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Typoe In Devil Dog's "rare daily activity"

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Summary: The Activity Title Is Missing It's Full Name


Description: The "rare nano daily activity" that devil dog has is missing it's final word "Up Close and Personal" is the full name, It says "Up Close and"


Steps to Reproduce:

Well... They are rare activities you can't really "reproduce it" but If you did happen to get it (as i did) here's what you see

1. Get lucky enough to get a Rare daily activity from Devil Dog

2. Observe the Title Of the activity in the "contacts screen" compared to the activity/bio window

3. See how it doesn't feature the full name.



How many times have you recreated this bug: 1/1 (saw someone else with the same issue but only had this activity/bug once) 100%


Results: The activity is spelled "Up Close And"


Expected Results:  The Activity should be spelled "Up Close And Personal" as seen in the screenshot below (both taken on the same day)25DC4C126A42277530EBC272D9E8144C8218A1B1

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