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📝For all GTX 16xx and RTX series users

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2 hours ago, Sgt Drayke said:

To make my system stable (not just gaming or gpu) , so being = Not over heating, Not Throttling the GPU, but also optimize Power usage for the rest of the system.  So not for the game  as such,  the game would have random moments of needing alot of GPU, thus increase Power Draw. if your gpu says i want 100% power and a small bit more for nv Boost, then your at 102% this very quick request can make your PSU unstable or who system, But just dropping your Gpu down by 5% can help reduce the risk of this happing , in that situation the gpu will only demanding 97% say of its total ability theres no way of the gpu demanding more voltage then available and chocking its self. or causing voltage drops through the system.



I'm going to give my honest answer to your problems based on everything you have mentioned. You had an unstable setup to begin with which is the reason why APB was crashing for you.

By underclocking and exerpeimenting you have made your system stable but the fact of the matter is APB was not the cause of the crashes. You cannot run at default manuafurer settings but then when underclocking and tweaking can run APB proves this to be true, The game remained exactly the same except now your hardware is under less stress and therefore not crashing.


Also what you mention above about a power supply becoming unstable is only true if the power supply is unable to cope with the load in the first place. Voltage drops are the result of over stressed components (or a poorly designed PSU) and would not happen in a system that was capable. Heat / power related stability is down to cooling and design of said GFX card so again whilst lowering / underclocking will reduce the load and temperatures you need to ask yourself what is the real source of all the problems, is it the software (APB) or hardware.

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On 2/27/2022 at 7:38 PM, ElectroStingz said:

I'm going to give my honest answer...




I dont have any problems with any of my Computer setup or the game., runs a charm,. , think you have the wrong end of the stick or miss understood some of the conversation, discussion of my system / gpu was to try and help with with there Manufactured OC boost features If i remember rightly.  and the difficulty's with RTX and 3k Series. 


Any way. Im glad others have found some help / answers with the thread.  

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On 2/7/2022 at 4:07 PM, Sgt Drayke said:

for me when the card setup is completely stock and the NVc is stock (no profiles) i was having stability issues in game. so yes would play but card was not happy, game would crash. 

Your own words, all I'm saying is that any RTX 3000 series card that doesn't work from the factory and requires the user to underclock or mess around with the power limit to get the game stable is faulty.

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anyone is wondering if there is any issue with the Nv RTX 4080 FE , there is not. works as intended.   

I have been playing around testing some tweaks.  I wont get into the full specifics on this post.    the RTX4080 during my play tweaks  was avg 20% pwr usage and 2500mhz+ clock not even breaking a sweat (as expected with this monster card) 

Below screens are all Vsync disabled, obviously with it enabled its 60fps solid with no stutters at both 4k and 2k. Anyone wondering why its not above 100fps I have it Frame capped in NvC at 100 as my monitors are 60hz and pointless, 



(Above) is 4k Full screen  with ingame vsync off,  




(above)  just seeing the difference and view distance. same settings . 




(above) game is running how i normaly play it at 2k (2560x1440) window mode on a 4k desktop. with vsync off 


Would be really nice to play around with the newer code/game on my setup ....  @MattScott  😂🤓 

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