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📝For all GTX 16xx and RTX series users

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2 hours ago, Sgt Drayke said:

To make my system stable (not just gaming or gpu) , so being = Not over heating, Not Throttling the GPU, but also optimize Power usage for the rest of the system.  So not for the game  as such,  the game would have random moments of needing alot of GPU, thus increase Power Draw. if your gpu says i want 100% power and a small bit more for nv Boost, then your at 102% this very quick request can make your PSU unstable or who system, But just dropping your Gpu down by 5% can help reduce the risk of this happing , in that situation the gpu will only demanding 97% say of its total ability theres no way of the gpu demanding more voltage then available and chocking its self. or causing voltage drops through the system.



I'm going to give my honest answer to your problems based on everything you have mentioned. You had an unstable setup to begin with which is the reason why APB was crashing for you.

By underclocking and exerpeimenting you have made your system stable but the fact of the matter is APB was not the cause of the crashes. You cannot run at default manuafurer settings but then when underclocking and tweaking can run APB proves this to be true, The game remained exactly the same except now your hardware is under less stress and therefore not crashing.


Also what you mention above about a power supply becoming unstable is only true if the power supply is unable to cope with the load in the first place. Voltage drops are the result of over stressed components (or a poorly designed PSU) and would not happen in a system that was capable. Heat / power related stability is down to cooling and design of said GFX card so again whilst lowering / underclocking will reduce the load and temperatures you need to ask yourself what is the real source of all the problems, is it the software (APB) or hardware.

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On 2/27/2022 at 7:38 PM, ElectroStingz said:

I'm going to give my honest answer...




I dont have any problems with any of my Computer setup or the game., runs a charm,. , think you have the wrong end of the stick or miss understood some of the conversation, discussion of my system / gpu was to try and help with with there Manufactured OC boost features If i remember rightly.  and the difficulty's with RTX and 3k Series. 


Any way. Im glad others have found some help / answers with the thread.  

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On 2/7/2022 at 4:07 PM, Sgt Drayke said:

for me when the card setup is completely stock and the NVc is stock (no profiles) i was having stability issues in game. so yes would play but card was not happy, game would crash. 

Your own words, all I'm saying is that any RTX 3000 series card that doesn't work from the factory and requires the user to underclock or mess around with the power limit to get the game stable is faulty.

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anyone is wondering if there is any issue with the Nv RTX 4080 FE , there is not. works as intended.   

I have been playing around testing some tweaks.  I wont get into the full specifics on this post.    the RTX4080 during my play tweaks  was avg 20% pwr usage and 2500mhz+ clock not even breaking a sweat (as expected with this monster card) 

Below screens are all Vsync disabled, obviously with it enabled its 60fps solid with no stutters at both 4k and 2k. Anyone wondering why its not above 100fps I have it Frame capped in NvC at 100 as my monitors are 60hz and pointless, 



(Above) is 4k Full screen  with ingame vsync off,  




(above)  just seeing the difference and view distance. same settings . 




(above) game is running how i normaly play it at 2k (2560x1440) window mode on a 4k desktop. with vsync off 


Would be really nice to play around with the newer code/game on my setup ....  @MattScott  😂🤓 

Edited by Sgt Drayke

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It's truly a shame that even with the 64 bit upgrade, the game still grows increasingly unstable as you play until it crashes. Sometimes so hard that it can cause system instability.

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Hey Hexerin.  off the bat  I don't know if your pc tech savvy so I type this as plain as I can. 


 I would actually say its become more stable. with  the 64bit update.   BUT... that is also dependant on the systems out there, there was always going to be a fraction of the gamer base that got cut off from the game when it happened.   so  with the game running on 3 different systems with an age gap of over 10 years between all 3 in tech it runs with out failures.   but my 3 systems and  os Plus os drivers/software etc its like my 3 vs 45million different types of computers and os etc etc etc.   


.. ultimately game stability is a matter of 3 categories. 

   Hardware , 

    OS + Drivers

    Back Ground applications. 

