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Joker Employee Design Challenge

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This is Norman Jones, aka TRex.



Norman used to work for Trexxon, as an electrician/handyman. His job mostly consisted of repairing broken lampposts. Here are some pictures from his old life:



Norman would drive around San Paro, fixing lampposts that got torn down again every five minutes, while getting shot at. This job made him increasingly grumpy, but also tough as hell.

After his 15th gunwound surgery, Norman decided he had had enough. He quit his job and started a new life as a smuggler and guntrader, working under contract from Joker. He took the streetname TRex, as his colleagues used to call him "the dinosaur", as he was the oldest member of the team. Also it serves as a reminder of his past in Trexxon.


Most recent photos:


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Name: Matthew

Age: 26

About him: Matthew grew up in a standard suburban environment with working class parents. He was really dedicated during his time in college, however that's when he bought his first car, being a huge fan racing games throughout his childhood and his great skill behind the wheel he instantly knew that he could go pro. Matthew has competed in many rally racing tournaments with his trusty Balkan Varzuga 352 E. However at his most recent event he didn't manage to cross the line due to his dipshit coordinator who can't tell his right from his left, causing the car to swerve in the wrong direction plowing into a Balkan Ravan at 15mph "gotta go fast". Since then he has always wanted get a 2nd shot, but since he can't afford another car on his own, so he gets a sponsorship with Joker Distributions, allowing him to compete in events, however having to use the Joker name as he races.




Name: Zoe

Age: 23

About him: Zoe grew up in the hostile city of San Paro where her parents deserted her as they fled. Living all alone for 3 years struggling to survive she met a mad named the Joker who hired her to help collect his weapons from his suppliers, working at the docks handling guns led her to want to try one out due to the building temptation to fire one. As she squeezed the trigger a 5.56 round flew out of the barrel shattering her co-worker's skull. She suddenly dropped to the floor screaming she didn't want this to happen, one of the workers named Wilde helped her out clearing up the mess and helped keep the incident a secret in the violent city of San Paro. Wilde the offered her a place to stay and a job selling guns to the public until she could afford a place of her own.




Just a random Joker car design, along with a possible new brand - Valley Racing. <- A rally car customs company.



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Ahh, the Prentiss Tigers. Those posh upperclass folks, you either love 'em or hate 'em. Regardless, they keep the city from crumbling if it wasn't them for lending a hand to the SPPD & SPPA.

You know - having seemingly endless amounts of wealth can do wonders. They've displayed that over the years, but it's not all bad. They put up property for business owners and local citizens.
They've donated & ran local charity events, they built a world class hotel to bring in revenue, and they keep the streets clean with a task force that aids in crime & security threats within the city.
Despite the bling and preppy lifestyle, they do well for the city. As much as you love to snicker at or about them, they put a lot of effort in, especially near the East-end Waterfront.

Denali is most definitely a Prentiss. She has the knowledge, the looks, and apparently a hefty inheritance. Word on the street is she didn't need to work a day in her life.
Denali went through college with ease, getting involved with the community as soon as possible. After college she got invited to a seminar to work as police officer for the city.
After training for months, Denali had not only become a certified San Paro police officer, but also moved on to working for a private task force doing special operations.
Part of that task force was working with Joker Distribution, a commonplace for the city to purchase cars, clothes, and anything in between - if you had the money.
Denali frequently stopped by there to check up on the latest weaponry, or the hottest new vehicle on the showroom. She was a Prentiss after all, spending money is their forte.
Having become a 'regular' there, and her outgoing personality led her to chat with some of the workers there and was even seen bringing them coffees sometimes.
She built a bond with them, and that bond led Ophelia to offer Denali a partnership with them. Sneak peeks at items to come before release, discounted rates on firearms and vehicles, and free merch.
Denali politely accepted, and in return donates to the business to help keep the place up and running. A win-win for both parties. The rest is history.

-Outfits display Prentiss apparel. 1.) Public Task Force 2.) Covert Security/Crime Operations 3.) Semi-Casual Attire

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  My top 10 picks, in no particular order.



On 6/14/2020 at 12:08 AM, KeyboardCommando said:

Comes from a military family, mother is Vietnamese father is a military officer. Since childhood, fond of everything that is associated with weapons. I decided to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors. Having entered the military academy at the age of 25, she began to build a career, but fate decreed otherwise. Because of the nibble of the two brothers, as a result of the g-kings terrorist attack in San Paro, she took up arms and left the title and her position in high society, while serving in the ranks of the tigers the prentissa and Praetorians saw a lot of different shit, after which it was decided to leave from the ranks of the CSA, however, very soon, her passion for weapons brought her to Joker industries, she knows where to get any weapons in San Paro. (i am not speaking english)










On 6/14/2020 at 7:15 PM, KeyboardCommando said:

Today, little is known about him, there are a huge number of rumors about him and his origin, seemingly an ordinary Caucasian. He was seen in different parts of the world, from Southeast Asia to the Middle East and South America. There are even rumors that Interpol is looking for him, His fortune is estimated at billions of dollars, they even say that Nekrov’s arms company belongs to him, the US Government, in particular the CIA and FBI, are actively watching him, and the conflict in San Paro has given him many opportunities, including the ability to sink to the bottom. All that is known about him is that he is called the Lord. So who is he really? (Sorry, i am not speak english)




On 6/18/2020 at 9:45 AM, PizzaNinja said:





Eilidh Irvine is known to the public as a gifted designer and a celebrity. She represents Havalynd money - an experiment of utilising entertainment and artistic gentrification as alternatives to violent repression on the neighbourhoods of San Paro. The city establishment needed an appealing and cheerful face sent down to pacify the anger of citizens after years of protracted urban warfare...





Read more:

  Reveal hidden contents

It used to be Hea Choi's job to reach out to the San Paro communities, and her protégée Irvine is about to take up the torch. Choi’s rationales of taking Irvine under her wing remains undisclosed. One could only guess that the indisputable PR queen of the city saw in the girl a raw potential, something which Choi was happy to cradle, and manipulate to serve the best interest of the corporations. Indeed, Irvine’s capability was already proven two years ago masterminding a viral urban uprising campaign of the G-Kings, where she was just a freshman at the Arts Academy. 


