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Joker Employee Design Challenge

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20 hours ago, sicopet (joker east) said:

- snip -


so like my story is i just design shit at san paro homes.

This is some mad symbols skills 🙂

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Piper Lockhart.


(Backstory & History) - Thanks to Word2 for piecing together some of the beginning timeline.

1873 - Abington Towers founded by Isaiah Abington.
He continues to have ownership of the facility until 1912 at which point passes away due to unknown causes.
1930 - Abington Towers gets turned over to the city of San Paro.
The building remains in the hands of the city, dwindling away as years go by and time eroding the towers into a rotted wasteland.
2005 - Abington Towers gets discovered by the vanguard.
Luke Waskawi turns the facility into an Asylum.
2012 - Luke Waskawi was building up an army. That army arose from the vile place that is Asylum.
He continues to work in the shadows, plotting, and forming ideologies amongst his cult.
2019 - A new wave of people emerge from the towers under Waskawi's reign.
One of those people quickly on the rise goes by the name of Piper Lockhart.
(Present Day)
2020 - Piper Lockhart goes global.
Of the criminal faction; supplier of all things violence, criminal warfare, and overseer of Joker Distribution & Asylum.
Her ambition to run the show goes viral as Luke Waskawi grows older and needs a new generation of power to continue the legacy.
She has her hands in anything and everything you can think of relating to Joker Distribution and Asylum.


Piper Lockhart never lived a 'normal' life. Her parents were military spouses, and her being an only child in San Paro led her to fend for herself.
In the rare times her parents came home, they always brought little pieces of interesting military grade items for her to play with.
Infatuated, over time she became familiar with the military lifestyle, reading articles, tinkering with mil-spec artillery, researching the lastest technology.
That willingness to learn and her fierce attitude held power. If trouble was around, she would find it. Or would it find her?
Either way, this caused her life to always be on tilt. She found her calling in San Paro after running into Luke Waskawi.
Waskawi bumped into Lockhart at the same notorious facility for picking up all types of contraband from drugs and tech, to weaponry and automotives.
He approached Lockhart with caution, trying not to ask too many questions and keep the peace. She was looking for a FLIR camera and parts to a radar scanner.
A brief conversation went down and they exchanged details. They would talk again in a more private setting, and in a less formal manner.
Waskawi eventually introduced Lockhart to Wilde, a popular name at the front of Joker Distributions. A match made in heaven.
The chat would inevitably bring in Lockhart, doing work with Waskawi and Wilde and slowly but surely working up the trust and forming a powerful alliance.
Military background, a little bit of insanity, street smarts and presumably a constant flow of adrenaline - whatever the case was, she had it.
So much so that whatever needed to be done from Waskawi, she was on it. Smarter, faster, and more precise than any other.
Lockhart could build a sniper rifle from scratch, evade cops at all costs, pick and drop off supplies to the warehouse.

If you needed one person by your side to do the job, and do it right - Piper was the one.

That is why she emerged at the top of the villainous throne.


Semi-Cinematic shots.




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I don’t know what story can be created here, but it seems to me that the representative of Joker Corp looks exactly like that.


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some other outfits:



Eva "Adwelip" Mowrey.
Age: 25

Adwelip is since years a recrutor for an enforcer special force : BC. She was the most promising recruit and did take rank very fast due to her skill and determination. Since she is in BC, she did arrest a large number of dangerous criminals and did stop a lot of roberies. She is quite wanted by high rank criminals because of her prowess. 
Adwelip's childhood was quite normal beside the fact her father was an enforcer aswell and trained her, since her young age, at shooting and gun building / dismantling.
Nowadays, beside working for BC she is offering her services to help other Enforcers organisations and forces.

(sorry for my bad english)

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I've changed the Tatoos a little bit because i wasn't realy happy with the old ones.



