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APB Tournaments

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 As APB is a competitive game, it would be funny to have tournaments, thus giving some use to the clan system and introducing a more complex clan system, with the top clans, for example.

        Some concepts i created for the tournament system:


Lobby Selector:

          Here players can choose what tournament want to play by clicking the "+ Details" button. 

                   There are 3 types of tournaments (e.g)

                        Free Entry: Don't need to pay anything, but the don't have prize (playing here just inscreases the clan experience)

                        50k$ Entry: players get clan experience and a prize of APB$

                        100G1C Entry: Players get clan experience and a prize of G1C or Joker Boxes


Lobby Creation:

       Here you can invite your clan members to join you and also choose what loadout you want to use since this gamemode dosen't allow players to change weapons in the middle of the match, meaning that Field Supplier/Joker Ammo will only give ammo.





Tournament Lobby:

    When a mach is found, the all players will be in a lobby when they can talk to each other, and here they need to press "Not Ready" for the mach starts.






How this will work?

Since Financial and Waterfront are big maps, i think the system could ramdomly select 3 specific zones of the map to occur the missions.


Each zone will have a capture point, and the team that captures the 3 or 2 points wins (Best of 3 Tournament).




Thanks for you attention! ❤️

@Amayii @MattScott




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3 hours ago, CihyKonspirator said:

Good idea but 3 lvl tournament should be entry for jokers to.

That's an idea, but I think this way is better, to have better prizes. But as I said, it's just a concept.

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Thats right, this game need more content i think about pve missions raids/bosses system and daily find missions (u can everyday find and collect 10 diamonds like nfs world and have reward for days)

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