core i5-3470S @ 3.10GHz 3.80GHz

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050

Windows 10

12GB Ram

Tried both 1920x1080 and 1366x768(Native)


The new graphics look amazing, y really loved how the game looks now. There are some issues I noticed, like weird lighting in some specific areas (The shadows cast by those yellow reflectors appear and disappear instantly when you walk under their light).

My only real complain is performance. I was a little dissapointed, given that I didn't expect the game to run actually worse than live.

 The game sutters a lot for me when loading player models. Couldn't get past 30-35fps in crowded areas in social district, sometimes stuttering down to 10fps.

In gunfights the framerate drops a lot too. Overall my framerate was really low and unstable (from 20 to 55 fps), compared to the 60-75fps i have right now in live.

I tried various settings, but lowering the graphics didn't make that much of a difference. The stuttering and frame drops still happened during gunfights.


The new engine looks promising, and overall really nice visually. But it still needs work performance wise.




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So I played the beta between 8pm-9pm (Berlin Time Zone), and I had a lot of framerate issues and a bug (which is visual I guess). 

The FPS was between 10-100, averaged 40 during FightClub, and on Socia, it was 50.


The In-game settings that I used:  







My PC Set-Up:

Inter Core i5-6400 CPU 2.70GHz (4 mag)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950


64 bit Windows 10

(And one HDD)

(Maybe my PC is too old I don't know)


The new Advanced Settings are great, probably one of the best new features in the game. Re-Enableing (or re-designing) the bullet traces were a good idea, making the silenced weapons (like ATAC "Watchman" or the OCA "Nano") somewhat stronger. 

With the new damaged, or low hp effect, the game becomes blury, which is not a bad idea, but it can mess up your aim, so I suggest taking it out. 

And also, Being shot by 2 guys, and killing one of them, makes it buggie for some reason. I had the effect for 1 minute long, and after I died, it dissapeared.


It only happened once though, so it wasn't a big deal.


But the FPS drop while using the firework launcher does make the game kinda laggy. Dropping almost 40-60 FPS/ shot. 

The FPS recovery time is almost instant.


(Sadly I wasn't able to capture the exact FPS number, but it's lower.)


The characer/car/symbol menus are broken. They have 2-3 FPS, and they won't increase, and high chace for crashing the game.


Also logging in turns my caracter into a stick girl. After visiting the Wardrobe, the problem fixes itself.


Well, that was my experience with the Beta. Hopefully the things I showed was somewhat helpfull.

I would like to thank all the developers, who worked on it, hopefully you'll make it even better, and when it releases, maybe I'll be able to play the game with a stabil FPS.

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i7 7700k @ 4.6ghz

GTX 1080Ti


Windows 10 Pro

1920x1080 144hz


Overall still not good. FPS still leaves us wanting more especially in a full Asylum district.


I ran Ultra settings (at 1920x1080) for the first hour and a half:

When nothing is going on - solid 144fps as you'd expect but once the district fills up and especially in fights with many people, fps dips to 80-90 (sometimes even 60-70!) which isn't acceptable for a fast paced shooter. It hinders aiming, reaction time and its overall very unpleasant to look at. Graphically it looks arguably better than Live but I really dislike the lighting and color scheme compared to live. I am generally not a fan of the new look of the game at all, I never was when I saw it first on console and I still am not. I believe that it would've been better had they kept the old look of the game (from current live) as unhindered as the engine could possibly allow for. There are also some texture issues with certain designs on characters, very likely due to some differences in how customization is handled in 2.1.


Then I tried a custom potato graphics file for about 20-30min towards the end, just to do a proper comparison:

From my experience so far, APB 2.1 runs better with potato graphics than Live with potato graphics so that is some progress. FPS definitely sees an increase while running a custom low graphics file (which keeps characters and cars in-tact of course, none of that clay shennanigans) but I still see it dip to like 90fps in bigger fights, which is again, not really acceptable in modern gaming.