I'm terrible @ 3 things:

1. English

2. Names

3. Stories

so pls don't quote me on those ^^







Kure Nobuo

Age 31

was born in Yokohama (1989), the most famous place for criminal activities in Tokyo, Japan. As he grew up he earned himself more and more respect due to his activities in drug and gun selling. In 2008 he became Tokyo's most wanted criminal and got arrested a view years later from the PSIA (Public Security Intelligence Agency) in 2011. He went to jail for 7 years and is now trying to create a new live at a new place. He has been living in many different Cities and Countries in the last 2 years and finally found a place were he can stay ... San Paro.

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14 hours ago, Goabea said:

Sure, i'll post something. You want a San Paro Citizen? Here you go, "Goabea"


Detailed photos

  Hide contents







Nothing much is really known about Goabea, he's always seen wearing a mask so no-one truly knows who he is. Granted, who he is isn't important. 
But his big claim to fame is bootlegging clothing. Remember that very nice shirt you saw on the corpse of that slaughtered Prentess Tiger? How about the shoes on that random dead G-King?
Or those super slick black jeans on that dead Blood Rose? (After all, the legs were the only thing they found of him!) He's made them all. He replicates alot of clothing from the outside. I mean the city is a Warzone with very little things coming in, aside from guns.

And don't Forget, in San Paro. It's all about how you look first and foremost. Not how you feel.




If this wins, ill donate 5k on the next LO stream

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Привет Меня зовут Артем и я из России.Я очень этого хочу win.My электронная почта для связи Snipped email for privacy ~@mayii удачи вам всем.

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So I'm thinking of participating, and the way I went about the creative process was to write a biography for my character first, and then try to create a character that would match the description of someone who had these life experiences. My assumption is that if someone provides a bio, it would be used in the game itself. (Unless I'm mistaken, that is.) If that's the case, then, uh... I may have ended up writing a biography that's 1254 words long. Is there a word/character limit on the descriptions? Should I get to cutting down some text or something? I'm pretty sure the text I've written exceeds the longest bios in the game (which, if memory serves me right, would belong to the Specialists).

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On 6/11/2020 at 8:10 PM, MurkTheMerc said:

Also, Matty my man, please add this weapon skin as a prize, like I said earlier, I'd enjoy seeing others have it. I've waited a long time again to see more events like this and hope to see more from now.

I love you man, keep being awesome.


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Comes from a military family, mother is Vietnamese father is a military officer. Since childhood, fond of everything that is associated with weapons. I decided to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors. Having entered the military academy at the age of 25, she began to build a career, but fate decreed otherwise. Because of the nibble of the two brothers, as a result of the g-kings terrorist attack in San Paro, she took up arms and left the title and her position in high society, while serving in the ranks of the tigers the prentissa and Praetorians saw a lot of different shit, after which it was decided to leave from the ranks of the CSA, however, very soon, her passion for weapons brought her to Joker industries, she knows where to get any weapons in San Paro. (i am not speaking english)





<a href="https://ibb.co/rf2r8fH"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/VpY4npT/joker-apb.png" alt="joker-apb" border="0"></a>


<a href="https://ibb.co/6nj1SF4"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/qyTW8pR/Joker-2-apb.png" alt="Joker-2-apb" border="0"></a>









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Most submissions will be old outfits and some will be new but joker themed xd

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Wait, i'm curious. Must we have access to these outfits? I'd imagine since you're going to use our characters around the store.

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I've never written a backstory before and my knowledge of apb lore is ok at best so I do apologize if I make you want to tear out your eyes halfway through this post.

                                                                               My two front and backs of my first character.






                                                                                                  Close up/name and tattoos





Sayano had a pretty normal uneventful upbringing; there is no tragic backstory or heroic familial examples that led her to become an enforcer. No, her decision to become one came from seeing the usual big names and pretty faces pop up in effigy magazine and in the media. She wanted to have those same levels of fame and fortune and she was willing to do whatever what was needed to acheieve that. 


