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I think there was smth like that before, but I'm not sure, so I'll just post it here...


Unfortunately, a lot of APB community members are toxic, even I am. We all know that, right. But I think LO can lead APB to its best in the future, and I feel kinda sad for LO to interact with such community at the current stage (I do not say that all members are bad, etc. pls don't start...). I just want to say thanks for the effort they are doing and to put some sort of 'like' here.


Reply "+" or smth like that if you agree and want to inspire LO even more 😛 

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4 hours ago, ternachkan said:

Unfortunately, a lot of APB community members are toxic,

then why do I get along with most when I tend to drive people nuts when I tease them? I mean its me and we get along fine so I suspect its  you

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Yes, of course, credit to LO, they're to thank that APB is still running, and doing far better than G1 did, they're on the right track and their work is appreciated, even the toxic community gives them a ton more praise, and honest praise (not a*s kissing), we can see people complaining too, but unlike G1's time (especially their last 2-3years), you don't see bans left and right to everyone who complains, and you don't see a troop of boot lickers.


But if we're to be more realistic and more productive, apart from the appreciation, we need to help with what little we can, be friendly towards the community, get out of your way to help new players, guide them, play with them, if someone flames you don't reply with the same, a /ignore is still far less toxic than a quarrel.

Don't abuse mechanics / missions / guns, don't tease, don't cheat, don't use macro.


And for those of us with more artistic talent, make more creations, share them in game especially with new players, share them online, not just on this forum but on your steam or on other content websites.

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