Irvine has learnt to combine her talents and PR tricks to make herself a name after two years of pupillage under Choi. She is famous, has her own condo, her studio, her miniseries, and even a motivational bestseller published under her name. She was happy until recently, Joker Distribution comes along and invites her to be a representative of a new product line. Irvine was reluctant. But two weeks later, without Hea Choi’s knowledge, she was referred to the marketing & sales department of Joker Distribution under Justin Teng’s executive order. From there onwards, she takes a lot of pressure from the public for sugarcoating gun culture and vigilantism. Luckly, she managed holding on to her enormous follower base despite the hiccups.


Had she resisted against either Teng or Joker, everything she had built and earned would be taken away overnight. Irvine does not crave money in essence, but she is not stupid either to ignore its power in American capitalism. Deep down, she has a strong feeling that she may need the money to escape from this damned city someday, and the key to monetary success is all about positioning oneself. Irvine is scared of the corporate mights, despite how she sympathises with the G-Kings and Arlon Benjamin’s motives for systematic reform. She is just as vulnerable as any commoners without her influence and corporate backers. She never knows why the company heads wanted her to represent Joker, maybe there were some kind of grand schemes happening behind the curtain. But she could never know.


Perhaps it is the guilt from selling weapons, Eilidh has set up anonymously a fund dedicated to the catering of San Paro’s at risk children, akin to what her mentor Hea Choi has done for breast cancer research. Unlike Choi, however, Eilidh would never want to use charity as a publicity stunt. There is just something in Eilidh’s heart that keeps her from crossing that line.








Full body:

  Reveal hidden contents




4. (any one of these or more)

12 hours ago, Roxl said:

Oh boy! Here goes Joker Distribution trying to hire more celebs to front their store.

As there does not appear to be any limits on design submissions, aside from them looking like they're from San Paro, here are mine. Most aren’t even related to any Joker Industries branding.


Joshua "JT" Tracy


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Obsessive to a fault.
Past obsessions include drugs, graffiti, ammunition, and steering wheels.
Currently obsessed with the Joker brand.
Broke into several Joker Ammunition warehouses in the hopes of obtaining pristine versions of discontinued vending machines.
Willing to work as a front man for any Joker-branded memorabilia.




Tatiana Kozakova


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Worked as a freelance writer for various magazines/newspapers.
Hosts and writes both anti-enforcer and anti-criminal blogs in spare time.
Current street reporter for N3.
On temporary leave until fully recovered from recent injuries.




Dominik Wolfe


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Grew up in the slums of Gresty.
Worked as part-time assistant to local skate shop.
Mainly cleaned up after messy locals and their disputes.
Inherited shop and local gang affiliations after owner disappears.
Pays off local gang rackets mostly with skateboard paraphernalia.




Dennis “Dead Guy” Gunther



  Reveal hidden contents

Is possibly a well-preserved corpse.
Has appeared as an extra in several pro-enforcer photoshoots.
“Inspired by” CM_DeadGuy.
Is basically just CM_DeadGuy.



  Reveal hidden contents

It's hard to make a name for yourself in San Paro, harder still when you end up in a back alley dumpster with a bullet hole through your skull.


And yet, becoming famous post-mortem is not unheard of in the streets of San Paro.


In this case, however, it might have turned out better had he not tried so hard to make a name for himself.



Aisha Bishop / Lexi Bloodrose


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Grew up in Virginia Gardens.
Parents were well-to-do.
Hospitalised after an underground club shootout.
Lover didn’t make it.
Started downwardly destructive spiral.
Chatter says shootout started by federal goons.
“Refocuses” life by joining up with Bloodroses.




Celeste Varischet


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Grew up in Midtown.
Family changed her name and sent her to high-end college for best education.
Pursued sports.
Followed the school sporting crowds.
Family disappointed.
Left school and forced to follow the family business.
Started kickboxing part-time.
Ended up running into the old school sports stars.
Now balances the family business alongside her kickboxing and Tiger ops.

Alternative Outfit:


  Reveal hidden contents



Vivi Jones


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Grew up in Prentiss.
Mother died in childbirth.
Father never home.
Took extended and unsupervised trips to downtown.
Found work as a mechanic at a garage.
Moved into new apartment.
Cut off ties with family.
Started hanging out with locals.
Now fixes, mods, or chops up vehicles brought in by G’s.




Samuel De'Mico


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Was model child.
Mother passed away shortly after his sister was born.
Father devoted his life to giving them the best opportunities available.
Went to college, graduated with honors.
Was content to continue the family business.
Sister disappeared.
After hearing rumours of his sister getting shot, he started asking old school mates for information.
Now moonlights as a Tiger in his efforts to find his sister.




Sylvia Martinez


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Grew up in the projects.
Mother died to drugs.
Father vanished.
Took the first chance she got to join up with military.
Specialised in communications.
Discharged after service.
Figured she could put her skills to use in cleaning up her old neighbourhood.
Found like-minded, and ex-military, individuals with the Praetorians.

Alternative Outfit:


  Reveal hidden contents



Jintao Munoz


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Was right-hand man and enforcer to local gang back in home country.
Spends 10 years in jail after taking the fall for a failed operation.
After serving full-term, finds his ex-gang now blame him for their failures.
Is chased out of the country by those he thought were his family.
Travels as hired gun.
Ends up in San Paro.
Joins the Praetorians as he believes can see where their allegiances lie.

Alternative Outfit:


  Reveal hidden contents



Richard Perez


Bio Summary:

  Reveal hidden contents

Runs import/export business.
Quite well off.
Has two kids.
Elected to spend more time with them.
Now bankrolls them in their less-than-legal activities.
Feels too financially invested into their gang to pull the plug.
Constantly makes sure they’re getting the best gear he can get his hands on.






5 hours ago, super123mikey said:


Name: Zoe

Age: 23

About him: Zoe grew up in the hostile city of San Paro where her parents deserted her as they fled. Living all alone for 3 years struggling to survive she met a mad named the Joker who hired her to help collect his weapons from his suppliers, working at the docks handling guns led her to want to try one out due to the building temptation to fire one. As she squeezed the trigger a 5.56 round flew out of the barrel shattering her co-worker's skull. She suddenly dropped to the floor screaming she didn't want this to happen, one of the workers named Wilde helped her out clearing up the mess and helped keep the incident a secret in the violent city of San Paro. Wilde the offered her a place to stay and a job selling guns to the public until she could afford a place of her own.




