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Mad Lads (Crim gang)

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We are a group of lunatics.

We make money and help each other like one big familly, we have a discord server where we hang out, there are no specific requirements other than:

- we either speak Dutch or English (when we play together)

- Don't be an pleasant fellow help other clan members if you can not all players are as good as others , its about the fun in playing isn't it?

- newbies are welcome and will be taken care off if loyal

- people over R100 will have to pay a small fee this money will then be used to further help other members with their financial problems or you could offer something

-respect all members (no racisme, no harrasment, no griefing, no scamming,...)

-fill in the format to join


We are small but have big plans, we are planning future events like: races, DaH BIg MuHNeY FaRMiNG Day, so on so on 

feel free te mail me on my Crim acc called: Crean

or leave comment with your application this is the format:


~ingame name:

~real name(optional):


~mother language:

~what are your qualities:

~game hours:

~ingame level:

~what could you give to the clan?(fee or offering required only for R100 and above):





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