In a lot of modern shooter games, you do not need to sacrifice graphics for fps and I usually don't if it isn't needed for some reason (either fps or visibility) or only change certain options for certain individual things. If you take a game like Apex Legends for example, I get solid 145fps non-stop in that game even at max graphics so I wouldn't need to sacrifice graphics for fps there. With APB this isn't the case and almost everyone who cares about playing the game in any competitive manner, will 300% seek ways to gain more fps as most of those players do not care about graphics. What needs to be kept in mind is that this is a competition-oriented shooter and as such performance, fps and removal of any and all input lag comes first above all else, as well as proper visibility. This is why particle removal configs exist for live APB in the first place (which I don't use as I still consider them to be cheating). Removing all particles from APB doesn't only increase your fps significantly across the board but it also gives you 200% better visibility through the gigantic muzzle flashes, intense overexaggerated smoke and fire from grenades and explosions etc. I think all these things need to be toned down significantly so that configs are no longer necessary for the game to be bearable, but thats a topic for another time.


I really dislike tracers, I think they are just distracting and add nothing of value to the game itself. I hope that they either become an option or are able to be disabled through a legal config change.


My Stream VOD from the 8/1 Beta

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Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-5930
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti
32 768 MB ram
Windows 10
resolution 1920:1200

Medium settings, No AAA

slide show in social

jumping 10-90fps constantly

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Ryzen 7 3700x @ 4.2GHz 1.8GHz IF Clock

GTX 1070

16GB DDR4 3600MHz Ram

Windows 10 Pro 2004

Game on stock settings for me did run like a potato around 70-90fps, meanwhile after going through and messing with the graphics settings I could get my game to run at a constant 120+fps with no dips from garbage collection. There are some real weird bugs and annoyances that I've found but I have been told they are all noted so no need for me to put them here. As I sort of expected all the high FPS numbers that I had been seeing all over the place would have been lower the more players there are in an area but I will say it wasn't as big a drop as I had thought it would've been. Also that font, please for the love of god my eyes 😞 (I know this is going to be changed but 🙏)

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Pretty constant 100 fps on very high, fast load times and most importantly alt-tabbing back in doesn't drop my frames to 20 fps (also nearly instant switch). 


Looking good so far, except for the disgustingly bold font.



+ + +


Ryzen 7 3700X

PowerColor Red Dragon Radeon RX 5700 XT

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHZ

WD Black SN750 500GB NVMe

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My internet is shit so I spent 15 hours trying to download the beta, it finished when there was only 30 minutes of the beta left, I launched the game and I crashed and after that point I gave up on life

Intel i5-7400
GTX 730

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I think the direction is great, looks a lot less cartoony xbox 360 era esque, it has a long way to go yet too, i think a texture update would serve well too.

I noticed a lot of people crying about how they're getting 70fps and how that makes game unplayable for them, i think THESE players can be ignored happily, this is APB, its not an MLG title, and i highly doubt when the Olympics adopts Esports into their system, that you will never hear any champion thanking APB for countless hours of training.


I look forward to the option to safely disable that retina melting Bloom option, and am sad to see 8x AA no longer available... looking forward to having to disable motion blur -.- ...why do game makers even put that in there? its bloody annoying, and the only time i notice screen tearing.  screen tearing... LOVE the VRR option, though i would prefer it named something more along the lines of a certain red or green teams name sakes... though i think Team Green will charge you for it... just to SAY it they'll charge you... ugh...


I don't like a lot of the bugs, but thats to be expected right?  


Ryzen 5 1500X

32GB DDR4-2666

Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti

GAMES: 6TB 3x2TB RAID 0 array (has faster throughput than NVMe SSD)





Looking forward to the much needed server performance boost as well.


PS: On a side not, it wasn't much long after i started playing APB that G1 released a patch that would allow players with lower end desktop/laptops to play better, what this actually did was nerfed the performance of anything higher end than a quad core laptop, i wonder if there's any way to undo this hinderence as the tech of back then is LITERALLY WHAT MAKES MY ALARM CLOCK, and i highly doubt anyone is still using a Phenom II era equivalent to which the patch was applied for in the first place.  So, can we remove that? or is that part of why we're just sitting on Engine Upgrade, cuz G1 really scrood the pooch with it.


Note: i literally said positive things and in 1 day got 2 dislikes, gotta love the enemies i have.  Nothing i said was dislike worthy, just disliked cuz it was me.

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CPU: AMD Ryzen 2700x 4000MHz
RAM: 2x 8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz DDR4
MB: ASUS TUF x470-Plus Gaming
OS: Windows 10 Pro x64

Western Digital 250GB Blue 3D M.2 SSD <<< for OS
Western Digital 1TB Blue 3D M.2 SSD <<< for Games

I tried it on Very High, High & Medium settings.
On Social i have 100 FPS, but it drops to 75-80.
On Asylum have 100 FPS too & drops to 60-70 normally. In combat my FPS drops to 45-50.