Just a random Joker car design, along with a possible new brand - Valley Racing. <- A rally car customs company.




I couldn't find 10, I'm anxious to see what LO picks.


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Alias: Salvador

Very little is known about this man. No one knows his real name, his age, or even wear he's from. If you ask him you'll get nothing but an unsettling stare, and an awkward slience. His actions, however, are far from silent.

[More backstory coming soon!]




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I want to comment here just to say some constructive criticism. I see a lot of you guys have the "Transformers syndrome". Can any of you guys out of the top of your head draw any of the transformer robots from the movies? I don't think so. The "Transformers syndrome" is when you put so many details in a character that it ends up being extremelly confusing and hard to remember.


Take a look at the characters from the contacts from the days of RTW APB and then take a look at the characters posted here. You will see a difference. Characters from the original game are quite simplistic or if they have a lot of confusing symbols, tattoos and shapes in the clothes they compensate with unique features and colors. Some of them could be improved because of this, but overall many of the original characters are perfect because they are simple.


Remember that a character made for the game should be memorable. (example: who's the new contact? the guy with the red afro). Many of you (not all of you) have done it the transformers way, so keep in mind you could ask someone else to see your character and ask again the next day if they can draw it for you, so to see if they remember anything. 


As for me, I'd have to modify my char too much to submit something worthy to the challenge, and I'm just not gonna do it, neither do I have the time. So good luck to you guys, I hope the character chosen has something to do with what Joker is about: jokes and ammo, with the white-black-red-green colors. 

And as for me and my character, I can say it is a very good example of how not to fall into the transformers syndrome, Anyone that has seen my char ingame remembers it and its so simple that it can be drawn in a second, yet it has a personality. Learn from the mistakes of other people! Learn from Michael Bay.

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45 minutes ago, Musul Man said:

The "Transformers syndrome" is when you put so many details in a character that it ends up being extremelly confusing and hard to remember.

Yeah, i see that often and i admit i was guilty of that in my early designs. 
I think the reason people fall into that trap is because they see more elaborate designs as requiring more skills, therefore, perhaps for the sake of practice or perhaps in order to prove themselves they can create something very challenging (most likely a bit of both), they clutter cars and outfits in an attempt to cram in all their best symbols. But unfortunately, like you said, it's too much and makes the final result unreadable.


Here's three bits of advice i can offer. Keep in mind these are just some general guidelines that don't need to be followed religiously. You can still make great designs without sticking to any of them.

  • Try to limit your color scheme to 2-3 main colors and maybe a couple more for little accents here and there. This allows you enough variety to have some contrasts without risking the outfit looking confusing like some bizarre camouflage. 
  • Remember to give some space between lines and different symbols otherwise it's likely that people won't understand what's going on unless they're very close (and in APB people look at you mainly from mid to far distance).
  • Make background textures subtle if you have an other symbol over them. For example, if your base color is green, use different shades of green for anything backgroundish and a completely different color, like... let's say yellow, for the dominant symbol.
    Alternatively, consider reducing opacity to background symbols in order to have the main ones pop out mode.
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Olivia Andrus (Enforcer)


While the spirit of the Prentiss Tigers rests primarily in the group's high-octane, party-jock attitudes, Olivia Andrus is anything but. Her allegiance to the Tigers certainly seems to make her a misfit among their ranks, but what truly binds her together with them is the desire to protect her home turf of Prentiss. Unlike the vast majority of the group, success hasn't been a fortunate circumstance for her to be born into; neither of her parents are from the Prentiss area. The slums of San Paro is where they met, each trying to claw their way out and into what they could determine as financial stability at the very least. It was through their determination and grit that they were able to become as successful as they were and make it into Prentiss, nearly doubling their efforts to be able to stay there and call it home. Her father spent most nights coming home far later than he would have liked, working for a branch of Dolton in a fairly-important position. Her mother clawed her way up through San Paro's fashion and marketing industries, often working from home with the additional challenge of being a stay-at-home mother. Olivia grew up knowing the values of hard work; as to be expected, the rising instances of Criminals trashing the Prentiss her family worked so hard to call home was not going to slide with her. Thankfully, her outrage at these happenings was just the attitude the Tigers were looking for.

Olivia's interest in computing and information technologies while growing up blossomed into being able to do many of the things that help the inner workings of the Tigers' organization; tracking Criminal drug and gun shipments, hacking into security cameras to attain information (much faster than asking the owner, of course), communication synchronization, and much more. She might not be the most athletic one of the bunch, but she can still move quickly without any doubt, if necessary. Olivia isn't afraid to step onto the battlefield, when needed; sometimes, you just need to step out of the shadows and take the fight into your own hands.







Avery "Moon" Ingram (Criminal)


San Paro is certainly full of it's fair share of characters, but Avery Ingram has recognized that many of them are just that: characters. The turmoil of the city, she figures, is a result of that. Such a vast amount of San Paro's population tries to portray themselves overtly as something, or someone, they are not. Avery simply cannot stand the sight of such behavior, which causes her to take up arms with the Criminals. After all, there may be no honor among thieves, but a Criminal is a lot more likely to be forthright about how they're going to shoot you in the back. Her ideologies aligned most with the G-Kings, who, despite being a well-varied bunch of colorful, loud skate punks, at least were honest about what they stood for and who they were. Avery isn't a girl who goes for a fashion of in-your-face colors and clothing, but as soon as she stepped into Gresty, she knew these were people that were sticking to being their most honest self, at no matter the cost.

While her style could be considered "greyscale" in comparison with her peers, never doubt her dedication to the G-Kings. Stealing guns and cars from dead Enforcers (usually her own doing) may be one of her favorite activities, but she'll ensure they are repurposed for a more righteous cause. The sudden disappearance of these materials from post-fight scenes, as well as the carnage Avery herself has caused many times (seemingly out of nowhere) has lead to her nickname of "Moon." She did not give herself the name, but the saying along the G-Kings' skateparks can be heard on occasion; "The moon is always present, whether you see it or not." Thankfully for the G-Kings, Avery has decided that to stand with your comrades in the face of conflict is the truest way to being yourself.





