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Trade system - Concept Pictures [Re-upload from old forums]

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Hello everyone!  :hihi: 


Welcome to my Topic!


Today I'm gonna show you, and sugest to G1:


A concept from the Trade System inside the game!



Well... I have to explain how it works. Disclaimer (All pictures are made with photoshop, I wasn't using in any moment any type of third party program)


  • You have to press the interact menu and choose Trade



  • After that. You have to choose an empty Slot and choose a tradable Item. Then you mark the empty square to press ready, when the 2 traders are ready you can see a green tick, then you can press the Change/Trade bottom button.



And that's all, easy & fast, no scams, no middle-mans, no chinese farmers selling APB$  :Ha Ha Ha:

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57 minutes ago, KittyLanah said:


This'd be really useful and helpful but more as you said it will avoid the problems we currently have about this thing

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