Nothing better for me yet.

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Ryzen 5 2600 3.4 GHz

RTX 2060

16GB DDR4-3200

Running from standard HD (probably should've put it on my SSD with the Live client, but I didn't)


I seem to have gotten less FPS than everyone else. On Very High it ran around 100, but with a lot of drops into 60s and occasionally 50s in action areas. This, coupled with the camera 'feeling' a bit different (I think this might have been perception on my part) made me feel unwell so I Vsynced it and dropped the graphics detail to High and it more or less kept 60 all the time. Sometimes I'd see 54 for a brief second.


I think the aesthetic is generally ok, I don't like it more or less than Live. The quality of character models, guns etc. seems a bit better, but that's going to vary with graphics settings. Asylum is too bright, imo, but I think that's an individual lighting choice with that map rather than something intrinsic to the engine as Breakwater Marina was fine.


Biggest problem is server lag spikes, as I'm sure you know. Even once Asylum was relatively full and only 1 or 2 joined at a time, it still had semi regular drops from 30 to 18-22. Sometimes seemingly without anyone joining/leaving.

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- Black spots / clothings are too black
- Font on enemies / teammates should be changed or be more clear

- Laggy menu for gun switching

- Cant join district with group

- Random crashes

- You are now away: Away (even with /afk, what is this suppose to mean?)

- Untextured grass near joker store


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Aight lets do this!


Ryzen 1600x

16gb 3000mhz ram

1060 6gb


So initially my performance was ranging between 45-75fps averaging around 55fps and some stutters and lag which I believe was happening when people were joining the district. Overall the average frames were lower than live I usually see about 100fps on live with settings around high.


After respawning one time i suffered a crash Reference: 2020-08-01_11.39.35.176_Client_crash


After the crash the game slowly became more steady my average wen't up to about 60fps and by the end of the beta i was averaging around 70 fps with lows of 50. I did notice when the lobby was down to 10v10 I was averaging 90 fps so possibly the frame issues was coming from processing character data? 


I'm not sure, but overall it was good to see the progress done i hope the future work can fix these issues.

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CPU: i7 7700K 4.5 GHZ

GPU: 1060 GTX 6GB

RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz


!Game settings setted to minimal!


Social District

130-144FPS stalbe after everything loaded. Some FPS drops after 5-10 mins.


Fight Club

110-144FPS depending on where you are.

Huge frame drops after every 5-10mins.

Multiple explosions on one place causing freezes.



While being in the Spawn selection (After getting killed),

pressing POS1 to open the chat or O to open the Options menu will give you just a grey screen.



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Low specs here:


os: windows 10 home 64 bit

cpu: intel i5-3570K

gpu: nvidia geforce GT 1030

ram: 8GB

resolution: 1600x900 (60hrz)

internet: 50 mb/s download speed


Overall game runs worse than live.On live i get around 100 fps(80-100)On beta 2.1 i get around 60 fps(30-60)and im feelin the drop.I tried on medium,low and minimum graphics - fps not changing at all.Cant get more than 60.Same on social.Also when enter wardrobe and every time i change item-theres some freezes goin on.Like i know im running on potato machine but its clear that game is not optimized well.Especially after i see the feedback players leave here with much better specs than mine.Also im not big fan of the look of the game now and how character looks.The sky looks nice thats for sure but overall the new lighting expose how old the game is.Loading times are way faster thats also nice.Anyway thx for the beta


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CPU: Intel i7-6700k
RAM: 32 GB DDR4 @2400
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 Ti
OS: Windows 10 x64


My FPS was great at my native 1920x1080 rendering at 144hz at max graphics, but there was a few hiccups sometimes both performance and network wise. It was awesome to see the character models seemingly uncompressed so I hope you guys choose to do it for the decals as well as no matter what I do they're pixelated and hideous. Other than the very overly dark/gloomy lighting (design choice for asylum?) the text was a bit unsightly and funky looking - too bold.


I was able to connect and didn't crash once. Even got to kill @CookiePuss which really brought the whole experience together I'd say. Great work, LO. ❤️

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7 minutes ago, EvaPooh said:

I was able to connect and didn't crash once. Even got to kill @CookiePuss which really brought the whole experience together I'd say. Great work, LO. ❤️

And people say I have no use.