Kenton Takahashi (Criminal)


Kenton never had any intention of being a hitman of sorts for the Criminal organizations of San Paro. What brought him into the dark, seedy mix of the San Paro underground scene was an infallible desire to do whatever he had to do to ensure not only the financial safety of his wife and children, but also their physical safety. Kenton had seen lots of damage done on the streets from the constant warring between sides, with the worst of it tearing apart families and ending innocent lives that were caught in the crossfire. The city had rumblings of violence nearly every hour, and each time it brought more dread to the heart of Kenton. The course of his life had left him with some skills that he wish he hadn't needed to acquire by necessity; some of which including usage of his paternal family's katana. The ravaging of San Paro pushed him toward defending himself with firearms as well, with Kenton heavily favoring a clean shot with a N-HVR 762. These skills made him a very valuable man, sought after in secret to end disputes or battles between two parties in a more permanent manner than Kenton would like to admit. He doesn't find enjoyment in what he has to do to make ends meet, but his left hand's ring finger is all he needs to remind him to press on. His work provides him enough of an incognito profile to not be identifiable by the Enforcers, while also giving him and his family some protection from Criminals who fear and respect his work. In his mind, that makes all of the self-induced anguish worth it.

The world around him may be in blood-covered shambles, but he'll be damned if his family becomes part of the ever-growing victim count.









Ulrich Abbott (Enforcer...?)


Brought into the mix by Hea Choi, Ulrich Abbott is one of the newer members of the Praetorians, with his specific forte being his ability to act seamlessly undercover. Choi, at the direction of Justin Teng, was to locate someone who was on the side of justice but didn't mind getting their hands dirty. They needed someone to go into Bloodrose territory for deep cover without setting off any red flags and getting themselves killed. Hea didn't have to look far, as a new recruit to the Praetorians popped up almost overnight at their doorstep; Ulrich. Despite what his attire may convey, there was no doubt of his passion and determination to protect San Paro at any cost, including potentially his own life. A few moments with this man had Hea sure she had found the right guy, especially considering that he had already had the Bloodrose attire down to a T. Teng, however, didn't give this recruit any trust until he was able to prove he was worth it. Ulrich found himself shipped out to Waterfront, slowly blending in with the night crowd at it's numerous clubs, all with relations to the Bloodroses. A few destructive "favors" later, and Ulrich was able to call himself a Bloodrose. Over time, he rose in ranks with both organizations: the Praetorians for his superb and clever leaking of Bloodrose intel, and the Bloodroses themselves for his loyalty and willingness to do whatever it takes for his new-found family to gain success.

However, some of the intel given to the Praetorians has been slightly incorrect at times, but the big names in the organization just attributed this to the in-fighting and instability of the Bloodroses. They had faith that Ulrich wouldn't be feeding them false information purposely. But...what side is Ulrich Abbott truly playing for? Is he furthering the goal of justice for the Praetorians, or is he giving them the run-around on purpose so that the Bloodroses can continue to grow in power? Perhaps, at the end of the day, Ulrich isn't playing for any side, but rather for his own agenda: stirring the pot and causing havoc on a whim.



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3 hours ago, Musul Man said:

I want to comment here just to say some constructive criticism. I see a lot of you guys have the "Transformers syndrome". Can any of you guys out of the top of your head draw any of the transformer robots from the movies? I don't think so. The "Transformers syndrome" is when you put so many details in a character that it ends up being extremelly confusing and hard to remember.



Another good way to think about this is if you had to draw the character for a comic/manga. Would you want to draw that character numerous times per page in various positions/actions/poses. That means everything they are wearing in enough detail they are recognizable. If you have too many details that you'll find it tedious to draw that character back to back to back then it has too much going on.

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On 6/20/2020 at 5:42 PM, Aeronaut said:

did you find a secret slider?


On 6/20/2020 at 5:42 PM, Aeronaut said:

also how did you make an apb character look like a wii character

By blasting this at full volume during the creation process just like how all the pros do it. 



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She's really into striped turtlenecks.

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some late entries and some poorly written (and recycled) bios


character name - sloati

possible contact name - bokor/baron/baron samedi




Information. In a rapidly digitizing San Paro (and beyond) information is the future, and whoever controls it has a weapon that reaches further and faster than any bullet. [Insert Contact Name] is a perfect example of this philosophy. Bursting onto the San Paro scene with over the top hollywood voodoo antics and flaunting his intellectual wares, criminals and enforcers were quick to realize that this mystery man was actually selling disturbingly accurate info. On every faction. They were even quicker to realize that a man with seemingly no backing and no resources could be “aquired” rather easily, and squeezed for every last drop of 24 karat data gold. 

That’s when things started to happen. First a series of unlikely accidents, with members of prominent organizations all across the city getting inexplicably injured. Then when new blood was brought in as replacements, they started dying with alarming frequency. Eventually someone connected the dots, saw that every member was a known “acquisitions consultant”, and pointed the finger at the newest hot commodity. [Insert Contact Name] set a new record for rising notoriety, practically sprinting into the crosshairs of anyone in San Paro with some dirty secrets -  which meant everyone in San Paro.

What a clusterfuck. People trying to find [Insert Name Here] started disappearing, entire crews were found dead with no signs of violence, anonymous internet posts detailing sensitive information on every criminal or enforcer operation that ever existed were being dumped every hour, and violence skyrocketed to unheard of levels of open warfare.  

It took weeks for the waves to settle and when it did, surprise surprise, there was [Insert Contact Name], back peddling his intelligence to anyone with coin. Except this time no one wanted to make a move on the man now that it's obvious he's a skilled operator with powerful allies in the wings, playing up the witch doctor routine in a brilliant plan to gain fame and conceal his real identity at the same time. It’s pretty obvious all that dark magic bullshoot is just a fakeout anyway. Probably.

