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8/1 Known Issues List

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Here are the known issues for the 8/1 Open Beta. There are quite a few here, and we expect to find quite a few more with your help. That’s the point of a Beta! If you find something, please be sure to send those client crash reports or leave a post in our Bug Reporting on the forums. We will update this document as time permits with new issues that come to our attention. For those of you who read the 6/27 list, it will mostly be the same. We focused on login-server issues after the first test. Many of the issues listed here are gameplay related, which we will address after we knock out higher priority blockers.


We are going to start with blockers that might prevent you from getting into the client properly or which could significantly impact your experience. Then, we will address smaller issues so you all know what to expect.


  1. We're now compiling for AVX (or Sandy Bridge New Extensions). This means that machines with older CPUs will get an error trying to run the Beta client. This should only affect hardware that is 9 years or older.
  2. Steam log-ins will not work. You must log in to the Beta using your user name and password.
  3. We recommend using Windows 10 for the best play experience. Windows 10 has something called Fullscreen Optimizations. Users using Windows 7 or 8 can still play, but they won’t be able to get the most out of the new Fullscreen mode.
  4. For those of you with multiple monitor displays running different refresh rates, playing animations (videos, gifs, Twitch, Discord, etc) or anything that results in a lot of monitor updates can cause stutters on the Open Beta client on your primary monitor.
  5. Lowering your game resolution below your desktop resolution in full-screen windowed mode can cause input latency. If you want to run a lower resolution, change your desktop resolution first and then match it in-game.
  6. Changing screen resolution can cause damage effects to become distorted (Fixed via restarting the game at the new resolution)


Other known issues include:


  • Door animations occasionally show as partially open or closed when fully open
  • We have a visual issue related to loading in or switching outfits that can make your character look like they have a slightly different body type. This is just visual, and switching outfits can fix the issue.
  • Characters reset to their original imported loadout when changing districts/logging in/out
  • 8-balls / half-bricks use the wrong trail when thrown instead of using the one tied to them
  • The OSMAW does not have a smoke trail
  • OPGL 79R and OPGL 79CD have an increased delay when in contact with the ground, EOL weapons have this to a lesser extent
  • Sprinting animation does not correctly loop
  • Symbols can clip through the lower shoulder when projecting
  • Scaleform UI Elements can sometimes be seen glitching out
  • Grenade smoke trails do not properly display when thrown West
  • The landing animation is not being played on the first drop a player makes in the social district
  • District chat is not accessible from multiple UI windows
  • Updating the Information panel causes it to move off of the inventory window
  • Your character will continue to be in Marksmanship mode after opening and closing the character info screen
  • Confirm Purchase Icons are not colored appropriately
  • In the character select screen, lighting appears to be inconsistent, dark, and highly contrasted
  • When hovering over or clicking mail body text, it will change in color
  • When switching between your Primary and Secondary weapon while sprinting, the hand that's not holding the Secondary weapon will be in a static state for a brief moment
  • District Select screen is missing District Chat button and Groups & Friends button
  • VoIP isn't functioning properly
  • Framerate drops when a player clicks on an item in their Inventory menu
  • Certain head accessories with hooded clothing items cause the hair to clip through the hood
  • When using an Xbox controller on PC, pressing the start button to open the radial menu will cause the cursor to appear on the screen
  • When using an Xbox controller on PC, the cursor in any map will no longer be bound to the game window
  • Player can clip into the floor in the Breakwater Galleria building in Social District
  • In the contact menu, the text isn't centered on the drop-down menu buttons on the sell tab
  • In the marketplace kiosk, there is a visible cancel auction button that shouldn't be there
  • In the marketplace kiosk, the bar under the search button is clickable and changes sizes
  • In the marketplace kiosk, the drop-down buttons are missing a down arrow to indicate that it drops down
  • Social - Visible Water Texture Seam
  • Chat - Right Click doesn't exit chat
  • Social District - Sound doesn't come out of the speakers in locations that players can play music
  • Music plays very quietly from all audio display points (public music players)
  • In the joker ammo vending machine menu, the weapon text color in the info panel effects all text after it
  • Asylum - The light from the flood lights cause graphical distortions on the windows that they are pointed at
  • Asylum - Resolutions below 1440x900 cause the light emitted from the flood lights to appear as a moving spotlight
  • Muzzle flash is interacting strangely with other light sources
  • Asylum - The color of the money deduction text is incorrect
  • Asylum - Missing HUD icons for the Territory Control mission in Asylum
  • Social District - The rolling chair assets are unrealistically sized
  • Character model may bulk up when character creation is initially started up
  • In the character select menu, there is a gun without a texture in the enforcer crime scene backdrop
  • Shadow transitions between different light sources are not smooth
  • Some lights ignore geometry
  • In the character select menu, the Enforcer bonfire beach scene has several assets with textures that are too dark
  • In the character select menu, the lighting flickers in the enforcer crime scene character backdrop
  • Shooting audio not played consistently when shooting in a hallway in Asylum
  • Asylum - Players are able to get out of bounds using a re-spawning prop
  • Asylum - A wood bundle asset is floating above ground
  • Asylum - A corrugated metal sheet asset appears to be too dark
  • Clothing from the 10th Anniversary event is not in the game/disappears


We hope to uncover many more issues with your help. Thank you all for testing the Open Beta client.

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Known Issues list has been posted - 6/26/2020

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Known Issues list has been updated - 7/27/2020

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