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A working fix for packet loss.

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-english is not my main language-

There are a lot of people with packet loss issue. My problem was really bad, I had from 500 to 1000 packet loss and then disconnected.. But this works also with low packet loss. You have to go in the page with your modem settings (where you have to log in as an admin) and activate an option called DMZ and put your pc id on it. 

It should works, at least for me it always worked. ūüôā


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Do not do this, specially if you don't know what DMZ is. If your packet loss is fixed with port forwarding then all you need to do is open the following ports: 80, 443, 2106, 3720 (TCP) and 3478-3479, 3722-3730, 5060, 5062, 12000-17000 (UDP).

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While activating DMZ will allow your NAT to change(Open, Moderate, Strict), I heavily advise against it.


DMZs purpose is to separate networks from one another. To sum it up, enabling DMZ on your home PC will pretty much expose your entire PC to the scary things the internet holds. It's pretty much like opening your front door and having a sign out front that says "FREE STUFF INSIDE". In order for DMZ to be considered "safe"(never is imo) is to heavily modify the firewalls of your computer for most, if not every program. Essentially anyone who waddles their way into your PC with ill-intent will be able to do various things to your computer/network.


tldr; Don't do this. Forward ports instead.


Hopefully this helps you better understand DMZ,



EDIT: @swft¬†linked some ports to forward above. (You beat me to it. ūüė欆)

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I did this with dmz because open ports didn't work (I don't know why) for the problem I had and the support didn't know how to help me at all

Another girl for my same country had the same problem (we had the same provider) and she told me to do this :s 



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