So when word hit the streets that Joker was going to push for heavier influence in San Paro everyone expected [Insert Contact Name] to get involved somehow, and when he did show up on Joker’s breakwater doorstep people noticed. And kept a respectful distance. You know, just in case.






outfit one


(face symbol provided by @Helix Reloaded)

outfit 2




outfit 3





character name - glaciers

possible contact name - lisa meyers 



Information. In a rapidly digitizing San Paro (and beyond) information is the future, and whoever can manipulate it in their favor stands to make a killing. [Insert Contact Name] is a master manipulator. Investigations show her popping up on the SPPD’s radar just before the CSA act was voted into law, and her activity has only increased since then. [Insert Contact Name]’s only goal seems to be generating profit from inciting conflict, often violent conflict. She’s well known amongst the criminals, and they hate her - she runs rings around them, baits them into self made ambushes or into attacking each other, and then gets away with everything that isn't bolted down. The enforcers haven’t fared much better, with [Insert Contact Name] using them as blunt instruments - anonymous tips, planted evidence, or even starting crimes herself to provoke raids on valuable criminal or civilian locations in order to get access. She’s a one woman operation as far as anyone can tell and these little “heists” of hers put her right in the line of fire every time, but there’s no signs of a slowdown on the horizon.

So when word hit the streets that Joker was going to push for heavier influence in San Paro everyone in the know expected [Insert Contact Name] to be right in the thick of it, and they were right on the money. There’s no way someone like her would pass up a lucrative Joker opportunity and if some vengeful criminal or overzealous enforcer decided to hit the place up with a nice distraction, well, that’s just a signing bonus. 









character name - vsb

possible contact name - declan hall/dylan hall aka br0k3r



Information. In a rapidly digitizing San Paro (and beyond) information is the future, and anyone keeping tabs on the flow of data can find anything they want. [Insert Contact Name] doesn’t look like the typical shady information broker, always looking over their shoulder for someone who doesn’t want to pay. Because he isn’t, or at least he likes to think so. [Insert Contact Name] believes himself more of a matchmaker, collecting a fee for setting up a client with a way to get what they want. His services have made him a rather popular (and wealthy) individual without ever getting his manicured hands dirty, and thanks to the anonymity of the internet no one knows that a preppy prentiss tween is the mastermind supporting a burgeoning criminal enterprise. 

Born and raised in Prentiss, currently attending a local private middle school, [Insert Contact Name] started out by outsourcing homework online for his classmates and collecting a generous middleman fee. Pretty soon he decided he deserved a bigger cut, and paid a nerd to crack his school’s network for access to answer sheets and grading systems. Things expanded quickly after that, [Insert Contact Name] absorbing the rest of the local schools into his business before stretching further and further out into San Paro. That’s when the money really started coming in - it turns out that there are plenty of wannabe criminals and enforcers attending the various high schools around the city, and they were more than happy to pay someone to help them build their reputations.

Didn’t take long for the adults of these factions to catch wind of the situation, and [Insert Contact Name] couldn’t say no to a spot in the big leagues. Since then he’s gotten a new name on the streets, [Insert Alias], and there’s been a few close calls from some overzealous enforcer or vengeful criminal trying to sniff his identity out, but when some of the most dangerous people in San Paro rely on your services, problems get solved. Permanently.

So when word hit the streets that Joker was going to push for heavier influence in San Paro, it came as a surprise to most that [Insert Alias] made no moves to foster a mutual partnership and simply continued business as usual. But it would also surprise most if they knew the well-dressed tween that showed up to Joker’s breakwater location asking about a part-time job for “real world experience” was already a step ahead of everyone else.












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Isabella "Izzy" Hernandez

Hi, this is somewhat different (more feminine and modern) take on what an APB contact could look like. I tried to keep the bio short, pardon my eu-grammar.

For those who are curious, the process started with making a moodboard on pinterest. You can view it here.

Character: LATLNA (Jericho)


Life in the streets of San Paro is not easy for a woman, Izzy grew up in the dirt. From working the pole and being a video vixen, to cleaning bathrooms and dealing drugs; she has been there, done that. Yet, Izzy always had a way of getting what she wanted, and she wanted fame.

At 16, she had already snuck into all the hottest nightclubs in the city, and inside, she would meet some of the most powerful people in San Paro. These were the people who were so wealthy that they ruled the entire city.

Naturally, as the years went by, seducing rich and powerful people became her specialty. Her name quickly grew as the life of the party. She was the stunning rose with sharp-patootie thorns, people would almost mistake her intimidating presence for a Bloodrose. Pictures of her new glorious lifestyle rapidly spread across social media.

It was not long before she made her appearance on popular reality shows; bragging, shit-talking and fighting. Izzy became hated by the public, yet everybody wanted to either be her or be with her. Bigger companies would take notice of her presence and soon, even Joker Distribution would see her growing influence as potential. They were seeking a new associate that knew how to reach out to the people and there was nobody as good as Izzy.






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San paro.


10 years ago, a little girl named Ryoko lived in a friendly family. She was the only and most beloved child. But Ryoko's entire fairy tale life was destroyed by one gang of bastards, who for a couple of gold rings, chains, and a couple of bundles of dollars killed the parents of a poor little girl. But she was not ignored by the murderers. One of the gang tried to no a young girl (since childhood, she was very beautiful and attractive), but he was stopped by a passing police officer 
car with the siren turned on, which gave the girl a chance to escape  from the scumbag's clutches. After this sad story, she was left with a mental trauma.

Now this girl is 22 years old. She has no family. Ryoko didn't take the past grudges and became angry, vindictive and cruel. Now she specially dresses very depraved and defiant, and on dark evenings walks in sparsely populated places, to attract the attention of maniacs and perverts. And as soon as one is found and makes an attack on Ryoko, it easily repels the attack and turns from a victim into a real nocturnal predator. Not for nothing on her chest flaunts an owl. In this way, it takes money and valuables only from bad people, every time it does so, she doesn't just Rob perverts, she lets them know that  it would be better for them to correct themselves, otherwise they might lose their lives next time.


Another hunt for perverts occurred in front of Darrell, who is an employee the Joker Corporation. He was impressed by her fighting qualities. Immediately realizing that the Joker Corporation needs such shots, he smiled and raised his hands, I approached her to offer her a job.

Although Ryoko seems like a crazy, reckless predator,deep down, she still remains a kind child looking for true love, a person who will be able to give her care and love,  because she missed it so much after that incident from my childhood.






