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Power creep, its alternative, and you!

Power creep, its alternative, and you!  

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  1. 1. Which direction do you think weapon balance should be scaled towards?

    • Buff the sub-meta to be comparable to the current meta, I want shorter combat engagements!
    • Nerf the current meta to be comparable to the sub-meta, I want longer combat engagements!
    • I don't think either option will help balance the game!
    • I don't want the guns to all be balanced and standardized, I like having advantages based on gear not skill!

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As equally as calling someone out for being incisive and subversive is not bullying, but rather, attempting to stop a bully -- it is also not complaining.


I recognize and agree with what you are saying but that is not a topic that the forums are mature or focused enough to handle as it is a matter of perspective and broadness of scope that is truly inconceivable to the average APB player...as you can see here, even with multiple requests in the OP that this thread stay on topic and remain free of any drama-starting, it happened anyway.  This is why I mentioned in PVE's thread that we have to change if we want change.  In order for the true breadth of the issues in the game to be acknowledged, and then addressed, we have to be of a higher quality and more tempered mettle than we are, and only then will (because of perspectives growing in conjunction with broadening of viewpoint) will the average APB player have enough of what we called 'game sense' in the professional circuit to actually know what needs doing, let alone realize the true crux of the issues we face.

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