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Hi everybody! 


I'm Rotendo. Long time supporter of this game and eagerly waiting for it to finally be released. I'm a pro-gamer and compete in fighting games. You know, like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Tekken, etc. When I'm not traveling to compete at tournaments, I'm usually working (as most people do) Have been in the game industry for quite some time as a QA tester/engineer/analyst (all the same thing) and then in software as a Lead QA Engineer and now looking to get back into the game industry again. I play pretty much everything and buy pretty much most of the big AAA titles that comes out and get them for both consoles (PS4 and XBox One) and if not, then the PC. Love World of Warcraft, Diablo, and the other Blizzard games, so you probably have guessed that I also attend Blizzcon each year too, right? lol Let's see what else? Umm.... I do stream, but don't have a set schedule. My streams are archived and some are exported to my YouTube channel. Yes, I have one of those too. Some of it is interesting, but nothing worth texting your grandmother about while you're away at summer camp. Speaking of summer camps... I help out a local high school during the summer (and fall) for their marching band program. Yes. Band Camp! I'm the Percussion/Drumline Director at this high school and have been for the last 11 seasons (10 years). 


So you can say that I'm a man of many hats! I'm all over social media if you care to follow me. If you're into building gaming PCs, cars, music, toys/action figures, marching bands, physical fitness/working out, and of course videogames, you'll find my instagram account pretty interesting. 


Instagram: Rotendo

Twitter: usmc_rotendo

Youtube: Rotendo

Twitch: Rotendo


Looking forward to posting more on here. On a new forum and sharing interests with all of you! 


- Rotendo  

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