10 лет назад маленькая девочка по имени Риоко жила в дружной семье. Она была единственным и самым любимым ребенком. Но всю сказочную жизнь Риоко разрушила одна банда ублюдков, которые ради пару золотых колец, цепочек и пару пачек баксов убили родителей бедной малышки.Но и она не осталась без внимания убийц. Один из шайки попытался изнасиловать малолетнюю девочку (еще с детства она была очень красива и привлекательна),
но его остановила случайно проезжавшая полицейская машина со включенной сиреной,которая дала шанс девчонке сбежать
из лап отморозка. После этой печальной истории у нее осталась психическая травма.

Теперь этой девушке 22 года. У нее нет семьи. Риоко не за была обиды прошлого и стала обозленной, мстительной и жестокой. Теперь она специально одевается очень развратно и вызывающе, и темными вечерами гуляет в немноголюдных местах, чтобы привлечь к себе внимание маньяков и извращенцев. И как только таковой находится и совершает нападение на Риоко, она с легкостью отражает атаку и превращается из жертвы в настоящего ночного хищника. Не даром на ее груди красуется сова. Таким образом она отбирает деньги и ценности только у плохих людей, каждый раз делая это,
она не просто грабит извращенцев, но и дает им понять, что лучше бы им исправиться, иначе в следующий раз они могут лешиться жизни.


Очередная охота на извращенцев произошла на глазах Даррелла, являющегося сотрудником корпорации "Джокер" .Он был поражен ее бойцовскими качествами. Сразу поняв, что корпорация "Джокер" нуждается в таких кадрах, он улыбнувшись, и подняв руки,
подошел к ней, чтобы предложить работу. Хоть Риоко и кажется сдвинутой, безбашенной хищницей,глубоко в душе она так и осталась добрым ребенком, ищущим настоящей любви, человека который сможет подарить ей заботу и любовь, ведь ей так не хватало этого после того случая из детства.



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She has an unpleasant past. She was born into a poor family, where they told her that she could do nothing. But Kaylen is not a simple character, she began to work hard on herself. She began to learn different types of martial arts, develop thinking and other abilities. After a lot of hard work, she was noticed. At a certain point, she moved out of her small town without telling anyone. All because she was hired by the CIA. She became the best agent, the authority for many. But at one point, another agent with an unknown name did not like it, he decided to put her in her place, cruelly setting her up. He was cunning, so Kaylen could not justify herself to her superiors. Our heroine no longer saw a future in the security services, so she killed the traitor and escaped. She had connections in San Paro, which we already know, where she was welcome. But Kaylen can't trust anyone but himself.



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idk just made something...








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Kazumi "Paws" Fujikawa

My second entry...

Character: ky4 (Jericho)



Kazumi was one of the so-called lucky ones, born into one of the wealthiest families in San Paro; she could get anything she wanted. Yet somehow, the luxurious lifestyle quickly became unsatisfying for Kazumi. As a young teenager, she would often sneak out into the dangerous but exciting streets.

Kazumi eventually got in contact with a small group of freerunners, Cheetahs. The Cheetahs lived in hidden corners of the city; on rooftops, in abandoned buildings and in dark tunnels. The group carried out several services to sustain themselves but were most known for their fast and stealthy transportation of sensitive data.

The Cheetahs saw Kazumi’s deep restlessness and desire for more than what the materialistic life could bring. She ran away from home as the group eventually adopted her, trained her, and gave her the name Paws.

Despite her parent’s excessive attempts to bring her back home, Paws was part of the Cheetahs-lifestyle for years. Paws and the Cheetahs had at this point became well known in the streets, this was bad. Big organizations were starting to place massive bounties on the group and staying hidden from both harm and prying eyes was no longer an easy task.

Joker Distribution was a company that saw opportunity in a collaboration. They wanted the Cheetahs to carry out their product to their most exclusive customers and in return, they offered the Cheetahs both supplies and protection. The Cheetahs saw little choice but to accept their offer. The group sent Paws to be their representative.


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Fixing small error in bio text and adding another image.
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"Discover what lies beyond"





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Ratio - an ex-enforcer who gave up the badge to try and turn her daily life into something different, unique, and fresh.

She was bored of her daily 9-5 as an enforcement officer at the shipping yard. Her interest in Joker Distributions started when she noticed the cool projects going on over there.

Wanting to change her path, she asked if they were willing to hire in any new people. The guy known as "Speedball" was looking for some new faces who might have potential.
Ratio showed interest in the cool yet functional modifications done to the cars and weapons. Maybe this was the spark she needed and not feel her life is a redundant chore.
Speedball took her in to training, and they became good friends. Ratio eventually saw Speedball as a brother to her, not just a coworker, and they worked as a perfect team.
These days you can find Ratio doing completely custom work, from handcrafted infrared sights for assault rifles to precisely welded reinforced chassis for their vehicles.

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Hello! We're three friends members of the same clan. We originally created our chars as three sisters so, as they have a common background story, we decided to make one unique post for them three. If needed, they can be added as an unique NPC, there's no problem for us! We hope you'll like them :3 






Ethan Stanton, successful businessman and real estate tycoon, a solid reputation as a respectable man and loyal partner. He marries Lisa Joly, a journalist with the San Paro Daily, and recognizes as his heiress Adeline, Lisa’s little princess born from a first marriage. 

Little Adeline will live six beautiful years in a happy family cocoon, six years during which Ethan will teach her strong precepts such as toil, honesty, respect or tolerance, where Lisa will teach her patience, love, empathy and courage. 

But above all, she will attend the coming into the world of Lena, fruit of the love of Ethan and Lisa. Adeline, four-year-old, immediately took to heart the well-being of her younger sister, rapidly developing a fierce protective instinct from the age of eight, she was so quick to use her fists to defend Lena, no matter how many children were involved.


Her sixth year will unfortunately see the drama of her life: During an interview where she questioned the head of the SPPD, Lisa loses her life, hit by a bullet in the chest, originally intended for her interlocutor who will get away unscathed.


From that day, Adeline will nourish a growing hatred towards the San Paro cartels, a hatred that will not find a real outlet until several years later. Over the years, she will lose a large part of her humanity, her good qualities being scarcely reserved for her family. Her father remarried two years later to Meryl Jethro, the owner of a cosy little restaurant.


At this moment, Lena is much too young to become aware of things, but by mimicry, will partially reproduce the changes that take place in her sister.