She has tried to create a distinct appearance from her cat ears hairband to her tattoos, to stand out amongst the crowd and is willing to take on any mission, no matter the danger. Now she attempts to further progress towards that goal by hopefully becoming a Joker salesperson!
                                                                                Two front and backs of my second character





                                                                                               Close up/name and tattoos






Duclibella from a young age was exposed to the world of crime with both of her parents being active in white collar crime, quite successfully having never been caught to this very day. It allowed Dulcibella to have a very privileged upbringing and in her view, a boring one as well. Her parents wanting to end the cycle with Bella recommended that she perhaps become a lawyer, doctor, anything but a criminal but all of those things were boring to Bella.


Bella wanted something more exciting and she was prepared to achieve that goal. Having made connections with the right people already, hanging out at the popular locations gang members frequent. She was able to get started and move up through the ranks little by little, she still has a ways to go until she's a big fish but for now she doesn't mind being a small one with how often she gets to dirty her hands. Now she's applying to become a joker salesperson in hopes of spicing up her life just a little bit more.

ʰᵒᵖᵉᶠᵘˡˡʸ ⁱ ᵈⁱᵈⁿ'ᵗ ᵐᵉˢˢ ᵘᵖ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵖᵒⁱˡᵉʳˢ    ᵗʰᵉʸ ˢᵗⁱˡˡ ᵃʳᵉ ᵃ ᵐʸˢᵗᵉʳʸ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ                ⁱ ᵐᵉˢˢᵉᵈ ᵗʰᵉᵐ ᵘᵖ

unf****ing the spoilers :)

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Rachel Parker, born and raised in the Downtown of San Paro.


At a young age she started racing in Go-Karts which was funded by her dads local mechanic shop, in the same shop where she spend late hours improving her own Go-kart. This Go-kart scene lead her to the bigger fishes in racing, this is when she started building her very own super spec cisco in her dads shop with the help of her dad. after years pass by and she became quiet a big name in the whole racing scene she started her own company called " Rachel Industries'' with this company she wants to help out fellow racers to be able to improve their cars with the parts she can provide.


Rachel's outfit: 



Rachel's Cisco:


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On 6/12/2020 at 6:52 AM, Deadliest said:

Matt Scott should be one of the npc

I got you fam. 




Mattea Scott.

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Backstory: An average cop on duty on a normal day what thought to be normal turned to the worse. They got a radio call on a crime activity. Him and his partner who were buddies since childhood, arrived at the crime scene. At this moment his life was all bout to change. It was a trap from the criminals to lore them in. They brutally beat them, he barely got away with his life though for his partner, his best friend had not been so lucky. He swore vengeance to kill every last criminal. Killing them from the shadows, this is why they call him. . . Ghost. And he will not rest till he puts every single criminal 6 ft under him.

Age: Unknown

Name: Unknown

Nickname: The Ghost

Intel: Unknown 

Kills: Unknown


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So this thread is basically a Breakwater Galleria now? Ok. U won't see my terrible chars here anyway : D 

(maybe u will, but I do like reading fanfics instead writing them lmao)


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Well i entered the contest for s**ts and giggles, if I didn't win then well i enjoyed trying as best as I could to create a contact that could kind of stand out and at the same time fit in with the joker crew.


~~Who the f*#k is she?? ~~

That's Sara Slack ... yes slack.. you start making fun of that she just might knock your teeth out. 

She's a clever girl, a good tactician who knows how to create an advantage in every situation. 

In her career she's made a lot of arrest on the big and small "fish". 

One day she had Michael Simeone in her grasp but the gang came in last second before her backup and she got pinned and had to escape somehow this is the day which criminals are still confused about.. how did she get out?? 

She escaped the situation with injuries but Michael was rescued by his crew. The fact that her backup was that late and careless really pissed her off.

But because of the injuries she had to stand down in the fight, or the city might lose one of their best enforcers. So she decided to retire and is trying to get a job at Joker where she would still make a difference in the war while recovering from her injuries. 

I don't know... maybe after the recovery she might stay at the Jokers.. Who knows ; )


The end






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