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Quality of life and options menu changes to bring APB to more modern standards.

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I've noticed a lot of things that APB doesn't have in regards to other games, and I wanted to start putting together a list of things that I feel like could be changed and improved on with the coming engine update. A lot of these are going to be focused towards making life easier for content creators and streamers, but can have use to other general APB players.


Without rambling on:


  1. Implement the option to appear offline to friends.
  2. Implement the option to turn off all music in the game, including a separate option for kill/death themes so that streamers and other content creators don't have to worry about someone else's copyrighted song causing their stream/video to get demonetized, and to shut down the abuse of "earrape" kill themes by cheaters and other scummy people.
  3. Implement the option to have your character only render on your screen as "default guy" so that content creators/streamers could hide how their character looks in videos and avoid harassment.
  4. implement the option to hide teammate names and to hide your own name.
  5. When sprinting, push civilians aside.
  6. Fix the "stickyness" of vehicle controls when you're getting out of a vehicle. I cannot count the amount of times where I've activated my nos from 5 feet away because the animation wasn't finished by the time I pushed shift.
  7. Allow for menus to be opened while dead.
  8. Make calling backup automatic instead of opt-in.
  9. Have grenades thrown by players that aren't in your mission/incapable of damaging you leave no smoke trail or smoke effect upon explosion.
  10. Add in a "backfill" medal/award for players who get called in near the end of a mission so that they aren't stuck with pocket change for having the mission end before they could even show up.
  11. Add in a "Non-contributor" detriment for being 100m+ away from the objective and not interacting with the mission. It would have to be a fairly strict set of criteria, but there needs to be a way to boot teammates that aren't contributing while also not teamkilling or being AFK.
  12. Add an option to disable the "do you want to group with your team members?" post-mission popup.


That's about all I can think of now. Feel free to comment your own or give feedback. Try to think "small" in terms changes, as I'd like the whole list to be something that the dev team could reasonably do in a week or two and not in a month or two.

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so, how useful is half of these things? The music and themes yes, but the hiding your character, having backup be automatic, no grenade explosions for people outside of the mission etc? Literally none would have any point and especially that whole nades outside of mission thing, kinda removes the open worldy feel to the game. The majority of the things in here are to either fix a bug that has been long lasting and probably already known or just useless suggestions that make no sense.

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On 1/28/2020 at 11:34 AM, Freewind said:


8. Make calling backup automatic instead of opt-in.


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