Contrary to what might have been supposed, the girls easily become acquainted with their surrogate mother, who cherishes them and participates in their education as if they were her own children. The year she took the name of Stanton, Meryl gave her daughters a small stirring and tweeting gift named Aymelin.


Later on, the ties between the two eldest sisters continued to grow, as Adeline, then 12, asked to be registered in a free fight club, already a big fan of MMA, she dreamed of joining this discipline for her 16 years. Meryl was concerned about the direction her daughter was taking but, not wanting to restrain her, chose to encourage her to flourish in a discipline she loved.


At its majority, Adeline joins the initiative C.S.A with the sole aim of finding the murderer of his genetic mother, Alexander Glass, released by lack of evidence. With the moral and financial support of her father who specifically funds it, two years later, she created the Enforcers unit known today as B.Corp. She then recruited those she considers to be the best trackers and bounty hunters in San Paro and together they foment the Financial and the Waterfront District, usually leaving no trace behind.


Lena is rather moving towards medical studies. Studious and applied, she progresses rapidly. Good student but not the best nor the worst, she realizes however that the civil medicine does not correspond to her, the countless times that her family has to go to the hospital for Adeline comforting her in her career choice: Battlefield medic. She worked hard and paid off and graduated at the age of 22. Adeline then integrates it with happiness and pride within the B.Corp.


Inspired by the four models that her family and especially her idolized sisters represent for her, Aymelin naturally follows the same path as them in order to join Adeline’s unit. Her schooling is chaotic, little ball of nerves combining the seriousness applied by Lena to the swift sanction of Adeline, she multiplies the parental convocations for the fights that she systematically finishes and often engages, a perfect contrast with her excellent results. She stops her graduate studies and immediately commits to the C.S.A where she makes her first weapons, refusing to work alongside her elders as long as she does not consider herself worthy, a stage that she reaches, to her liking, at the age of 20.


Criticized for their extreme methods, often considered cruel, it is however undeniable that Adeline and her girls obtain convincing results. So much so that the name Stanton associated with the B.Corp. began to circulate in the high strata of clans and cartels having the control over the city. So much so that Adeline’s ultimate goal at this moment, Alexander Glass, ends up hearing about her and puts in mind to reunite mother and daughter in the afterlife - Personal challenge.


Financial District, The Needles - Yodoi Complex - 01.30 AM

Lena and Adeline wait in a black Rapier in a parking lot not far from Merchant Park, the vehicle passing completely unnoticed in the middle of luxury cars and SUVs roaming Juniper.




From reliable sources, a transaction between Alexander Glass and a Bloodrose lieutenant is about to take place in the building under construction. A few minutes later, the first vehicles arrive, then the entire procession. The SUVs block both entrances and gunmen stand on the floors. Adeline and Lena leave, from their position, the two criminals are not visible, exchanging on the terrace outside their field of view. They move to the adjacent covered parking lot and Adeline tries to acquire her target.




But while Lena makes sure that no one enters the perimeter, she is blown away by the explosion of a vehicle, too far to get killed but close enough to sift her belly with metal splinters.




Shooting then began to rain in the direction of Adeline who rushed towards her sister and the criminals dispersed very quickly, before the arrival of the rescue and the police forces. Lena is rushed to a critical condition and will remain in hospital for many weeks. Lioness in rage, Adeline prepares a perfect plan of attack: She gets the pieces of metal removed from Lena’s belly and makes bullets which she engraves in the name of Alexander. Her most loyal friend and colleague Amy” Mindhy” Jethro provides her with an accurate schedule of frequent Boss visits on production sites run by Alexander Glass


Financial District, Eastside Kamastu Imports - 03.25PM

Alexander’s warehouses located southeast of the Financial were retained for the offensive. Spared from its best elements and despite the strong protests of Aymelin who is left behind by security, Adeline and her B.Corp. discreetly takes place on the rooftops. It followed a carnage, the losses were significant, much more at Glass than at B.Corp. but Adeline lost nearly seven girls during the assault. Alexander escapes the vigilance of the attackers and flees but Adeline is on his heels. They go up the Gwandalli Road at full speed, Alexander hits civilian vehicles and pedestrians, which Adeline dodges the best she can, often at the last moment. But at the crossroads between Gwangalli Road, Via Cervantes & Jagalchi Street, Alexander’s vehicle is ejected from the road by the explosive blast of a rocket fired nearby.




On the roof of “Pie Factory” Mindhy yells “From the B.Corp son of a fuzzy bunny!!!”.

Alexander escapes from his vehicle in blood and crawls towards the pavement but a bullet near his cheek dissuades him to continue. Adeline joins him with a calm step and shoots him in the right leg “One for my girls you just killed”. A second hole in the left leg “For Ethan”. Then it is the left arm that twitches, pierced in its turn “For Lena”, then the right “One for me”. She stops above him, stares at him with her coldest and hardest gaze “And the last for my mother” and finishes him with a last bullet in the head.




The silence reigns on Jagalchi Street despite the hour of the day. Adeline stares at her nemesis without blinking, while two arms wrap around her shoulders “Come on, Didline. It’s over. It’s finally over.” blows Mindhy before taking her to the warehouses…


Following this event, the Stanton sisters will be tattooed a '7' in memory of their missing, an idea taken up by the survivors of this killing. Adeline will also erect a hall of fame accessible in the gallery of the headquarters of the B.Corp. Since, the unit grows slowly but surely, the selections being particularly harsh and severe, but it continues to gain in notoriety and respect, both by peers and enemies whose power continues to grow...