With pc gaming,, a gamer/"user" can have a lot of games installed all copying/writing/modifying  to the same system files, or needing individual os update/programs to run. on top of 4 common different os types, with a multitude of different applications browsers, antivirus security and also network routers etc ..    like most modern games don't need dx9 .  APBR is still dependant on dx9 . also requires ntframework.4.0 to be updated. not every country has this updated automatically or even have a compatible version made for there countries os.  (I recently found out that MS has made the NTFramework only available for a handful of languages and countries. if it detects an os it doesn't support it wont install. MENTAL.!!)


The following is not guidance but general knowledge and actions you take are at your own risk. 


So if you are having a "hardware" instability, there is a few things you can try, obvious first being, update your drivers for the system, motherboard, sound, graphics. bla bla .. not all hardware is compatible with the game, and your not just going to through the gpu out the window for apb, try looking into the gpu control parameters to see if you have an option to set a "graphics profile" up for APB, this will allow you to set how you wish the gpu to handle the game, this can also be done for  cpu. but a bit more tricky. normally hardware isnt so common. 


if your getting OS / Driver errors, This is a bit more tricky, with out knowing your system and the error, you can  try and research the error code or error description to understand it a bit more in google.  we have already mentioned updating drivers.  some os environments will automatically restrict the games network activity, firewall or security application, don't just simply turn these off, but you can add an option to allow or un-restrict the game. OS updates are also an important part of the os environment when running games. 


(did you know , most common issue is that people who use pirated os or un-licensed versions will have issues with game stability. but obviously they don't state their os legality just the game is unstable. 😁.)


Back ground Applications, this gets overlooked a lot.  for instance many games over the years sold on Steam, don't actually like running with steam overlay. this also goes for discord overlay, or any other type of 3rd party software that overlays or interacts with the DX hooking/ or "screen"  also running any form of internet browser will slow your system,    many gamers listen to there own music with Spotify or some sort of desktop application, some of these will attempt to show a screen "notification" for tracks etc . these apps can also affect an older game like apb, but also EAC .     additionally  if you are running older hardware running a lot of background programs will have an effect on your system.     this goes for Capture software that attempts to Hook via DX it will 90% of the time crash the game in my testing, 

Xbox interface overlay rubbish is also a known problem forced on the users, you can semi disable it to a "standby mode" 

Nvidia Geforce Experience  Shadow  play   what ever you call that garbage  will automatically attempt to hook to your game, this is also another known issue with DX9 and EAC. 


Running chrome for example can use a minimum of 4gb ram or more depending on tabs, toolbars, addons etc,  the game requires 3 to 3.5 gb of ram, your os will normally run around 2gb depending on what youv installed. so your already looking at 9gb, if you run discord in the background with  A LOT of different server.. your looking at possibly 1gb or more ..   running spotify or youtube desktop thats another 1 to 2gb.. now your at 12 to 14gb of ram..  not to mention all the cpu processing require. and your local storage read writes..  old tech cant handle that. even some low spec modern stuff cant. 


to test around this, run the game direct through its stand alone launcher, with steam closed entirely and other apps/programs,  or the other way if the game is unstable in standalone mode run it through steam.

another test is to run the game in "Window mode", it will use less hardware and not require screen exclusivity. 

If you have the option to , Relocate the game to a secondary Storage off the main C OS Drive , HDD or SSD  of the Sata 3 type. I personally have found apb on m.2 to miss-behave. 


A big issue with many countries with people getting into gaming are people running old hardware on newer OS,. as much as you can install windows 11 or 10 on an 8 year old system with a core i7 920 and DDR3 memory with a gtx1060ti (can not remember if that's even a card haha)  you will run into issues somewhere as the OS's become more focused on modern tech cutting out the support for the old. 


there is a lot you can do, if you really want to play the game, like I run the game in administrator mode. by locating the games launcher and setting it to launch in admin. I also created an NVidia Profile for the game so the gpu runs the game exactly how i want it to ( hents this thread about RTX) . (im not talking about Nvidia experience which is a pile of Poop) . 


hope that sheds some light on the issue.  be it for yourself or anyone else that's either not PC knowledgeable or is interested in understanding it more.  



Edited by Sgt Drayke

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It's been a while since there was activity in this topoc, but as if it wasn't obvious enough, this issue has been fixed with the recent 64 bit update, you can now play APB without constant crashes! 🎊

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