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Any chance on fixing ghost shooting in the next decade?

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On 6/13/2020 at 11:23 PM, Vnight said:

Or perhaps we should be waiting for the new BLM sponsor for this to actually ever happen?

I mean its not like you haven't already downgraded us with ClownEye sponsorship, the next ridiculous job might as well be sponsored by CENSORED!


Not gonna mention anymore of this, as it might turn too dangerous for me lol.


Pfff.i think i might have been talking too much on this round, but i can't resist the temptation... waiting for my execution... please consider it guys, i'm gipsy, so think about it... i llive by my apb account, i will never be ble to recover if i ever get banned 😞

Thing is i'm not even joking, the only thing that keeps me from my chronic depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies is the least apb, but i'm close, so relax folks, im soon going to lay my card to rest, i am very tired... have been for a very long time now.

Highly doubt it i will be making it another decade, so its cool, enjoy the process i guess 🙂

Been whining about it cuz i been dealing with my sniper more ghost shoots than before today, so i kinda wondered why... assuming it might have something to do with the new clowneye, as i haven't really been dealing with it before as since its release.

Must be confusion as usual... strange enough this confusion tends to take forever as every dumb update before.

P.S Never believe a troll :))

Never share what you really think, because you will get f*cked 🙂

Is better to just stay around looking the situation from far away.

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Not speaking out about it is what is giving these terrorist groups power. Even locals governments are bending over for them. I'm hoping they're just playing along to expose the higher people in power, but I doubt they're that intelligent if they're telling police to not go after people burning down buildings and blocking access to cities. Although, I think that post was for a specific player who's name starts with Ap.


As far as ghost shots, LO did mitigate the problem with automatics. It's hard for me to intentionally trigger it now, but it still happens. I'm guessing the server only receives start shooting and stop shooting. I does not see each individual shot fired from automatic weapons.


They also fixed the reverse, shooting server sided but not shooting client sided. That was a weird bug. Your character would get locked aiming in one direction server sided and empty their magazine, while client sided you could look freely and were not shooting. It was easy to trigger by clicking slightly faster than the max rate of fire.

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