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Call me sensitive but...

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17 hours ago, CookiePuss said:



34 minutes ago, WitchQueen said:


cookie meet witchqueen



on topic : I personally know it is not referencing a slandering of someone in the way was concerned. its just slang for idolizing wanting attention although a bit vulgar but still meh.

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APB Reloaded is rated 'M for Mature - May contain content inappropriate for children. 18+' The argument that kids might see the word 'wh0re' is simply irrelevant. So, since that's a no-brainer non-issue that you would have already deduced on your own, let's move on to what this is really about: virtue signalling for the sake of women's rights and feminism, and also probably just general, liberal, modern-age bull$hittery.


Look. We all know what the term means. But you're playing a stupid context game with this, and pretending like you thought the entire world uses words all the time by what the terms mean in the dictionary. As if there is no such thing as an 'urban dictionary' or 'street lingo' or 'semantic shift/progression/drift' or 'neologism.' You're citing this word from dictionaries as if those definitions are the ones used in this context. You don't get to frame an argument the way you want when the subject doesn't fit the frame in the first place.


The context used in game isn't related to women of ill repute at all. The term wh0re also means--someone who will do anything for <insert objective> You ever heard the term Attention wh0re? Of course you have. We all have. But in case you haven't, the technical definition for Attention wh0re is "one who participates in virtue signalling." True story. Go look it up. I jest, but there is truth in my analogy.


Attention wh0re: someone who will do anything for attention.

Candy wh0re: someone who will do anything for candy.


You're playing a dangerous game, and a stupid game, of censorship, here, based on what you're personally sensitive to. And then, to make it even worse, you're trying to hide behind kids like the coward you really are. We know you're a coward, because only cowards hide behind children--and frankly, it's sickening. You're so brainwashed to defend women's honor and all this liberal, feminist bullcrap, and it's corrupted you so much, you actually have to pretend to care about children so you can push your agenda. Can you not see how twisted that is? You need to do some serious soul-searching, pal. You literally came on here and tried to shame someone else because of what they're doing to children, when children have nothing to do with anything concerning your topic. Shame on you. Disgusting. How DARE you use children as a tool for your own gratification. Maybe we ought to censor you!


I'm not telling you what to be sensitive toward. I'm not even telling you what to do. What I'm saying is no one cares what you're sensitive to. If you don't like it. Don't play it. Don't support what you don't like. There's nothing else for you to do. You don't have to get on your little soap box and pretend like you're speaking for the greater good, when you can't even hide what's in your own dark heart. Clean your own room first. Then you can tell others to clean theirs.


It's as simple as that.

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39 minutes ago, LilPurple said:

Can’t believe I missed all the drama.


You didnt miss much,tbh.


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