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Player locked for 15mins cant fix it help please

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Hey guys getting an erorr and problem cant login to server , i wass trying everything VPN -ISP changing cheak router nothing helped 
can someone help me please @MattScott getting this erorr already 2 months thank you for helping me 

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@k278593 please check your internet connection over APB servers using PING from cmd (but i think they hide IP's to prevend dosing so it will be hard

it mostly depends then its happening on what platform and what error is showed
1. where is that happening - describe proper location or give a screenshot it will also answer point 3 what error shows

2. is that Console or PC ? are you connected through WIFI or Ethernet/LAN

3. just screenshot that error 🙂

more informations you provide it will be easier for other ppl to understand what your problem is and help you with solving it faster.

PPL cant read minds through ethernet you know ?

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