Name: Stanton 

First name: Adeline 

Aliases: Didline, Boobies 

Age: 28 years 

Size: 1.74m 

Distinctive Signs: Nose Piercing, Tattoos (Butterfly on the right shoulder, tattoo on the lower back, knots on the thighs and a cross around the left calf) 

Traits of character: Cold, except with close friends and family, Determined, Perfectionist, Warm Blood






Name: Stanton 

First name: Lena 

Aliases: The Saint, Jawbreaker 

Age: 24 years 

Size: 1.78m 

Distinctive Signs: Various tattoos, scars on the belly, Tattoo under the left eye, navel piercing, eyebrow arch and nostril

Traits of character: Hot Blood, Sneaky, Provident, Altruistic






Name: Stanton 

First name: Aymelin

Aliases:  Emi, Cupcake

Age: 20 years 

Size: 1.64m 

Distinctive Signs: Various Tattoos, Navel Piercings, Right Brow Arch and Left Nostril

Traits of character: Cuddly, Affectionate, Energic, Zany madcap




Thanks for reading our story! :3 We have enough alts to make a full third faction on APB and a lot lot lot of background stories for a wide majority of them, just saying!! 😄



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Jonathan "Joker" Kerowitz

- Size : 1,91m
- Weight : 89kg
- Birthday : 9 July

Born in France in the 90's. Son of Joseph Kerowitz also known the creator of the Joker Ammo brand. His mother is of English and French descent,
while his father has German ancestry.
He raised in U.S.A and has made his military education with his father when he was young. He became famous for his creation of custom weapons. He create custom guns for many elite members of the army, and others special forces.
His tatoo represent essentially skulls and roses, each skulls for each enemy killed,and one rose for each brothers in arms deceased. He have also a phrase on his chest "à coeur vaillant rien d'impossible" in memory of his mother.



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Hello everyone! This is my submission for the Joker Employee Design Challenge. I was kinda busy this week, so i didn't have enough time to think about a good backstory. But here we go anyway, Let me introduce Coralie Smith "Koree".







This is my first event participation, i hope you'll like my concept.

Good luck everyone !

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Hello! I present to you: Bri, and Victor:






BRI V0 (Can't Change Order, but this is my preferred):




BRI (Joker Distribution Infiltration [Lore]) :




Joker Infiltration (Alternate Tops) :




Biography/History (Long):



Bri (23F) grew up in midtown. She was always a hard worker, and found an interest in engineering and biology at a young age. She always over analyzed everything, trying to figure out how it works and finding ways to make it better. In addition to this Bri was over-competitive; Always wanting to be the best. She was always punished because of her behavior, but has learned to loosen up over the years.

In elementary school she learned during her gym class that she loves soccer. I mean she absolutely LOVES it. She has almost every signature of professional players from midtown, and has traveled around the world to watch the cups. Not only does she LOVE soccer, but she's also amazing at it. Her Speed and Strength combined with her intellect and over-analyzing brain is a force to be reckoned with. This is proven by her multiple gold medals, and fame in the area. Her abilities allowed her to net great scholarships and offers to prestigious universities around the world.

Speaking of offers, she got an offer to Huntsman University. One of the hottest Universities around. She decided to double-major in Biochemistry and Engineering... and she also played for their Soccer team (#08). As she got deeper into her major, she applied and joined their prestigious research team. This university works a bit different, as all research teams throughout the school work together on a big project. The team in total is very small, only a select few from each major are chosen if their skills fit— not to mention they enforce strict rules regarding the spread of information. Nobody seems to really know what they do, but your girl Bri got in.

She was accepted due to her vast knowledge surrounding Biochemistry. It's not that her engineering experience was insufficient, it's just that she was more needed for chemical research. She started off small, researching different chemical compounds and their effects on plants. She was told her research was for a replacement pesticide, which would be used around San Paro to stop their heavy weed problem...

Eventually she was moved under another superior to research chemical compounds acting as nerve agents, which can pause or destroy the central nervous system. She was told the research was directly related to her research on pesticides, as they planned on training Artificial Intelligence with failure models, so they can train the Ai to recognize harmful substances to humans.

This made sense to Bri, as she very well understands the power of Artificial Intelligence being in a field of science.

Soon after starting research on nerve agents, she was approached by a member of the Prentiss Tigers after one of her soccer matches. She doesn't remember who they were, as they were trying to keep a low-profile as not to be noticed. They explained they have been keeping an eye on the school's research program, specifically after an unnamed individual became involved. They explain that they believe the research is for nefarious purposes, and may pose a threat to the surrounding community.
They explaint that they were also able to trace emails and their attachments with sensitive information, but couldn't fully break the encryption on the emails. They asked if she would be willing to work them them from the inside to ensure the safety of San Paro and it's citizens.

Bri obliged and started working with the Prentiss Tigers, but someone caught wind and she was soon forced out of the university. She wasn't publically expelled, but was told her offered benefits and monetary gifts would no longer continue, and she was forced to leave. When asked why, they claimed she was working with a criminal organization looking to undermine and cause harm to the university. She continued fighting to get back in, until she was blacklisted and denied entry.

After being forced out of university, she joined the Prentiss Tigers, to get revenge on the fuzzy bunny that did this to her, and finally to try and solve the mystery— now that there seems to be more than meets the eye.

*The research program was later revealed to be ran in conjunction with Red Hill Institute of Technology, on a top secret project that we would only find out about years later.*


Recently she was tasked with infiltrating the Joker Distribution supply chain, as they need someone on the inside. Their most recent wave of massive recruitment seemed very strange, after decades of the same employee base. They are afraid there may have been a big corp takeover, looking to control San Paro and it's citizens.







Biography / History:


You think you know the slums until you hear the stories this guy tells you. Victor was born out of wedlock and banished by his parents family. Growing up as an orphan in a not-so-nice neighborhood, he had to learn how to survive. Victor learned any criminal act he could find to survive, and mastered it.

On his road of survival, he crossed paths with many enforcers; Mainly Praetorians. They had their eye on him. They saw his talent, and knew he had nothing. What's a better motivator than money?

They just needed the job done.

The job was a hit on Gumball, nobody has been able to succeed; But they thought Victor could. Victor had it all planned out, but when push came to shove, he was cornered and swayed by Gumball himself — bringing to light that he was only being used by the Praetorians, and that they would dispose of him just like the others.

Victor's a smart guy, while he knew he couldn't trust Gumball— he knew he was right. At that moment, Gumball pitied him enough to let him live. After joining Gumball, he lost his name.

He was only called by his assigned role; "Sentinel". After becoming one of Gumballs goons, he guarded his team as they finished up their job. He successfully thwarted many threats during their assassinations and heists. Eventually he became so valuable, he became one of Gumball's bodyguards.

Gumball heard about new weapons and technology being developed by Joker Distributions, and has sent Sentinel to infiltrate them. Once infiltrated his job will be to secure and deliver ammo and new tech before it hits the market. If anybody knows how to protect the goods, it would be this guy.


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felt like doing something punk-ish... 😛



ingame preview:




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