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The graphics and all look okay, Had a little issue while playing it my FPS seemed quite low.

I logged in tried playing on high settings had 60~ lower fps , so i lowered the graphic settings to low. was running at 75max but i was dropping and stuttering gameplay wasn't really smooth


Intel i5 4690k @ 3.5Ghz

AMD R9 380X

16GB DDR3 1600 , 


Would like to have another experience soon maybe my computer is alittle tired ordered a new one while should arrive soon. 

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CPU: i9 9900k 5.3 GHz

GPU: RX 5700 2026 MHz
RAM: 4x 8GB Corsair Dominator Pro 3600MHz DDR4
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v2004 (latest)


It needs work, so much work, but the graphical changes looks phenomenal, really, good job there.

Let's jump into more details, but before i hope LO will make the beta in EU next time, because it was totally uplayable, not only for me but for friends i had in there and even other peoples.


- White and black looks so fake

- Lighting is broken

- Some other colours are too shiny and washed out

- Asylum roads are just shit to drive on with cars, you will end up flipping, with Any vehicle

- Problems while rendering correct details about the characters

- Vegas don't wheelie

- Something is wrong with OPGL

- Shotgun crossair needs to be changed to the original one, or at least reworked

- Bold font looks so childish and not really in the art of the game

- Really don't like the darker style in general



- Game crashes when tryign to sell anything to the contacts after pressing OK

- You can access an unnaccessible area and put the objective

- Undestructble object all over the place, even fances, small bridges and other envoriment things

- Grey screen appear sometimes, without the possibility to choose the respawn location

- Game still freezes and drop frames during swap or selecting different locations of the character details (J), for example when selecting between themes and graffiti

- Unsynced doors (known bug)

- Audio issues (known bug)

- in some places if you keep run and jumping on invisible walls you start to fly up, example in the social, in front of the yacht area

- Floating envoirment props and objects around Asylum



I would have prefered this to stay up till the next and so on, so we would be able to try out more and find more strange things and issues to solve.

See you in the next one.



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PC Specs

CPU: I5-6600


GPU: GTX 960 4GB

MOBO: Asus H110M-D D3

OS: Win10 Home


Gameplay in Fight Club  (Please note some of the things here are not entirely statistical but rather a mix of my opinion on things)

FPS: 40-80FPS when populated to capacity with frame cap unlocked

Visuals: A lot more crisp around the map, can tell some serious effort went into the texture work around the map and I can say I'm highly impressed by the visuals so far.

Gameplay review: As stated with the FPS it would occasionally drop upon going outside, I assume that's because the client has a massive load zone to cover however it becomes game breaking when someone is coming in due to the FPS advantage. I would say that should be looked at as a priority. I know fight club isn't exactly renounced for being "optimized" but so far I was thrilled to look around (and smash the opp) overall I'm greatly impressed by Little Orbit's current progress and I hope they can keep on pumping out content like this for all (or most) to enjoy.


Large amounts of explosions would cause the game to freeze but it never crashed due to it

Spawn Map after death would not show if user tabs out and back in again unless no game was in progress

Lack of ambience actually made games more tense imo



Number of crashes during total gameplay time (2 hours and 27 minutes) - 2

Possible Reason for crash NO#1

Got killed and sent to the spawn screen. The second the timer hit 0 I got sent to desktop without any hanging or softlocks. Crash Report submitted

Possible Reason for crash NO#2

Was in the vehicle customization screen for an excess of 20+ minutes. Came out of it to display my car, crashed around 30 seconds later after updating vehicle appearance



Obviously with it being a beta it still needs a lot more work but this beta has left me with hope and more answered questions than I thought that would get answered. I enjoyed my time with the beta and I hope to do so again in the (hopefully near) future. Keep it up folks, you're dong an exceptional job. 😍

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my specs (still new to pc so sorry if i do it wrong)


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

8gb ram


When I first loaded in, I had to change my settings to medium and reboot, Ultra made my game lag like crazy. After the reboot, everything was smooth. I played in Asylum for a little while, and enjoyed it. I mostly stood around though just looking at my character and the scenery. Then onto social; loved it. Definitely see major improvements with the lighting and my character looked pretty cool. 




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